July 20, 2011

Know Your Penises!

Turn to the left, please? *flashbulb goes off*

Manhunt is all about the penis. We essentially traffic in it. Celebrating the diversity of schlong all over the world could be one of our mission statements.

It’s always nice in our line of work to have a reference guide for easy identification. So we rounded up the 8 most common types of cock that we encounter, put em’ in a line-up, and created this handy graphic. How well do YOU know your penises? Don’t worry, they can’t see or hear you through the one way mirror. We know Donkey Dick can be especially intimidating.

Feel free to print this out and laminate them for easy use. Does anyone need a wallet size?

We also want to know – which of these types of cock is the one most likely to make YOURS hard when it’s unveiled? Does “Curved” hit that sweet spot? Do you like them “Ribbed” for your pleasure? Choose which one of these hardened criminals you’d like to capture!

Is there a type of cock you know of that you don’t see here? Let us know!

– J. Harvey

To vote for which of our eight kinds of penis is your favorite, Follow the JUMP:

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wtxguy 10:42am on March 12, 2015

I have a mix between curved and beer can. I haven't measured myself in a long time don't really how big my package is but I've never had any complaints.

  • Tenna28a

    nobody mentioned anything about uncut.. if it is uncut it is def better than the length and girth. uncut + one of those types above great choice.

  • bruster2

    Variety is the spice of life — I like them all. Have to agree with some of the other comments: Donkey dicks are a pleasure to see, but, can be quite painful. Mine is ribbed and have had guys refuse to take it even though I know how to be gentle. For me the greatest pleasure has been from the mushroom. I just love cocks and don’t really have a favorite. Can appreciate the differences and its fun to compare.

  • Nabnab

    None of them, they’re all WAY too big… and how is a 6.5″ dick called a “button”?

    I’ve only ever met one person in my life with a dick over 9.5″, and it was a short visit, what’s the point when you can’t even get the end in your mouth? Most people with dicks that big can’t even get fully hard anyway.

    If you took 2″ off all of them and asked me again, I’d choose the mushroom…

  • gymactive

    I always prefer smaller or avg dicks, as never like big dicks( they hurts) lol

  • Adude

    A cock is cock, regardless of the size its how one can use it and responds to it being, sucked, stroked , jerked, licked, swallowed or fucked.

    In regards to Cut or UC, when I was younger I thought CUT ruled the world and I was the odd one out being UC, as I’ve grown and matured I’m so happy I wasn’t butchered as baby and had my skin hacked off. Love UC but if your cut, happy to swallow it as well

  • Drewlaw80

    Imma beet can and ribbed

  • Marcus

    How about an uncut mushroom penis.  that is what I have.  You totally left out the best – the uncut penis!
    Uncut is more sensitive, more versatile  and  hotter. Let’s make this workship uncut penis month.

  • RRobertson51

    ChubbyMan4U ; I like uncut man first of all ! My First pick is ribbed penis than,donkey dick and than 3rd Mushroom Head the first one.

  • Slavejonathan (on manhunt)

    i’m a “ribbed” type…. tho a tad shorter than the one pictured.  i like ’em that way too.  i’m always amazed at how many are scared of it; with a little time getting a guy worked up and comfortable with me, i have no trouble slipping it in and giving him a memorable ride.  i love to give a dedicated Top his first ride; it’s all in how you proceed.


    OK, give me the dam ruler cause everytime someone says a size they add 1-2 inches whenever I see there dick. Your not suppose to measure from the bottom of your balls and behind lol. I show my dick on here so there is no question about it… I like the ANTEATER type….

  • Mad

    Personally, I’m into ass.

  • Ryan

    well im ribbed which seems the most popular so I’m happy although in my experience, practically speaking, btm guys like a more manageable size.

  • Stephennpa

    guess i kinda like my type…decent good length/not undersized or 2 damned big/nice sized shroom and thick shaft…who else likes some redhead dick?   ;-P

  • matrix64

    all these rediculous comments about “being butchered at birth”, “mutilated”, skin “hacked off”…. really annoys the crap outta me…
    We’re all different… I’m cut, and yes it wasnt my decision, but I certainly wasnt “mutilated” and my foreskin wasnt hacked off…
    I love my cut cock, as do the guys I show it to…

  • jay

    I’m sorry I hate uncut…all that extra skin they remind me of an elephants trunk. i dont give a fuck if they get more pleasure all i care about is my own. i have an 8″ cut ribbed. never had any complaints and love it just the way it is.I made it myself!!

  • Droog

     I love how the least liked penis’s are the colored ones that are two of the smallest out of the bunch.  …good job.lol.

  • I’m a lucky lad,I have a ribbed donkey dick and love to give guys pleasure to.
    Not sure what sort of dick I like,I guess a mixture of ribbed,curved or beer can is cool.I do like a cock that swings when I’m fucking a guy.

  • Deessecretgarden

    Yes I really do wonta go for a ride ????

  • Frankendick

    Guess I have a Frankendick… part donkey, part, mushroom, part, ribbed and part curved


    and of course my personal fav the Ribbed, Mushroom Headed, Donkey Dick…


  • MariettaTop9

    Thick, ribbed and curved (downward) 8″ cut here

  • MariettaTop9

    With a mushroom head to boot

  • Too_BIG

    Ok guys – i have a problem too… I have 10″ dick.. I always get sucked, but I rarely fuck someone – and it sucks, because im like sex-machine – im hard all the time when I am with a guy (I am hard as stone even I have 10″ dick), but guys get scared of it… i know its difficult to take it into the ass, but im gentle guy and never fuck hard (well if guy wants I do lol). I am planning to do surgery – I want to get my dick smaller, unfortunately they dont reduce thickness of dick – that’s the problem too… So sometimes too big isn’t good… Especially when u cant wear underwear… Because if I got hard outside, everyone would see it. I have to keep it near my leg all the time… Its not cool

  • horny_mf

    i’d love to wake up to a mushroom slap every morning

  • Uncut

    What? “Celebrating the diversity of schlong all over the world could be one of our mission statements.” and not one uncut dick? I’m afraid to inform you that most guys in the world are uncut, and I prefer them in their natural state also.

  • @The people bitching about uncut not being there… Wtf do you think “anteater” is?

  • Marcusfisher10

    Curved is best, because it likes to explore ;p

  • GROSSO e curvo all’insù!!! 😛

  • Rod

    Now that you have showed a diagram, any chance we could see 7 examples in photograph form?

  • art

    funny how all of them wouldn’t be over 7 inches in real life lol..
    since only 2% of males have bigger..

  • dfhtsxfgb

    im a ribed but mine is a 9 incher i am lucky

  • Northguy

    Maybe 10 – 11 inches, and I took it all down my throat, I wanted to give that handsome young man something he’d never forget!

  • wtxguy

    I have a mix between curved and beer can. I haven’t measured myself in a long time don’t really how big my package is but I’ve never had any complaints.