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July 21, 2011

Quickie: Ben Pamies

Being Ben Pamies can’t be easy. With that absurdly large package, do you think anyone looks him in the eyes when talking to him? Even fellow straight guys (sorry boys, he’s married) must stare at his junk in the locker room. Granted, we assume he doesn’t spend the majority of his time prancing around half-naked in tiny briefs, but he definitely isn’t shy about showing off his body!

Word on the street is that his butt makes an appearance on the web-series In Between Men. Most likely, this is the closest he’ll ever come to doing gay-for-pay porn, so we might as well milk it for all it’s worth. There’s a really inappropriate joke related to milking things that we could make right now, but we’re trying our damn hardest to resist…

– Dewitt

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Eli 8:35pm on July 22, 2011

Handsome, but may be one of the worst actors I've ever seen. That in between web series is just terrible and doing nothing for those actors careers.  It's like a constant reel of who never to cast.

  • hi como tan se ve demasido buenoooooo

  • Jimguffey1


  • Bill in NJ

    Perfect chest, abs, shoulders, biceps, face……what more can I say.

  • Walter
  • Woody

    The man is perfect and the package is HUGE!!

  • RobM

    Ben’s been a fixture in the Undergear catalog/Web site for some time now…and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!!

  • Domtoppapi

    damn fine man…damn fine!!!

  • TommyTrojan

    You and me both dude!  I have almost rubbed myself raw looking at pics of him in that slutty Undergear male lingerie.  He is so friggin hot!

  • Kenneth

    he’s hot, but he makes strange faces…

  • Egbert Beekman

    o my God a awesome weekend.. and a awesome week.. from Egbert and lots lots of Dutch Kisses.. from The Hague in The Netherlands 😉 😉 🙂

  • Kenneth

    I am a different Kenneth in Washington, D.C. and black and Puerto Rican. I had never heard of this brother, Ben Pamies. He’s mixed race and was born in Haiti. This is one fine gorgeous man. It’s a shame some people can be born gorgeous and don’t have to work at it. LOL LOL I had never heard of the series, ‘Between Men’. I found it online and I’m going to watch a coupe of the series. Thank you for posting this hot man of color.

  • xhan

    his soooooo yummy yummy hmmmmmm ;D

  • xhan

    i like hum sooo much, his my super crush, i want him yo be my husband ;D

  • Anonymous

    Just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score…j/k

  • MSU_Dawg

    I watched the web series… they showed his ass while he was fucking another guy. it was hot… this dude is hot. In fact, the 4 friends in that web series are all hot!

  • Latjocktop

    weird…gays lusting after a good str friend of mine

  • Chantboy

    He’s perfect, especially when he smiles – real husband material.

  • Electricrat

    He’s very handsome, but there is no such thing as perfect.   

  • Bennett

    Why the padding? Natural is best…why make it look abnormal. Size is not everything. This guy is hot hung or not.

  • Hubba…great package…sexy body…but maybe a bit too intense with the expressions.  Still…totally hot.

  • Kenneth

    Why are you on a gay website fool? What does this make you? I doubt that you know Ben Pamies.

  • steve

    Bennett you hit it on the head! So to speak, some shots show a HUGE BULGE others are just normal, he has a good body but why shove a gym sock, or 2, down your briefs to show off something which really isn’t there?????

  • Landodash

    PFT! As if a wedding ring has ever stopped me before. 

  • MSU_Dawg

    Haha… you got that right!

  • Eli

    Handsome, but may be one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen. That in between web series is just terrible and doing nothing for those actors careers.  It’s like a constant reel of who never to cast.