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May 10, 2011

Kris Evans & Harris Hilton Bang Outdoors

You may not want to see a sex tape between Chris Evans and Paris Hilton, but a decent portion of you will enjoy this clip between Kris Evans and Harris Hilton. Okay, we know what some of you are thinking… More Bel Ami twinks with ridiculous porn names?

But these guys are different! And we’ll keep on saying that until you actually watch one of their scenes and take it to heart (or hard-on, for that matter). This isn’t some boring pretty boy sex, where the guys are matched together purely for aesthetic reasons. This is real man-on-man fucking, complete with an explosive facial at the end. Delicious!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bel Ami Online

To check out Kris Evans and Harris Hilton in action, follow the JUMP:

Click below or here for a free video preview.

Or watch the whole scene NOW at Bel Ami Online!

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BLACKjackHAMMER 1:37am on May 12, 2011

LOL even my correct spell needs needs correct spell that should have been at his junk and 2 make the world Paedophile free .

  • Ocho67

    I would love to feel Kris’s balls slapping against my ass. And I’m usually into hairy guys!

  • Anothershadeofblue

    PERFECT!!! As all Bel Ami video are. They NEVER disappoint.

  • usethe6000

    Sorry i fail to see any difference. yawn.

  • these two are different? HOW? look like the same twinks with horrible porn names like you just mentioned before

  • PabloDiablo

    I have never ever understood the appeal to these Bel Amis kids… Altho I think most “studio porn” is awful and boring with over-processed looking guys. πŸ™

  • vicindallas

    Hott!! Kris Evans is such a stud… He can pound my ass anytime and anyday!!

  • Brezza


  • Dale

    keep getting yum yum yeah

  • sweetmuscl

    this is just the same tired boy sex seen everywhere. why don’t you show something interesting for a change or perhaps change jobs. The porn industry has enough amateur writers and producers just using it to make a buck. Time to rise above it and produce GOOD work.

    And by the way, this column wouldn’t even be here except that it is Manhunt – we certainly arent here for this crap. so you ought to make the most of it and do some good work.

  • Anthony

    I agree with sweetmuscl, this is just the same rehashed, tired work.

  • Bored

    I find Bel Ami boring. It’s all thin, bland-looking white guys who are interchangeable. Just not my thing. I think they’ve maxed out the market on this type of look.

  • Rob

    Sadly I agree with most of the sentiments here. I think that the Bel Ami boys are exceptionally handsome with beautiful uncut cocks, especially Kris Evans, but the production of these videos is appalling. The sets are so stylized and there is zero animalistic passion with way too much fake groaning (or maybe East Europeans really make those noises!!)

  • why?

    awful, like most porn. boring. plastic. boring

  • LW

    Gawd that vid clip was pathetic (even moreso than their silly porn names) . . . nothing new under the sun, that’s for sure. I agree, tired, twinked out . . . and boring.

  • BradA

    i think the worst part of the clip is fake moaning. Seriously?

  • Gustav

    lmgao. Kris Evans spanks his OWN ass while pounding away. Too funny.

  • jhonyguy04


  • Woody

    Waxed & pubic-hairless twinks : Only one step from pedophilia IMO πŸ™

    Another reason not to renew my membertship,

    No thanx ! Bye

  • ospreyboi1122

    Somehow when I read the in the title “bang outdoors” I didn’t picture some regatta yacht club setting complete with couches and cushions… I know it doesn’t matter, but when I hear outdoor fucking, I wanna see guys in backpacks getting bend over tree stumps and jumping into ponds afterwards.

  • sabazius25

    my favorite porn production house bar none!
    great stuff. hot guys, big cocks, slamming low hanging wall banging big juicy ball slapping asses with ’em makes me wanna cum in my own socks and then wear them!

  • Johan

    For heavens sakes, its porn U guys. Dick, great body, fucking, sucking, GROANING. PORN!!!

  • ian

    stop all your fucking whinging, at least there getting some

  • ian

    stop all your fucking whingeing,dont watch then you wont have to complain, at least there getting some.

  • Bored

    Umm. It’s “they’re” and they are being paid to have sex. If they float your boat, that’s fine. Don’t get your feelings hurt just because people are tired of seeing the same thing over and over again from Bel Ami.

  • blueyedudenok

    I completely agree with Gustav. When the top started slapping his own butt, I couldn’t stop laughing. Also I agree with the sentiment on the fake moaning.

  • PornCritic

    This is different how again? Hairless hard body, huge dicked twinks get fucked on a stylized set. Wow, very original! How about some real people for once. This is why amateur porn keeps getting more and more popular and this crap is dying. I wouldn’t even watch the whole thing if it were free.

  • uncut99

    these guys are more jock than twink

  • Shaun

    I subscribed to belami for exactly one month, then got bored after one day watching the same old same old over and over again. The boys are pretty for sure, but too rehearsed and artificial.

  • Kev

    OMG! This is horrible.. mmmmmmmmmm..uhhhhh.. I wouldnt pay for that stuff.. Makes me wonder if manhunt has a contract with this company to promote its porn.. Plus, who spanks their own ass when fucking!? LOL, nice try manhunt!

  • They’re both smoking hot but that dark haired one…YOWZER!

  • JDressler

    i am absolutely crazy about kris evans — one of my all-time favorite porn stars and i would drown a litter of kittens to get at his junk


    I Love Kris Evans but I would not drown a a litter of kittens ( LOL JDressler ) 2 get 2 his junk but I would drown Delton George ( read gayer than what if U do not know who I am talking about ) 2 get N 2 Kris TRUNK πŸ™‚ and what a GORGEOUS TRUNK it is … For the record I would drown Delton George for nothing more than 2 make the world PSDIPHILE free . Oh yeah and a BIG MAC !!!


    LOL even my correct spell needs needs correct spell that should have been at his junk and 2 make the world Paedophile free .