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July 7, 2011

My Favorite Shoot: Austin Wilde

Gay porn stars provide us with the sexiest fucking, sucking, rimming and riding scenes imaginable. Our spank banks are indebted to them for eternity and beyond. Did you ever wonder what they consider to be their own hottest scenes? We asked our favorite fuckers to let us know what videos they’ve shot that were the steamiest or most memorable for them. We just couldn’t go without asking Manhunt darling Austin Wilde about which one of his shoots got his dick the hardest. Austin is a longtime friend of Manhunt’s (he did his first scene with On The Hunt!) and we’re HUGE fans! Huge like his cock.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Austin Wilde

To read about Austin Wilde’s favorite shoot (with pics!), Follow the JUMP:

You would think that with 3 years of porn under my belt, it would be difficult to pick a favorite scene. Fortunately, it’s not difficult at all. Over the past 3 years, I’ve been pretty fortunate with the scene partners I’ve been paired with. I have a top 3, but of course, there is one that stands out.

All it really takes to produce a usable scene is hardons and cumshots. To make a GREAT scene, though, can be a different story. The best way to make a scene turn out great is to make the shoot itself fun. Having a scene partner that’s fun, with a great personality and attractive always helps. For me, a great kisser, nice abs and ass, and a bottom that, after the initial penetration, doesn’t complain about the fact he can’t see straight because I’m fucking him so hard, are all great qualities in a scene partner. If you have all of those things, you’re bound to have a hot shoot and amazing final product.

Marcus Mojo just happened to fit all of those qualities. I met him about 2 1/2 years ago on my first shoot with Next Door Studios… and had an instant man crush on him. 2 years later, I made my return to Next Door Studios for the launch of my site(, and got paired up with him. Fortunately, the only thing that changed about him was his body…and in the best way possible.

He has a super laid back personality, is all around beautiful and is an amazing bottom. I’ve only had a couple scenes where I had to stop fucking because I almost came, but this was one of them. It’s rare you can fuck someone as hard as I fucked him in this scene and the guy actually have a smile on his face at times. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun on this shoot. So everything I just said in this paragraph made this, by far, my favorite shoot.

p.s. For anyone that wants to check out this scene, here’s a discount code you can use to sign up 😉 BUDDY33OFF

Nice! Thanks, Mr. Wilde! All that, Marcus Mojo, AND he’s saving us some dough.

If you are a porn star who wants to share his favorite shoot with us, e-mail us at!

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Vicki Casuas 12:01pm on July 14, 2011

 I'm so proud of you sonny boy!

  • Kenneth

    Austin Wilde is a very attractive black man. I’ve never seen him get it on with any black men in porn movies. He can get it on with me anytime and I’m not  black porn star. LOL

  • Jonathan

    I have always thought that he has Latino features, and what nice features and an overall body he does have!

  • Randy

    he is a total MOOSE though… BUTTERFACE is an underestimate… its fucking Margarine face!!! Lard Face… I cant believe its not butterface!!!

  • Randy

    Clover face

    Benecol Face

    Flora Face…

  • Randy

    Utterly Butterly face

  • Randy

    Anchor Face

  • Randy

    the best is I Cant Believe Its Not Butter Face though

  • Kevin

    Now I know that Austin has sold his soul to Next Door Studios completely and I won’t believe another word he says.

    Kind of shitty not to choose Anthony Romero but I guess Next Door had to do a salvage job on Mojo after the homophobic slurs he was spewing.  No hope for Cody. 

  • Kenneth

    What are Latino features? I am a black Latino with Negroid features. Please travel to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, and Colombia. You will see black Spanish speaking natives with Negroid features like blacks in the U.S. Austin Wilde is gorgeous, but one of his parents is black. I don’t think he identifies with being black. He wants to be accepted by white gay men in America.

  • Marcus mojo

    I just first and for most, thank you Austin…as a friend and partner in crime. You know how I feel about our scene ;).

    Kevin- Now I’m not here to come bash on anyone or define myself. Austin knows who I am and what I am all about. And you have not a clue of either. If Austin had seen that video he would have chuckled and joked with me. I’m anything but homophobic. So please, save ur words 🙂

    Peace and love

  • Kenneth

    Marcus, you are one sexy white male with a hot body. I saw you in a video with Tommy Defendi. You need to visit Washington, DC. The men here are shallow, but they are hot. LOL

  • Jonathan

    I have no interest in traveling to those countries (or even the east coast for that matter) so what I might see there would be irrelevant.  My comment was merely intended to convey suprise at the apparent fact that he is “black” which was anything but obvious to me. 

    As for your statement, “He wants to be accepted by white gay men in America,” how has he not been?  My porn exposure primarily comes from this blog so if there is some group out there that is denying this beautiful man opportunities to fuck on film because he is “black” then that is news to me. 

    I have been with three African-American men in my life and they all had pubic hair that was different than that of my fellow whites or the latinos I have been with.  That would be the easiest way to explain a “latino feature” and one of the reasons I was suprised that you identified him as “black.”  I’m quoting you because I haven’t seen anything that indicates that Mr. Wilde himself has identified himself as being of any particular ethnicity.  As we learned over the weekend it is a good idea to have at least two sources just to be sure.

  • Thank you for that, Jonathan. A lot of people think just because I’ve never been paired with another black scene partner, I’m either racist, don’t identify myself as being part black or want to be accepted by a certain race. None of which are true. Sorry bout it.

    Being multiracial, bisexual, transgender, etc., there will always be people that aren’t happy with what you’re doing. And I’ve come to accept that. And also to not really care. If you think about it, how many black models have even worked with the studios I have? –Next Door Studios,  Falcon(one movie), Cockyboys, Raging Stallion. Only a couple that I can think of. 

  • Kevin

    I saw the video and you were calling Rod Daily a  “faggot”.  I’ve also heard you and Rod saying that shit before.  You use homophobic slurs and work for a homophobic studio.  That makes you a homophobe in my book.   Its twice as bad because you think just because you get stoned and let a guy fuck you for a paycheck you get a free pass.   Yeah Diesel caught the truth on video along time ago.  Of course the straight guys at NDS don’t see their homophobia because the entire studio thrives on that shit.  

  • Jonathan

    Your most welcome!   (OMG Austin Wilde addressed me…Travis, call 911.  I’m feeling faint!)

  • Kenneth

    Austin, you should have address me, not Jonathan for addressing the perception most black men see of you. Yes, you are an attractive man, but remember this, in America the one drop rule will always be applied. Our President has a white mother and a dark skin African father. He’s seen as black by the majority in America. It’s your prerogative to date or sleep with whomever you choose. However, as a black man of Puerto Rican ancestry, I can tell you first hand the racism I’ve experienced from white gay males here in Washington, DC. White males aren’t a minority in the United States. The belong to the 220 million white population in this country and some practice the same bigotry and discrimination to black or dark skin people with African features. I rarely see attractive black men like yourself, Shemar Moore, or Boris Kojoe on this site. When you do see black males on this site, they get little or no responses.
    Dios te bendiga!

  • Benjamin

    Absolutely hot, Austin is definitely one of my favorites and he can take me ANY day of the week.  And I have to disagree with
    Kenneth, I don’t think he’s trying to please white america…he works
    for studios that don’t really employ actors of color, so of course his
    scene mates will be white…but it doesn’t make the scenes any less hot.  It would be nice, however, to see an entry on the blog featuring a scene with two (or more) men of color having a hot time (mmm, any of Race Cooper’s work with other black men comes to mind!).  My memory may not serve me well, but I know there were entries featuring minorities in either solos or in scenes with white co-stars, but never two minorities in the same scene (other than maybe the random latino-based feature).

  • Jonathan

    Kenneth: As a journalist I took Austin’s comment to be thanking me for not attributing words to him that I did not get directly from him. 

    You wrote, “it’s your prerogative to date or sleep with whomever you choose.”  That is very straightforward.  But in the next sentence you state that, “…I can tell you first hand the racism I’ve experienced from white gay males here in Washington, Dc.”  That sounds like you are saying that I have the right to choose who I sleep with as long as I don’t turn down a man of color and if I do so I am engaging in racism.  If that is the case I find your argument very hard to swallow. 

    The backlash against the inaccurate post about Tyson Gay was swift and vicious.  That says more to me than little or no response to men YOU think should be getting commented on.  If all the dirty old white men were sitting behind their computer writing how they wanted to bang the “sluts” and “whores” (as twinks and younger bottoms get referred to on this site) of color they’d be getting called racist as well.   Reading these comments I find myself wishing people could just play nice but that isn’t going to happen. 

    Do you REALLY want honest comments made by people who choose to remain silent and should be staying silent on other topics as well?

  • Kenneth

    Jonathan, you are not a black man and you don’t know the racism or discrimination we face as being both gay and black daily in society. I find the gay community to be very racist and not inclusive of all gays. I addressed Austin as one black man to another. Yes, I am also Puerto Rican. In the minds of many, being Caucasian makes one superior or is seen as a sign of beauty. For years in this country, all I saw on US television were whites and very few blacks in positive roles. The same applies to most gay publications.  All you see are white boys plastered on most gay magazines. One would think, only Caucasians are gay because black men and Afro Latinos are invisible. I think, Austin understood where I’m coming from on this issue. After he explained his position, I now understand where he’s coming from. Austin is a very attractive man period. In real life, I hope he understands what blacks and other non whites face daily in society.  I refused to have sex or date any white male who’s afraid to be seen with me openly in public. I am no white males black Mandigo fantasy. I am a human being who happens to be black and attractive. Being black is not ugly or a bad thing. We all will have to account for they way we treat others in this life in the end.
    Dios te bendiga!

  • Jonathan

    Excellent post, Kenneth!  Can you imagine what the world would be like if every person could say two things on a daily basis: “I am a human being who happens to be ____ and attractive,” and “You are a human being who happens to be ____ and attractive?”  You are absolutely right that I do not know your life experiences and cannot share them however I can assure you that I am not one of the pretty people and even though I am white. 

    You also wrote, “I am no white males black Mandigo fantasy.”  As I see it that is even worse than the derogatory words that bother me about the young men and bottoms on this site.  I am guessing that someone probably actually said that to you and that is unconsciable.  I hope that you never find it necessary to have to say that again because if people are acting with any shred of decency towards one another that would be obvious!

  • Kenneth

    I agree, Jonathan.  Have a great weekend.

  • Jimm

    uhm yea he is fuckung ass body and that dick looks delish!


    I know who you are Marcus, you are Kordd Tucker. You have done a few hooking jobs with a few guys I’m friends with in London and in Morocco this past new year’s.

  • Thanks for your thoughtful posts, Jonathan and Kenneth.  I’m happy to see that you kissed and made up!

  • I think Austin looks amazing.  And looking at the pics, he draws me in and makes me want to know him.  I know nothing about him, really,but that’s the impression I get looking at his images. 

  • Uhhhh, poser! Quit wasting people’s time! You only wish you knew us!

  • Vicki Casuas

     I’m so proud of you sonny boy!

  • Vicki Causas

     I’m so proud of you son!