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July 24, 2011

Steven Dehler Bulging For Timoteo

It’s difficult to notice anything else in these pics of model Steve Dehler besides his package. There’s his bulge in white. There it is again in red. Again in white. And it’s accompanied by his round ass when it’s shot in green.

Fuck, Timoteo knows how to sell clothes.

Besides the bulge, this gorgeous bastard has those piercing crystal blue eyes that match the colors in those briefs. That’s probably Photoshop trickery, but ignorance is bliss. As long as the basket isn’t enhanced via computer wizardry, we’re good.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Gay Body Blog

For more pics of Dehler, Follow the JUMP:

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Hh9999 8:24pm on July 25, 2011

Oh, YES!!!   Does it for me......

  • kink2go

    Wow, LOVE that fourth pic after the jump.  Sexy, mischevious, naughty, nice!

  • Not Enough

    could be just contact lens

  • tiger40

    he can eat crackers in my bed anytime!!

  • meh!


  • tj

    Finally, someone without tattos

  • hairyo

    just can’t get into the hairless thing

  • arion_5

    beautiful is right! scrumptious even!

  • Guest

    Leave for over a year and come back and still the same, bitchy, whining posts that were here when I left… Some things never change.

  • Those are some really ugly clothes.

  • TommyTrojan

    You mean the one in the ridiculously skimpy green swimsuit?  With the dogtags and the nail-biting, sultry pose?  Yeah, I got hard as a rock over that one too!

  • Yagermeister

    3rd picture down—the library pic—OMG! How would you like to run into that in your local library? He’s sooooo fukin’ HOT!!

  • Well he certainly is a great choice for making their product desirable.  Of course it is difficult to focus on the clothes when all I want to do is make them disappear.

  • Shoesize15

    I agree with you Yag……hot in the stacks!!!!!  woof woof!  Love to jump him!!!

  • Domtoppapi

    hott tite sexy mother fucker…muscle lean hairless and cute…papi likes this babyboi…eat, suck, fuck…repeat

  • jacaranda

    Very handsome guy, but I think you have exaggerated a bit over the bulge…my eyesight isn’t so bad that I can’t tell the difference between a relaxed cock and a relaxed monster cock inside underwear.

  • Hh9999

    Oh, YES!!!   Does it for me……