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September 8, 2011

Gay Terms We Hate: Butt Babies

Ugh. Welcome to a new feature I created entirely on the spot – “Gay Terms We Hate”! Today’s phrase that DOES NOT pay is “butt babies.”

Yesterday evening, a co-worker here at Manhunt noticed a certain male model’s picture on my monitor. “He’s hot! I want to have his butt babies.”

Blech. No. Blech. And he isn’t the only one throwing out this term. At a recent gathering of my fellow homosexuals, someone was overhead saying “don’t worry, butt babies don’t live.”

Why is the term “butt babies” becoming so prevalent in our culture? And what does it mean exactly?

On my part, I always figured it meant a gay guy’s jizz. You know, that jizz is often directed towards another man’s ass, etc. So sperm = babies and butt…right?

But then I read THIS page, and everything in my life became terror.

The various definitions are terrible, and the imagery the phrase summons is worse. Let’s try and use “butt babies” a little less. And by “a little less”, I mean “never”. Censorship, tact, and self-editing isn’t always a BAD thing.

What expressions from gay culture do YOU despise?

Note – I am in no way implying the gorgeous Chase Hostler has anything to do with our topic. I just needed something beautiful to take your mind off of that term.

– J. Harvey

For more images of Chase to wash your brain with, Follow the JUMP:

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3:20pm on April 20, 2012

look at this douchebag

  • Wayne

    Cannot stand “dear”

  • i think “straight acting” is the most self-deprecating and loathsome phrase ever.  

  • Max

    I never use the term, but I understand the round it that some lucky men have of their ass give that name to them. Most babies have a round ass that make them cuties. I love men asses! can’t help

  • I must be out of the loop because I’ve never heard that… and I hope I never do.

  • GymToolFit

    Haha- “Butt Babies!”

    That a new gay term for me..

    I have about a handful of  gay terms I dislike & I think the one at the top of my list is “Straight Acting,” gay man.

    Really?  Now a day’s how can you really differentiate between straight & gay acting. Especially with so many “straight” men that are into the metro-sexual look/mannerism that may come off as flamboyant.

    Just because a guy looks a little rugged, mite enjoy doing other activities besides hanging in a gay bar (ie: camping, fixing up cars, bowling, lifting weights, hunting, fishing, etc).  He is or considers himself “Straight Acting,” but more than likely is the biggest bottoming queen ever.

    Did I forget to mention you should pay attention to the “Straight Acting/Looking,” lisp and the way he flings his hands when he talks?



  • JamieB

    “Man/boy pussy” really irks me. We’re men, we don’t have pussies, although if you want one, there is a surgery for that. Also, my ex would say “I wanna get you pregnant” that also irked me, I’m not a woman. If you’re gonna be dirty, don’t say something that you would/could say to a woman, its not hot.

  • dude

    mangina/boygina and ass-cunt…. HATE those, no quicker turn off than when a fag tells me he wants me to fuck his mangina.

  • JamieB

    Oh, and Chase is SUPER hot. Great ass!

  • Philoulow

    Je ne sais que penser…Faut-il retirer une expression parce qu’elle peut, dans l’esprit de ceux qui se complaisent à amalgamer homosexualité et pédophilie, être un argumentaire fallacieux et de poids ?
    Ne parlant que très peu l’américain, il m’est difficile d’apprécier l’impact d’une telle expression…

  • GymToolFit

    Haha Dude! Mangina has to be better than a guy screaming “Fuck My Pussy.”

    Neither one I like.. I usually go a little limp thinking about it.. haha

  • I hate when other gay men call each other “girl”.  I have a friend who does that and MAN does that get on my nerves,  No offense to women or girls, but I’m NOT a girl…goddammit.

  • John


  • Badboi

    ‘Gaily Forward.’

    I get it; gay guys don’t want to say ‘go straight until the first light, then hang a left and go straight on all the way….’  I really do.  But you can just say ‘forward.’  Straight doesn’t really fit in directions anyway; it’s not like we have ‘left, right, straight, and gay’ we can go.

  • Povek

    And could a butt baby be a boy or a girl? Or have we invented a new gender too. And yes, boy oussy, mangina, Choc. tunnel, anything like that makes me go limp in -10 seconds.  

  • VulcanBear00

    Butt babies doesn’t really bother me as much as “husbear.” I absolutely deplore that word. I don’t know why, I just do. 

  • Povek

    never heard of a husbar

  • Marcdvn

    pink sock

  • Pooh2boo

    I hate partner! I like LOVER, better, when it was used in the 80’s and 90’s. Partner is like when you open a business with another person, are such. I still call my Lover, Lover, even at 30 years, O’K’!!!! 

  • fred mcclintock

    woof to the model, 48 out of 10 for him

  • X

    “Straight acting” bothers me purely on a linguistic level, because what they actually mean is “masculine”, or at the very least “non-feminine”. lrn2words, guize.

    “Butt babies” is hideous, and I absolutely abhor “boypussy”.


    I hate all the terms mention above but nothing disturbs me more than FUCK my PUSSY !  a Dickie downer 4 me 🙁 🙁 🙁 

  • Randy

    How about the term “CLEAN” to mean that you are HIV-? Are HIV+ men dirty?

  • Kenneth

    What about the  term, boy pussy? LOL LOL

  • Kenneth

    Please translate to us, your comment. You do know, this is an English speaking site?

  • Bucksqt

    I never heard butt baby before.  It is pretty nasty.  But what I can’t stand is when gay men refer to each other as faggots.  I beat the shit out of the first straight man that called me faggot and I have bitch slapped several gay men for it too.

  • daddycentaur

    I totally agree with you on this one. I’m not a girl and I don’t act like one, nor do I want to be one. That pisses me off.

  • daddycentaur

    Good Lord, Chase Hostler is incredibly hott, sexxy good looking man.

  • Commenter

    I hate the term “mangina” as well, but I also hate the term “fag”.  

  • RobM

    Okay, first and foremost – Chase Hostler is fucking HOT!
    Phrases I hate – “fudge-packer” (yes, I still see and hear it used), any term that equates any part of a man to part of a woman, i.e. “mancunt,” “straight-acting” – wtf is that?; I too have never heard “butt babies” and now that I’ve read all of this, I don’t ever want to.

  • heinousfairy

    Taint gets me. It suggests something dirty or ruined. Come on guys, love your bodies.

  • Breon

    Frickn hot hair cut

  • RavelTrouser


  • Mat

    So agreed!!!

  • Mat

    I agree. I’m  not a girl. I’m a man. I have a penis and balls. I love being a man. Don’t call me a girl.

  • omg there was no need to bring up those memories!! so many good scenes have veered off-course at “u want my boy-pussy?” ::STOP:: “your what?”

  • Anonymous

    All the phrases i don’t like have already been mentioned, so I’ll just say

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! For more Chase Hostler.  Sooo Fine!!! 


    EXcrly wht does butt babies mean?


    Just remember fellas….. Butt Babies grow up to be assholes.

  • Neil_AnBlomi

    I had to laugh when J Harvey wrote this about his co-worker.

    Yesterday evening, a co-worker here at Manhunt noticed a certain male model’s picture on my monitor. “He’s hot! I want to have his butt babies.”

    It means if his co-worker is straight.  He (co-worker) would totally breed  said butt.

  • jj345

    “Honey Badger” doesn’t like being called a girl… uh huh

  • Johnnie10

    thanks for stating that, every so often there are replies in another language and that is a real pet peeve of mine.  thanks again.

  • Clean still means clean to me (?) 😉   It’s in my profile twice and, it means clean, not H.I.V.status 🙂  I’ve never seen it used that way (?)

  • The word “breed” is annoying !  I’m gay so, I don’t breed !!!  Get it? lol.

  • JC

    along the same line, i hate ‘mate’ as well.

  • AHadd89

    manpussy is the worst

    also girl/bitch when referring to another man

  • RobertK2112

    I hate it when a guy says he is going to “fuck the shit” out of someone.  That sounds disgusting!  I prefer to say “fuck the hell”.

  • Amen brother. Sean Cody is way too fond of using that term “fuck the shit” on his site and it’s just so NOT sexy because as we all know (and dread) fucking the shit out of someone actually happens and it is in no way hot.

  • JamieB

    LOL, well, sometimes that happens.

  • Marmarshakur

    BRO…Ewwww, if another guy ever uses this word especially while in  tha middle of an act or session or play’n or whatever I’m just liable 2 punch tha shit out of him!!!

  • Riuk881

    I totally agree, NEVER will this phrase be uttered again!

  • Straight-actor

    you must be a flamer. Don’t worry… your chihuahua still loves you

  • Hotass4u35

    Ever hear the term  ” I wanna eat your Baby Batter?

  • doesn’t anyone who believes in evolution/Darwin , believe that one day after continued anal penetration, that one day men will be able to give birth from the anal cavity rendering woman useless? If you look into it- it is clearly how evolution works. Id ont now how you can believe in evolution, be a gay and be offended by gay butt babies. You wouldn’t love your gay butt babies just the same?

  • Anonymous

    look at this douchebag