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September 16, 2011

Season Two: So You Think You Can Fuck?

The second season of Dominic Ford‘s reality porn competition, So You Think You Can Fuck, has finally made its way online! Much to our disappointment, all six new contenders are already somewhat established adult performers, including Mitch Vaughn, Rick McCoy, Kevin Crows, Jimmy Clay, Jarret Fox and Tony Newport. The last two guys’ names may not be immediately recognizable, but Google those bitches. Neither of them are true newcomers.

Alas, that won’t make the competition any less entertaining! You can follow the show (minus all the action) for free at Dominic Ford, or sign up to catch all the hot sucking and fucking. Remember! You’re allowed to vote once a day, and members’ votes count ten times as much as any other bitches… Speaking of which, did we mention that if you use the promo code “SOYOUTHINK”, you can get four months of membership for the price of three? Because you can.

This early into the game, we’re not really sure who we’ll be voting for. Kevin Crows puts on a stellar performance in the first scene, but a few of us (ie: me) would rather submit a write-in vote for two of the judges—Randy Blue‘s Jeremy Lucido and NakedSword‘s Jack Shamama. SWOON! Can we please get some guys with beards on the next season?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dominic Ford

To check out more pics and watch the new trailer, follow the JUMP:

Here’s a fun GIF animation:

Look, it’s a trailer!

Check out the first episode NOW on Dominic Ford!

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Goatflakes 2:05pm on July 19, 2013

Boys are hairless men have hair.

  • TommyTrojan

    If you pause the trailer at 2:46, there is a ridiculously hot Bel Ami-esque arial shot of the guys laying on the ground and each other in a variety of colorful swimsuits and underwear.

    I don’t know if any of them can fuck, but I know they can sure make me wank off! 

  • Kennedy

    These guys need to know that some sunlight is good for them. Say it with me boys, “SUNLIGHT”!

  • Kenneth

    Jimmy Clay is gorgeous. He’s the type of man I would love to date, marry, and spend the rest of my life with. Dam, Jimmy is gorgeous.

  • Cowboybottom

    Say it with me Kennedy, “Skin Cancer”!

  • Travvie

    Kevin Crows has never looked hotter!

  • Guy

    All guys are hot, no complaints here.
    But, unrelated note: I miss the hot scruffy guy that used to be the banner.
    Bring him back?

  • vodkarose

    Wow, that cock is huge! I doubt it would fit into my mouth.

  • Dany_cuban

    really?  creativity?  the host?  oh my…..  

  • Dany_cuban

    really?  creativity?  the host?  oh my…..  

  • Hh9999

    “Can we please get some guys with beards on the next season?”    NO!  Already too much of that on here. Pelts are on animals for a reason. Skin the animal,tan the pelt, sew a bunch together,  makle a coat, and let a woman wear the coat.  The caveman days went out with the cavemen!!!!!

  • Goygayguy

    they’re both obviously tanned. the problem, i wager, is that there is too much sunlight in the pictures and they seem washed out to you.

  • Goygayguy

    because doing what you described there to animals and walking around with the sewn-together skins is not something from the caveman days…? *eye roll*

  • August

    Exactly! Give me a hairy guy any day. They’re much better than a pelt & far more humane. . . .

  • Goatflakes

    ever heard of skin cancer?

  • Goatflakes

    is it just me or do both these guys have abnormally straight penises? Also so, so over the complete ubiquity of circumcised guys in porn.

  • Goatflakes

    Boys are hairless men have hair.