July 1, 2011

Gay Ass Gossip: Shia LaBeouf Sells Out Megan Fox

ITEM – Mmm, banana. How do you think he keeps getting all these blockbuster movie roles? Transformers: Josh Duhamel Doesn’t Get Naked is out, and we’re faced with the usual endless interviews with its stars. Shia LaBeouf spoke with Details, and took the opportunity to reveal that he was fucking former co-star Megan Fox while they were filming the first one. Megan, who was fired from the latest installment and is married to David Silver from the original (and only) 90210, was reportedly “on a break” from her current husband during their fling. Shia’s a passable actor and cute in an accquired taste sort of way, but this is kind of a dick move. It reeks of wanting everyone to know he bagged some hot ass, despite his not possessing the usual movie star good looks. It’s the kind of thing you save for the memoir.

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ITEM – It’s annoying that this pinhead is so photogenic. The Village Voice got shady with Ashton Kutcher and his science experiment wife Demi Moore (she looked older in St. Elmo’s Fire than she does now, 26 years later – it’s not natural) over their campaign to stop sex trafficking in the United States. The Voice ran an article saying that the numbers pertaining to human trafficking that Ashton’s organization have provided are incorrect, and that the research is shoddy. Kutcher, who has a Twitter feed coming directly out of his ass, threw a celeb tantrum on it:

“Hey @villagevoice if you want to dispute the online data I’ve collected about the consumption of child porn or the hard facts from [National Center for Missing and Exploited Children] lmk,” he wrote, later adding, “Hey @villagevoice REAL MEN DON’T BUY GIRLS and REAL NEWS PUBLICATIONS DON’T SELL THEM.”

He’s referring to the prosty ads that run in the back of the publication. Touche, Kelso! This went on for ages. It’s the thought that counts, unless you’re a twat like Ashton and are engaging in this sort of “philanthropy” to gratify one’s sinkhole ego. Also? The PSAs are REALLY dumb. Socks? Really?


ITEM – Ladies LOOOVVVEEEE them some Lenny Kravitz. Do gay guys? I’ve always wondered. You don’t see him lusted over much by the gays. Would you get with Lenny? He’s handsome, has a hot body, and is severely stylish. Plus, the guitar riff to “Are You Gonna Go My Way” is one of the sexiest ever. We should probably throw some gossip in here. Lenny has been cast in the pivotal role of “Cinna” in the film adaption of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. For those of you not in the know, it’s a series of young adult books about a young lady trying to survive brutal gladitorial games in the far-flung, fascist future. Think Harry Potter, but female, sci-fi, and way bloodier. Ok, it’s nothing like Harry Potter. Cinna is the protagonist’s fashion designer (it makes sense in the book), and sorta mentor. Seriously, most of my gay circle are OBSESSED with these books. James Joyce, they ain’t, but they’re highly readable. Plus, they cast cute guys in the two major dude roles (don’t worry, they’re legal). Now with the addition of Lenny, we’ve got some nice eye candy to go along with all of the womanness.

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Termanie Riegns 4:36pm on July 5, 2011

Lenny lenny lenny.... take me Lenny!!!!!

  • DAK23

    Megan Fox is so fucking hot! When she bent over checking out Bumblebee, and her taught little tummy was all stretched out… lots of masturbatory fodder 😉  Shia is pretty cute, too. 

  • Hh9999

    I’ve wanted Lenny Kravitz from way, way back!!  And he can sing the hell out of a song too!!

  • JPH

    Shia is a bit of a douchebag. Not even a good actor. Not much of a gentleman there by talking about Megan Fox.

  • JamieB

    Shia is such an arrogant douche. Megan fox clearly had nobody else to do so just made due with him. He thinks he’s way hotter than he is, and he simply is not cute, at all. Ashton and Lenny on the other hand 🙂 Hate on Ashton for being annoying but the man is gorgeous.

  • peril

    Lenny’s top totty!!!! Shia’s a bub! who the hell is Megan Fox?????

  • Yagermeister

    Re: Shia’s comment about banging Megan Fox
    Too bad Megan wasn’t there. She would have told the press what a tiny dick Shia has(Shia has admitted in a previous interview that he’s not endowed.)  and how inadequate he was while making out….ha,ha. I have to admit, though, I have a thing for Shia. From the gawky, nerdy, weird looking youngster, he has become an attractive young man. He is talented too. I hope he doesn’t get too caught up in himself because he’ll never be a leading man in the iconic sense. He’s too short, and he’s not that good looking. This Transformer thing is probably his maximum success. After all, how many Transformer movies can they make? Obviously a few more than I had expected based on the releases.

  • gary barlow

    lenny kravitz GOD no he is a monkey

  • haha

    Ashton Kutcher has always been a dumbass who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about (his appearances on Real Time with Bill Maher are proof enough for me), why is any one surprised?

    The man just needs to keep making camera commercials and dishing on people’s (Charlie’s and Bruce’s!) sloppy seconds.

  • haha

    actually, i take that latter statement back. i never want to see him on television again.

  • Tony

    I wonder if Shia sucked on her deformed thumb? ewww. Anyways, That is a dick move but shes a bitch so who cares? Also, Shia is cute but a lot of his sex appeal is ruined cause of his extreme arrogance.

  • Sarefin

    I don’t always like his hair styles choices, but I’d do Lenny Kravitz any day of the week! Hell I’d do him multiple times a day! And as for Shia doing Megan.. “IF” it’s true then she was fucking stupid. Shia is ok.. but he is no BAG (My affectionate name for Brian Austin Green). BAG is a sexy mother fucker!


    Shia LaBeouf is a cad for bragging he fucked M. Fox.  It’s always the “twerps”, like Justin Timberlake, that had to brag on t.v. that he popped B. Spears cherry.  NOT a nice thing to do and it does not make either appear manly.  Hell, nothing could make Timberlake “manly.”  He’s like a white M.J.  I look for him to climb out of his closet anyday.  As for Lenny:  Sorry….I’d go straight first.

  • Commenter

    I’d lick Lenny Kravitz everywhere.

  • Jimmy T

    Lenny got hot when he lost the Afro, and he does lay down some mean guitar riffs.  And as much as a douchebag as Ashton may or may not be, I think he’s sexy as hell and even like some of his movies.  “No Strings Attached” was great fun.  As for Shia, he’s moderately cute, I guess, but proclaiming he fucked Megan Fox is totally classless and screams of personal insecurity.  Sometimes, you know, guys who need to do stuff like that are just trying to make sure no one knows they’re really gay.

  • Hh9999

    Right on all counts. That photo of Lenny they stuck in here must be eons old and certainly doesn’t flatter him any. He;s much better looking than that. What I really like about his music is that while he cal sing/play it all, he showcases that hard, low-down rock-n-roll style of his that just tears the house down and then right back up. And he can play/sing the hell out of this music genre. I think that’s the main reason he’s stayed so popular all these years.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    Keep your “not possessing movie-star-good-looks” opinion to yourself. Shia is ubercute and HOT. And Megan is fucking hot as well, much more so than the “new girl.” Would have loved to watch that real sex scene.


    Who cares about Megan Fox, she is a horrible actress who got lucky in more ways than one. The only thing I like about Megan is her HOT! husband Brian Austin green, my, my David has grown.

  • Beau

    Shia DID throw Megan under the bus, but at least he didn’t knock-up his housekeeper and produce a lovechild. Ashton is VERY passionate about his latest philanthropist endeavor, and should know what the numbers are, The Voice asked for what they got. In MY book, mind, whatevah, Lenny is quite do-able, I mean he is FINE!

  • Lenny lenny lenny…. take me Lenny!!!!!