September 15, 2011

The Kardashians Are Useless, So This News Anchor Is A Hero

A friend of mine knows of my Kardashian loathing (those twats are worse than hydrangeas), so he sent me this piece of rad. The Kardashians don’t have enough bags of money, so they got Sears to let them design a line of fug clothing. I’m being a bitch, but “fug” is accurate in this case. It’s not often you see a hyena, a bear, and a platypus wearing leopard skin. It’s a weird wildlife mash-up.

But I digress. In this clip, a news anchor mocks these dummies post-vapid interview. It’s awesome when someone doesn’t toethe “kiss the celebrities’ asses” line. We salute you, older gay newscaster.

– J. Harvey

To watch this dude bag on the Kardashians, Follow the JUMP:

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Twist25 5:29am on September 17, 2011

That first giggle is priceless.

  • uncutric

    Well one thing is the awfulness of the Kardashians, another is mysogynia. C’mon guys! We all fell out from a pussy!!

  • Anonymous

    I swear that the Walton family has highly placed moles in Sears/KMart corporation.    I mean, how CLUELESS does a retailer have to be to think that being associated with the Kardashians is a good idea?

  • Guest

    its “toe the line” not “tow”

  • Chantboy

    That is hysterical!  He must such a fun guy to hang out with.  Love it when TV people can get real!

  • mark

    ‘It’s not often you see a hyena, a bear, and a platypus wearing leopard skin’ LOL

  • RobM

    I actually laughed out loud when I saw this yesterday!! And J. Harvey, I am SO with you on your opinion of these skanks. But maybe we SHOULD be thankful that it wasn’t Snooki?

  • J. Harvey

    Truth. My bad. I’ll fix it.

  • jacaranda

    So what’s J harvey’s problem with Hydrangeas? The Kardashians were previously unknown to me but this short clip has convinced me that they are simply crap. Why do they speak through their noses?

  • Divinepathogen

    The video won’t show up for me…..

  • No-Personality

    I was really hoping he’d go on a bit more. Too bad.

  • Anonymous

    He’s right on point, unfortuantely for him, he will probably “disapear” very suddenly for having made fun of them


    Like the Kardashians have ever even been in a Sears store ……

  • Twist25

    That first giggle is priceless.