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September 15, 2011

Quickie: Danny Harper

O….M…..GOD! Fiery ginge smokeshow man ass! Danny Harper is my new fap inspiration. MUSCLES! GINGE! COCK! ASS! And he’s awesomely pale as most of the ginge tend to be! Because tanning is SO over. Melanoma ain’t pretty.

Wait, have we ever seen a redhead with a tan?

Dewitt launched this one to me over IM and said that he had meant to post about him yesterday but forgot. How in the hell did you forget THIS dude? The “D” in Dewitt can’t be for dementia! Once Danny Harper pops up on your monitor, you forget EVERYTHING ELSE. I no longer have any recollection of on what date my mother’s birthday falls, exactly what the sideways universe in Lost was supposed to be, or my address and telephone number. This god of ginge has usurped my mind, body and soul.

And yeah, we do write about Randy Blue guys a lot. Because Randy Blue guys tend to be extremely fuckable-looking. It’s not complicated.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Randy Blue

For more pics of Danny, Follow the JUMP:

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Christopher07 5:53pm on November 29, 2011

as a fellow ginge, who favors guys w/ dark hair and hairy chest, this guy is hot wouldn't mind licking his taint and sucking that cock  ;)

  • Irman3

    He is one HOT gingerman!

  • Chantboy

    Love the shape of his glans and foreskin, too.

  • Euro0083

    Fuck this dude is YUMMY!!

  • Aw, he hacked off his sexy bush…

  • Antz

    Sweet mother of life!!! This is the hottest guy ever posted here!!! He is everything a man could ever ask for. So fuckung sexy I have the biggest ragging hard on ever. I can cream myself right now!!!

  • synkk23

    The first pic was all i needed to see. What’s better than a sexy bearded, muscled ginger in a suit?!?


  • equalove

    that’s nice…great nips too!

  • Billwl

    Sweet love to lick him from head to toes

  • Jim

    Has to have Irish blood in him. Fucking hot!

  • David

    He’s hot except for the bullet-size nipples..not cool.

  • Tim

    Suck suck suck as hard as you can. i wanna fuck the ginger bread man!

  • TommyTrojan

    No, he has to have ME in him.  RIGHT NOW!  Or him inside of me.  Or flip-flopping.  I don’t even care.  “Fucking hot” is right!

  • ray

    hmmm us ginges are hot!

  • RavelTrouser

    I wonder, he looks like he might have recovered his foreskin rather being actually uncut. Either way it’s really fucking sexy. I’m all kinds of about this guy.

  • BeaMan

    Damn.  What a hot man.  I know who is getting my vote in the ten. 

  • this got to be the good life YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Westie

    Christ – the nips are the icing on the cake – and an ass that needs to be eaten for hours etc etc.

  • wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • omg i love red heads hes sex on a stick omg !!!!!

  • melbot

    Love gingers but dude has weird nips and cock.



  • JamieB


  • jose perez

    Wuaoo!! Que rico se ve ese hombre

  • i am such a sucker for a ginger…. such.a.sucker.

  • alaskaman

    hope we get to see more of this man

  • michal

    que asco…. pelirojo peligroso

  • liam

    Wow…I think I have just fallen in LOVE. Beautiful!!!!

  • No wonder he is a ginger! He is so hot he is on fire!

  • Anthony

    My birthday’s coming up, and he’d be the PERFECT birthday present…no. Lie.

  • meh…

  • He is TOO HOT!

  • Me encantará saber cuán dotado ésté diz ente sinó xexó grato encuentro medió ambos ralo códo cògidó moté mio rédo gusto por carajo más guapo qué ningún otro, mil pasan tenor pues peso nito taré restó monta, caré cuad groso ten pito seré plácido urdío cómo tuyo abrace yior gozo paco.

  • Dkbimd

    I want to chew on them!

  • Dkbimd

    I want to chew on them!

  • Graphicack

    I better see Danny on the Ten next week… we need more ginge representation 🙂

  • T-Bird

    Isn’t this the guy that fucked sexy Chris Porter in his debut scene with the company ? Christ he looks 10,000 times better here!   I would have preferred this look over the one in the vid.

  • JeremyS


  • one fucking hot hot red head love em

  • FinnMcClatchy

    Oh Danny Boy! My pipes, my pipes are calling! Danny Harper reminds me of a Celtic God I met at The George Pub in Dublin, Ireland ten years ago. He took me to his apartment and then took me to Tir Na Nog! 

  • Mike

    WOW! very hot  man I love red heads  WOOF!!

  • Absolute perfection:  Tall, masculine, built, cleancut looking, not overly furry, no piercings or tattoos, red head, hung, AND uncut!   Thank you for the photos of him in and out of a business suit!

  • Smitb163

    Ah the George! So many good times there. 

  • Andy

    Well I would definately “DO DANNY”!!!! SEXY HOT FUCKER that he is!!! WHOA WOOF!!! 😉 😉

  • vorenus18

    fucking amazing  probably the hottest post i have ever seen on here….  i want his number lolz  

  • cdlnyc

    I like ginger guys. I’m married to one. But this just does nothing for me. Weird.

  • Christopher07

    as a fellow ginge, who favors guys w/ dark hair and hairy chest, this guy is hot
    wouldn’t mind licking his taint and sucking that cock  😉