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June 21, 2011

Hunter Marx, Dirk Caber & Shay Michaels In “Sting”

Are you in the mood to watch three hairy, horny fuckers in some threeway action? Yes! The answer to that question should be “yes”. Considering one of the aforementioned horny fuckers is Hunter Marx (pictured above), we’re not sure how you could possibly resist!

We just finished watching the trailer for Titan Men‘s latest flick Sting, and we don’t exaggerate when we say that we’re drastically close to abandoning every professional bone in our body to rub one out in our office’s bathroom. Frankly, we could jerk off for days just imagining Shay Michaels slobbering all over Hunter and Dirk Caber‘s rock hard cocks…

As if that weren’t enough, the movie features yet another Manhunt Daily fave—Logan Scott! The sight of Marco Wilson‘s huge rod slamming into his muscular ass is a sight to behold, and their costars Patrick Rouge and Harley Everett turn out an equally good performance. Be sure to check out the trailer, after the jump.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Titan Men

To check out Hunter, Dirk and Shay in action, follow the JUMP:






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Nick 12:30am on July 5, 2012

Hunter Marx is the best next thing in porn. He looks like a hollywood star. 

  • Bobby Bottom In Seattle

    Damn, that is so hot! What I’d give to be the bottom in that mix.

  • Is it just me, or do these three buff, hairy, bearded, well-endowed guys all look the same?

  • etxmuscle

    I wish I could be the recipient of a gang-bang from those 3 guys…ha!

  • Shoottokill

      You are so right…they all look like “brothers.”  They all are very hot!!

  • Pyuren

    I’m not really into three-ways BUT, all three of these guys are HOT 🙂

  • Kind of makes it better. 

  • RayHi

    perfect amount of Hair 

  • MassagebyD

    porn stars doing what they do best!!! Ohh weli

  • Joseph

    Where has Dirk Caber been all my life??!!

  • Felisculpa

    At what point did some porn director decide that spitting was sexy?  Because it’s not.   It’s disgusting and watching the trailer made me a bit nauseous because of it.

  • mark

    sweet jesus

  • Theonlysecretidentity

    i’m sure no one else loves this as much as I do… but it’s like the perfect porn!

  • Cabanaboy1701e

    good lord have those guys never heard of a razor

  • They all look the same…

  • shalomboy

    its funny that everyone considers those guys hairy…….i would say moderately hairy at best. it’s said that gays are all into shaving now a days…thats what is sick….we have really become fairies

  • Dave

    Beautiful hairy MEN. Tired of plucked eyebrows queenies, waxed and shit porn “stars” that appears to be the trend right now. Gimme all of them or one by one, anytime, anyday.

  • jDressler

    seriously – they all like identical —- so funny after all the times people complain that every bel ami model looks like a twin

  • KLF

    All hot. Don’t know which one I prefer.

  • Lolz

    Ha, I totally went to school with Marco Wilson. Wasn’t expecting that 🙂

  • CH

    Shaving, and the tattoos.  I mean there’s no better indicator of a queeny guy than extreme tattoos and picky stubble everywhere.

  • darryl

    Looks like a pretty hot movie.  Hairy, mod. hairy, shaved etc.  there’s something for everyone.  I like a hairy guy that likes being hairy, and a smooth guy who’s ok with being smooth.  All i want is a hot man’s ass up in the air, is that sooooooo wrong?

  • bluelibra

    damn hot!!!

  • Ipimpmyhouse

    I agree!!  Hawtness !

  • Hunterphelps1990

    I agree. He’s even hotter in Jury Duty with his glasses

  • Furball

    Very HOT ! the porn bar just got raised a little. I Luv Hair on a Mans body, shaving is a turn off for me

  • If the porn bar got raised alittle, so did my cock after viewing all these hairy guys.  🙂

  • alaskaman

    SO??   your point?

  • Michael

    ALL of these men are effen hot as hell! I really like all the hairy guys, even if they are clipped down, but the one I really want to bend over for is Harley Everett! OMFG, that beautiful body, that big cock, those big nuts in that low slung sack and those big eraser nips! Damn, I would be on my knees in a heart beat!

  • Chantboy

    It’s just you

  • Guy

    This could not be hotter.

  • gitno

    OMG come and sting me.

  • Ahotone

    Yes, bright it on baby! hairy, buff and hot,hot,hot. Just the way I like!

  • JeremyS

     Hottest. Threeway. Ever.!!!

  • sfmassagestud

    SO true…even though these guys are hot and well shot. The spitting this is so dumb! And gross! Who spits all over a cock (and misses most of the time, of course) just to suck it back in? It doesn’t even make sense. Spit for other uses, and as a fetish, I can understand…but the constant spitting during a blowjob is so weird and contrived…

  • Ospreyboi1122

    As pathetic as it sounds, I do enjoy a porn with a plot line.  I want to escape into a fantasy while watching.  Porns like this really turn me on, regardless of what is being shown.  Not to knock the sites that show just having sex just for the sake of having sex, but that’s what I have now and don’t need to watch it elsewhere.

  • Dan

    OMG!! Just died and went to cock heaven with these three!! Dam!

  • Jaybirdo7

    so spitting can b hot.. i think that might b overkill tho

  • Travis

    Haha, this movie looks awesome and I will definitely take a look at it. But since when do people plant flip camcorders as “hidden recording devices”. I mean arent those supposed to be 20$ gifts for teenage girls? Lol, my cell phone takes better video than those things and anyone on the look out for cops would see it a mile away.

  • Well those are certainly some hot men. Awesome bods, great cocks, sexy faces, hot sex.  Isn’t that what we look for in porn?  Well, it’s what I look for anyway.

  • Commenter

    Spitting on a dick is a problem? Wow, there are some real ladies reading this blog.

    This video looks super hot.

  • JamieB


  • Supersize54828

    What do you mean, that’s what you have now?  Sex just for the sake of doing it?

  • Ocho67

    I almost came without even touching myself. Lock me up and throw me in that prison. Please!

  • Nick

    Hunter Marx is the best next thing in porn. He looks like a hollywood star.