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May 12, 2011

On The Hunt: Roman & Marco

When I first set my eyes on Marco, I immediately stormed into the OnTheHunt office and demanded to know more information. This happens more often than you’d imagine. Any time there’s a new scene, I rush in to pump the site’s director for all the juicy, behind-the-scenes details. Of course, this time I had an ulterior motive.

I wanted to know if Marco bottomed in any of his shoots. You see, there’s nothing I love more than a thick muscle bear getting plowed by someone smaller. Except for maybe being the one who’s plowing him. Overall, I really wanted to see Marco with a dick up his butt…

And then my dreams were crushed. The casting director notified me that Marco only topped on film. While this left me a little bit disappointed, I still got a semi upon seeing that the latest scene involved Marco fucking OnTheHunt alumnus (and, now, omnipresent porn star) Roman Rivers.

As I’m watching the trailer, something occurs to me towards the end–there’s a tattoo on the top’s ass at some point. The same tattoo that Roman Rivers has on his ass. In no time, it occurs to me that Roman is throwing Marco’s ankles in the air and fucking the hell out of him, all whilst the hairy hunk slurps on Rafael Alencar‘s ridiculously huge cock.

WHAT!?! They lied to me! Normally, I’d get mad about something like this, but right now I’m too busy resisting the urge to run to the bathroom and rub one out.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

To check out Roman and Marco in action, follow the JUMP:

Click below or here for a free video preview:

Or watch the whole scene NOW at OnTheHunt!

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  • Dale

    no excuse just for fucking in the shower,your ass still need 2 be clean before ok 🙂

  • JPH

    The top is hot. I love my beefy guys.

  • yalc

    waaay hottt ‘real’ guys. definitely impressed with the honesty and masculinity that emerges from these photos…

  • Woody

    Roman deserves better 😉

  • first of all i disagree with wood marco deserves better second i thought you said he only tops on cam? didnt they just switch fuck?

  • disreguard my last post i didnt read all the way i was too much in a hurry to watch the clip lol

  • Ron-Phoenix

    I thought Roman was first presented as a “straight” guy getting serviced (on another site,) then he dabbled in other gay “stuff” for the first time . . . . now he is a gay porn star? Sucking & fucking like the best of us. Like to meet his acting coach, he does a great job.

  • iliketofuck

    Love Roman’s nose, it’s so sexy!

  • vorenus18

    just wana say thank you guys for using more beefy guys in the vids as of late. i do get tired of the insane muscle as well as the twigs its nice to see someone with a similar build to mine (stocky and beefy) in some good old fashioned higher end porn cuz to get my fix until now id have to watch full on bear films and it seemed naked santa usually ruined it for me :p makes me and probably other beefy stocky guys feel sexier i know it does for me!

  • nycjockdom

    I love how all these fat guys, use the term “beefy” when they eat too much, are lazy and out of shape, and want to sound hotter.

  • my2toys

    very hott guys….

  • reality

    Omg. There is nothing worse that crappy gay porn to spoil the moment. What is up with this lame ass site trying to showcase homely, skanky dudes? Some people should keep their clothes on….I can’t believe people actually buy this fucked up shit. I wouldn’t fuck either one of these fat, ugly, nasty losers if I were on drugs. Manhunt and most of its members are nothing more than trailer trash. Get a life morons.

  • glvmkr

    neither guy does anything for me :>(

  • elrichi

    Oh gosh! for some reason, still do not know it…… I feel attracted by hairy men….. this top guy….. has it all!

  • Mike

    more beefy hairy dudes please


    The 2ND set of pixs almost makes want 2 call the ASPCA ( American Society 4 Prevention of Cruelty 2 Animals ) with regards 2 FUCKING PIGS !! ONK ONK


    Oh & BTW Dewitt don’t U think that 2ND 2 the last pix looks rather SHITTY ?

  • Methinks Reality needs to get laid so he won’t be such a bitch….

  • uncutric

    R big hairy Mediterranean guys with huge cocks non-existent?

  • hairykiwi

    More hairy overweight guys the better…woof

  • boynanto

    wowwwwwwwwwwww like………………

  • 🙁 I was actually hoping for pics of Rafael’s ridiculously huge cock. I can never see too much of that…ever.

    That being said, some of these guys on here are just so damn mean. Why do they think that their negative spew is so important that we need to hear it? Who the fuck cares? If you like smooth guys and the ones posted are hairy, so what? If the guys trim and you like hairy, big deal. Why get all huffy because YOUR preferences aren’t being shown?
    And yes it’s a free world and your view is wonderful but what if you got over yourself and realized that we can all do without your negativity. I promise, we’ll be fine without it…better actually! It really does not make you look hotter, seem sexier, more desirable or attractive at all. Just the opposite really. Surely you can get your attention needs met in other more healthy and loving ways.

  • Canoboy

    Hail to “Micheal”! I agree 100%!

    If “nycjockdom” thinks that is fat, he needs a reality check just as much as “reality” himself.

    These negative comments have to stop. Reading these comments made me feel shitty and discriminated upon.

    If you don’t like what you see, then click on some other porn website which has what you like. Don’t be so narrow minded.

    Not all men are gym bunnies and watch every calorie they eat. Some of us do like the natural look of healthy stocky guys.

    In fact I think a real man is a man than looks exactly Marco.

    So please, stop hating.


  • marco has a pretty nice build!

    it’s the kind that’s made for snuggling up to.

    in my humble opinion.

  • Nelsoncorrea

    whats marcos full name

  • muscle n hair equals hot

    marco bolt