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June 14, 2011

Bi The Way: Tyler Torro, Spencer Fox & Cherry Torn

I’ve been a magnet for bisexual men as of late. Technically, this was always the case, but now they want to talk to me instead of just having me stick my dick up their butts. Weird! Alas, I’m never one to turn down a good conversation, especially when it revolves around sex.

In any case, one of these guys was sad to learn that his MMF sandwich fucking fantasy wasn’t all that original. He then proceeded to list a few other activities that would really turn him on, including but not limited to: getting fucked by a woman with a strap-on, eating pussy while getting his hole slammed and having his boyfriend surprise him with a female guest.

All three of those things happen in this scene, except in this case Cherry Torn is surprising  Tyler Torro with a male guest. And what a male guest he is! Spencer Fox gets plowed  by both Tyler and Cherry, and he even takes a break from bottoming to dive straight bisexually into her lady parts.

Haters fall back! This post goes out to my new buddy, all the other bisexual folks who’ve had similar fantasies and anyone else who gets turned on by three attractive people doing what comes naturally. Well, provided rubber dicks count as natural…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Hookups

To check out Tyler, Spencer and Cherry in action, follow the JUMP:

Click here or below for a free video preview:

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LeLeBui 8:30pm on November 16, 2011

whoah...:D i like this!!XD Tyler is so hot, one of my fave porn stars..:)

  • tiger40

    um…why is the one guy wearing stalkings/nylons?

  • Magnum8man

    TYLER!!!! Any day… any way!

  • RoadRunner86

    Tat dude is uberhot!
    So much so, I didnt even notice the skanky bitch, hehe.


    So under impressed that words fail me. GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RobM

    there was a bitch in there?

  • ….I didn’t even see the woman in this at first. I was too distracted by the guys.

  • Anthony

    I’m sorry, but with a name like “Cherry Torn” I can’t want to look at this…

  • MassagebyD

    gaga is that you girl 🙂


    Love Tyler he  could FUCK Sarah Palin and I would still watch  !!!  Love Spencer as well but he was not convincing  he  ( about liking pussy ) seemed 2 enjoy getting FUCKED much more by Tyler than FUCKING Cherry ….. BTW  Tyler loves playing with and having his asshole rimmed so much that I think its just a matter of time before he takes a BIG DICK  up his tight GORGEOUS ass 🙂 🙂 🙂  

  • JeremyS

    Tyler is smokin’ HOT!!!!!!!!

  • V-8

    that was pretty hot!

  • MSU_Dawg

    I was enjoying the pics until I saw the stockings on Tyler. Not a fan of crossdressing

  • Chris25dc

    Tyler is so unbelievably yummy.  I would do whatever he asked.

  • jDressler

    tyler is amazing – one of the hottest guys out there today — that ridiculously skanky thing in the middle ruined the whole scene though – why do bi sites go out of their way to find unattractive and LOUD slutty chicks?  wtf?

  • DAK23

    I saw a fellow human being who happens to be female, but no ‘bitch’…

  • DAK23

    Meh, doesn’t seem like crossdressing to me, just someone having some fun & being playful during hot sex.

  • DAK23

    Did we watch the same preview? I didn’t hear anything loud coming out of the woman. And why is she “slutty”? Fuck, I hate double standards, especially from the lgbt community.

  • GOOD LORD! Both of those guys are smoking hot. I’d love to be surprised (or even not surprised) with either or both of them…of course without the need to stop and smile at the camera for a picture.

  • rugbybugger

    spencer is so hot. the hottest guy in porn right now

  • Azjockboi

    What jocks are those two guys wearing?

  • Dazza

    That chick is an absolute FUGLY SKANK HO!
    How did they get it up for her?!
    She shouldn’t have been there at all (not even fluffing them).

    Sometimes, I wish I could be the director of porn companies to increase people’s STANDARDS!
    I tell you what- everyone would be happier when they don’t see the occasional freak.
    When I watch porn, I expect to see good-looking people.

    *Vomits in mouth*

  • LeLeBui

    i like this!!XD
    Tyler is so hot, one of my fave porn stars..:)