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May 24, 2011

“Tough Enough” Wrestler Luke Robinson Has Prior Experience

As we’ve established previously, wrestling is seriously sexy. The USA Network’s Tough Enough is a reality show in which some hot wrestling hopefuls vie to become the next WWE superstar. Sexy contender Luke Robinson has made it to the final three. This is because he’s had a lot of previous experience, including working for gay website BG East Wrestling.

Robinson wrestles under the name “Donnie Drake,” and has appeared in many a sweaty, spandexed vid for the site. He even stars in two episodes of their “Wrestler Spotlight” that focus on “Donnie” taking on equally hot opponents.

Please note that Luke doesn’t appear to be doing any actual gay activity beyond some very homoerotic wrestling, so he’s probably just (slightly) gay for pay.

Tough Enough fans who want to see Luke in a lot skimpier clothing, receiving wedgies, and getting his face sat on and shoved into spandex bulges – here’s your chance!

For some (unfortunately small) pics of Luke Robinson’s gay wrestling career, Follow the JUMP:

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  • No-Personality

    Yeah- I was a member of BGEast’s Arena website for a few months back in ’09. No surprise to me. (Oh, and as a member, you get all the bigger versions of the pics on their site’s pages. I snagged copies.)

  • I think Luke is so damn sexy!

  • hmm.

    i wonder how luke’s “past” is going to go over with the other pro-wrasslers¿

    and.. ..i wonder if luke might ever so happen to pop a boner On Live Television while grappling with an opponent he so happens to fancy¿

    (or are there anti-boing pills for that?)

  • I’m pretty sure he’ll get some ribbing about it from the others if he wins Tough Enough, which it looks like he might actually do.

    Well I know John Cena popped a MAJOR boner one night when he had a tag match with Trish Stratus against Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix.

  • so.

    you got the video link for that, james?


    i’d love to watch it!

    as for luke..
    ..well, we’ll see what happens!

  • lol! Yeah, let me look it up on youtube. It happens at about 5:41. I don’t know if it was watching Trish or what, but it’s impressive. And it’s not the shorts because it wasn’t there earlier in the match. lol! And judging by it, that thing must have been throbbing. After the match when him and Trish hug for the second time you can see her try to avoid it with a smirk on her face, like you dirty boy you. lol!

  • i see, i see…..