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August 27, 2011

Unlockables: Getting Undressed With Aiden Bailey

Our Unlockables series is a weird little creature. It’s gone through three different formats at this point—profile photo tips, judging poses and selecting between shots of individual models. We recently discovered that the second of the three was most popular. Do we switch back? Or keep things as they are? Gay porn blogger dilemmas!

For now, we’re just going to keep things as they are. You know the drill by now, right? Hypothetically, Aiden (pictured above) presents you with the six pictures after the jump and asks you to help choose his main profile picture on Manhunt. Which of the shots would you recommend that he use? More importantly, which of these shots would entice you to click through to his profile? Check out last week’s cumtastic results over here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: BentleyRace

To check out the pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:







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Jimm 8:18pm on August 31, 2011

I would marry that guy..dammmm

  • jDressler


  • Commenter

    Completely adorable.

  • Hh9999

    #3 did nothing for me, but the the rest of the photos certainly did….

  • Oral4uinthe352

    damit there goes an other key board where can I get a waterproof keyboard?

  • Mat

    Oh… My….. Simply stunning! But to answer the question, I went with Opening Pic. Something about a guy just enticing you with a slightly opened shirt… Damn fine!

  • Bobby In Seattle

    In my book, it’s definitely picture number 2.

    It’s that “come over here and sit on my fat cock” look that gets me going.

  • LW

    hard call (pardon the pun) between the opening picture where you wonder what the cute hunk is unwrapping . .. and picture number 2 . . . I agree with BobbyInSeattle, he has that “come over here and sit on my fat cock” look in his eyes, which just makes you want to . . .

  • V-8

    I loved all of them, he is so beautiful in a natural way…. chose #2 because that look is the look of a guy in bed, that is about to lose control during sex…… I love when I see that look on a man’s face…

  • Chris25dc

    I love number three.  Great view–not sure about the shaved pubes but to each his own.

  • He is very hot and sexy and all that but perhaps the problem with the column is…well I can’t quite put my finger on it. You are asking us to rate pictures from other sites that might theoretically appear on this site and it’s hard to see the point, purpose or usefulness of that. Each week you extrapolate some odd meaning to our voting (which is usually quite funny) but that doesn’t really help anyone with their profile which I’m assuming was the original idea behind the column. It seems like it’s gotten a bad case of scope creep.  There should definitely be some sort of column on here to help guys get their profiles sorted out. Perhaps you can link us to their MH profile and they get feedback from guys who aren’t necessarily their target market…you know if they can take the bitchy comments along with the constructive feedback. I see lots of things (words and pictures) in profiles and think “is that working for you or is it driving guys away and giving you the opportunity to continue to bitch about how you can’t find anyone?” Just some thoughts.

  • JeremyS


  • hungdaddyAustralia

    I have been wondering about those Fleshjack things – do All college boys keep them scrupulously clean? I can imagine the smell of cum that has gone rotten in there..

    Cute kid. As a top, I like him in the firast pic, beccause of the scope it allows me to imagine him how I want him to be!

  • needsman

    what a gorgeous face!

  • cute, wen i c ur face i fell jump on it so sexcy…….

  • Jimm

    I would marry that guy..dammmm