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May 23, 2011

Would You Hit That?: Tom Brady Post-Wedding

New England Patriots star player and Superbowl MVP Tom Brady was the golden boy who could do no wrong here in Boston. Handsome, dedicated, and “aw, shucksy.” The essence of masculinity. He has creamed plenty a jean among Patriots fans.

Then he married supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

This set of pics of Tom on a waterslide clinched it. Since he shacked up with Gis, Tom has undergone a change of sorts. He’s dressing a little foppishly. He grew his hair out. He’s trying to dance. He’s become something…foofy. Love is wonderful, it makes the world go round. But Tom Brady has gotten fey! He’s all wispy now! We like our football players butch, don’t we? I used to want to bang Tom. Now I just want to ask what conditioner he uses.

How about you? Do you want to do Tom post-fancy lad transformation?

– J. Harvey

For more pics of sensitive ponytail Tom Brady, Follow the JUMP:

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No-Personality 1:27am on September 28, 2011

Ask me again after he cuts that hair.

  • Rick

    I didn’t know Gisele Bundchen was a lesbian.

  • JarredMikkal

     Kinda weird how she sucked the hotness right out of him.

  • RobertM

    he’s still gorgeous! I’d still do him, and wouldn’t rule out a litle mwm with them both!

  • Jimmy T

     He needs to lose the long hair pronto!  It almost looks like a girl’s wig, it’s so femme!  And using that barrette or whatever it is in the last pic is unbelievable.  Bet Giselle loaned it to him.  Egads!

  • rawdirk


  • hell yeah!

  • Chazz

    of course he is hot!!!! 

  • Doug

     He is hot with short hair! Not so much when he goes for the look alike wifey hairdo.

  • Djmack

    last photo with his hair in a hoop looks like a RUSSIAN Woman athlete….  Not a good look…. Not SEXY at all.

  • Pattypat

    Does anyone else think that last photo makes him look like he’s bent over a bed by a musclebear?

  • Marvinquinn

    He looks depressed. 

  • Tall14u

    Whats with the long hair ? Tom needs to go back to the short style.

  • joeat

    My God, these pics are awful.  How and why would you select these?  He is much more attractive than you, apparently, wish him to be.

  • J. Harvey

     @joeat – there are no “official” pics of Tom’s new look. I had to get these from Google Images. If he does a glamour shot style shoot that makes him look more fuckable and less wispy, I’ll post em’.

  • bodysurfn

    Pitiful pictures… why bother with the post at all if this is all you got from ‘googling’!

  • …I’ve kinda wondered what he would look like with a regulation high-n-tight cut, or even a close crop and a faux-hawk.  I’m sure it’s an NFL take on the infamous “hockey hair” but his face just has too many feminine attributes to pull it off in any butch sorta way.  In fairness to Mr. Gisele though, I don’t think I could find worse pictures of the guy if I searched “Tom Brady unflattering” in  google images…

    Would I kick him outta bed? No
    Would he wake up with alot less hair? HELL YES


  • Brent M

    he was never hott so i don’t see how any thing pictures are different :p 

  • MeinHerr

    Interesting that a site  that self-titles as” a daily blog for gay men”  uses a negative stab with  “foppish and fey “. I expect such moronic labeling from mainstream media. For a packload of GaGa lovers you need to Take a look at your  engrained hetero-centric  view of the world and men…and have no fear J Harvey , TB wouldn’t want you banging him no matter what length or style  of hair he sports on his head .


     J.Harvey  what conditioner didn’t U see the  T-shirt the wifee is wearing ? LOL with all money Proctor & Gamble is giving  these 2 walking billboards U would think he could afford 2 go the barber shop !!!  BTW  I HATE THE FUCKING NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS !!!

  • J. Harvey

     @BLACKjackHAMMER – I missed that. You’re funny. As long as you’re not a Yanks fan. 🙂

  • V-8

    the headband he’s wearing is extremely common in Brazil, for men with long hair…. that might be where he got the idea….

    he reminds me of Becks when began getting into the whole fashion thing….

    btw, I think she’s looking manish these days….

  • Anonymous

     I LOVE guys with medium longish hair…  I like the first photo on top of him, but the others where he’s got it all pulled stringy/tight and/or in a hairband, NOT SO MUCH.

    I’m tired of all the gay guys who think the only hair style is sheared extremely short or in a faux hawk.  How about a little bit longer hair guys?

  • Dana

    NO MAN SHOULD EVER WEAR A PONY TAIL! This is not about “foppish,” “fey,” or whatever; it’s about common human decency. Actually DO love his long hair when he wears it loose.

  • Michmedici

    I’m slightly devastated, especially after seeing the headband.  

  • Pyuren

    I never thought he was attractive and, he’s just gotten worse ! Sad 

  • Uncut99

    he’s still sexy, I don’t mind the long hair…but wear it like a man, and if you can’t do that then cut it short.  After all, doesn’t he have a 1000 different Patriots hats, knitted caps, etc. he could wear to control it rather than a pony tail or a head band  

  • MassagebyD

     that’s what happen when you married a Brazilian chick L0L

  • JeremyS

    Are you fucking kidding me? This is what is wrong with long hair on men. If it’s not barrettes, it’s that stupid tucking their hair behind their ears, making them look like Dumbo.  Seriously guys, leave the long hair to douchebags like Fabio!

  • Tigercub So Il

    I agree w
    other boiconstrictor7



  • Brian263_2000

    no way. Long hair men don’t do it for me.

  • well, at least you tried, mate.

    google giveth.
    and google taketh.


  • Trackmanoh

    he looks like a f’king gurl!

  • Brad

    Lol. I agree with the second comment. She totally sucked the hotness out of him. That must be her secret. =)

  • Bill L

    Post-Wedding… Pre-Wedding… he is still pretty damn sexy.. I would do him

  • No-Personality

    Ask me again after he cuts that hair.