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September 15, 2011

Hot or Not: Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, this seemed like an appropriate topic for our Hot or Not series! Do you get turned on by wearing any sort of costume? How about seeing other guys in them? Keep in mind, despite these hilarious pictures of Samuel O’Toole dressed as a bear, we are not necessarily referring to furry fandom.

Costumes can be great for role-playing scenarios, whether you’re pretending to be a superhero, police officer, coach or whatever your little heart desires. There’s also something to be said for the anonymity of wearing a mask or hiding part of your true identity. I mean, who doesn’t love a little mystery?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Samuel O’Toole

To see Sammy strip out of this costume, follow the JUMP:

Click here or below for a free video preview:

Or watch the full scene NOW at Samuel O’Toole‘s site!

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  • Guess12

    Depends on what is underneath the costume! YUM! ūüôā

  • J. Harvey

    So…if this is turning me on…that’s bad, right?

  • Chantboy

    Usually NOT hot, but Sam can wear or not wear anything he wants and he’s still super hot and cute!

  • Kenneth

    Once I saw his hot body, I forgot about the costome. LOL

  • michal

    id fucking love to cut his penis off while hes wearing that

  • Tim

    This would be a good costume for a good ole’ fashion doggie style butt pounding!

  • dublin.lad

    with that cock he can wear what he wants n plough me.

  • Dford

    He’s a hell of a lot better looking naked than in the costume!

  • KLF

    He looks so fucking adorable. Fucking hottest bear ever.

  • I’m dressing up as Freddy Krueger this year. I have the full get up. Some dude contacted me and no word of a lie he asked me if I wanted to meet up and use the glove on him. He was deadly serious about taking S&M to the next level >_<

  • Msalem1

    i agree with Dford

  • Go_duke_go

    my favorite costume for a man is him naked!

  • joeat

    Costume not hot, but wow, does he have a gorgeous cock.  Yum.

  • Billwrstlr

    Hot looking dude but I can do without the costume

  • Tom

    Costume = no; that gorgeous cock = FUCK YEA!

  • Gsrinc

    Costume? What Costume? I didn’t see a cockstume.

  • MassagebyD

    who give a Fuck about costume,i love that gorgeous size delicious yum juicy cock !!! yeah

  • costumes are fun and awesome they allow u to experiment and explore or just reignite a fluttering sex life

  • TommyTrojan

    Costumes?¬† Hell yeah!¬† That’s why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.¬† I can’t wait until the Party City advertisements come in the mail.¬† Pics of all those cute guys dressed up like Roman gladiators, or cavemen, or police officers, or airline pilots, or…

    Like Phillip Bridges said, costumes and role play can add a little variety and provide some nice foreplay.  Sometimes you walk in the door and just want to fuck.  Sometimes you need a way to transition.

  • Shoesize15

    HE is yumm yumm hot, in costume or out…..both!¬† WOOF WOOF!

  • hman

    Nice body, big cock,sweet ass, hot man there….Fuck the costume

  • No-Personality

    That guy is fucking amazing, but are costumes usually hot? No. It depends on the guy wearing them. However… there’s kind of a difference between guys dressing up as vampires, dogs, cartoon characters… and guys dressing up as cops, athletes, cowboys, in suits, you know what I mean. The sillier the costume, the less hot. But cowboys, boxers, cops- that’s fucking hot!

  • Katy Craigsss

    honestly…. this guy can do the costume thing… if he were dressed up as margaret cho, i would still looove to get fucked by him… hunk

  • LeLeBui

    like his butt and cock…:)

  • X

    Hahahaha, now that is adorable. I’ll take two!

  • Anthony

    Some costumes are unbelievably hot, others speak a little to close to someones character (looking at YOU, Catholic school girl fetishists…)

    So yea, I dig costumes, and I even dig the murrsuits…it was surprisingly hot my first time experiencing that kind of thing…xD

  • I don’t see a costume

  • that second picture is horrible…

  • Mike

    Hell of a lot better  out of his costume than in it

  • Ferdrick

    Fucking sexy!!!