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July 8, 2011

Flashback Fridays: Forest Ranger Ben

It’s the middle of summer. Why are we posting pictures of some guy in long johns? Because we can! Don’t ask such questions when there’s a hairy “forest ranger” (with a retro pornstache) waiting to whip his cock out. It’s rude, especially when he went the extra mile and spread his fuzzy cheeks for you…

This particular spread comes from a 1988 issue of Stallion Magazine. Frankly, if we owned a copy of this, the pages would be stuck together with dried-out jizz. You’d have to pry them apart, the images would get torn up and it’d be an all-around mess. Luckily for you? This won’t be a problem! The pictures are now on the internet, here for your viewing pleasure.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Lobo Studio / Stallion Magazine

To check out more pictures of Ben, follow the JUMP:

(via Retro Men Plus)

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  • joeat

    Wow!  That pic with that beautiful hairy ass in the air and the big sack hanging down is pure heaven.

  • barry14

    What an ass my mouth is watering
    Love the big heavy balls too
    What a package

  • Dgatch50311

    HUNKY  guy, thanks for the flashback

  • Guy

    Wow he’s sexxxxyy!!
    Not ripped, just nicely shaped, good amount of hair!
    So nice to see a guy like this.

  • Incock

    AMEN  !!!! WOW!!!! Oh the good ol days when sex was sex and cock was cock and men were men. No west Hollywood looks fake. This one hot man and I agree with you all above this post perfect amount of body hair and that ass   ummmppphhh………nice cock too


    I do not know if there is gold N that chest  but I sure would like 2 FUCK the TREASURE out of that hole !!!

  • Yep.  Pretty hot.  Is he still around?

  • mark