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September 19, 2011

Trystan Bull In “My Stepdad Banged Me”

There’s a thin line between what’s hot in porn versus what’s hot in reality. If a married man told us that he banged his eighteen year-old stepson, along with his equally young best friend? We might be a little creeped out. But when it’s Trystan Bull banging his fictional stepson Max Morgan, along with his fictional best friend Nick Reeves? That’s a whole other story.

It’s a taboo scenario, minus the inclusion of the actual real-life taboo. We’re sort of okay with that! Emphasis on “sort of”… In the long run, if the premise of this scene disturbs you, just turn off the volume and watch Trystan Bull shoving his big uncut rod into two horny twinks. It’s that simple, guys.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Trystan Bull

To check out some stills and a free preview, follow the JUMP:

Click here or below for a free video preview:

Or watch the full scene NOW at Trystan Bull‘s site!

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Raf123 11:24am on June 30, 2013

Favorite video ever i would've been like "sorry mom but its so worth it"

  • Chris25dc

    Trystan doesn’t seem to be too much older than they are.  And you’re right, turn down the sound and it is a good scene.  The stepson theme would’ve creeped me out had I heard it.

  • DAK23

    I totally agree. It’s obvious that he’s not much older, so that takes away the creep factor for me. I just look at it as 3 super hot guys having sex.

    Beyond that is just too weird.

  • NoTearsPlease

    Well it is only a step dad if we really want to dissect this
    1. The mom could be a cougar
    2. They could have just gotten married i.e the mom wanting them being “closer”

    Other than that I don’t see the step dad angle bad or weird.

    Anyway what’s up with the “dad’s” voice accent/just learned English or a bad actor?

  • Mat

    Trystan is one hell of a man. Damn…… What was the plot again??

  • JPH

    Trystan Bull is not old enough to be a stepdad, so I don’t find this very believable, but he’s still very hot.

  • Darson256

    Love the theme of this vid.  Don’t care for the “stepdad” being like 5 yrs old than the “stepson”.  The dads need to be at least 15 yrs older than the sons for it to really work.

  • Darson256

    About the accent…Trystan is Canadian eh.

  • B1

    For a second I thought it was going to be Josh West or Arpad Miklos fucking the living daylight out of Trystan Bull. 🙁

  • jDressler

    are there really people who find trystan bull all that attractive?  — have seen him around since his site launched, and just don’t see it — nothing special about body or cock, face is so-so, and that stupid half-smile-smirk-thing he does in 90% of the pics is just…. ew…..
    really, though: he has a fan-base?

  • huh?

    Does Trystan have to look at the camera for every photo still shot?

  • Bobbyh214

    Yummie….take ’em all.

  • Mat

    Fan base? I wouldn’t call myself a part of any “fan base”… But he’s all that and then some.

  • TommyTrojan

    I’m not opposed to the whole stepdad/son fetish, but these two guys are so young looking, THAT’s what made it borderline creepy for me.  If the actor playing the dad had been any older, I don’t think I could have even watched it.  I think they should have stuck with Trystan being the older stepbrother, and it would have accompished more or less the same effect without the ick factor.

  • TommyTrojan

    Oh yeah, and Trystan’s body is hot as fuck!  I know he’s bi or gay-for-pay or really straight or whatever, but I could caress and kiss and lick his chest and arms for days.  He’s even hotter in the video than the pics in his little wet Speedo.  Yummy!

  • jDressler


  • Michael

    I love the the nerdy guy’s green lantern and black widow tattoos.

  • hungdaddyAustralia

    Looks like Mom’s a cougar.

    and she would have done better to hook up with her son’s firend – bigger dick, less creepy!

  • alaskaman


  • alaskaman

    no, nobody finds him attractive, THAT is why he’s making  gay videos and probably making a shitload of money.Really.

  • Nncj

    Trystan is one hot mother fucker, but I’d like to at least see him suck some dick. I mean, I know he’s straight and all, but he’s still doing gay porn. Would this really be THAT big a deal? It certainly would be to us viewers.

  • michal

    id have been really offended if i was trystan bull and they asked me to play the stepdad!

    he’s hot and in his 20s… he should punch the shit out of the producer whos idea that was.

  • hungdaddyAustralia

    Michal – Mr Bull could have said no tot he job. What is it with punching people? Is this the new gay?? Count me out

    There are So many mature porn performers who could have made the scenario actually edgy.. This looks like one of those discs they sell by the title, and disappoint the purchaser.

  • Chadwicker23

    Sorry, but I find him incredibly sexy, guys!

  • Me

    Yeah at 15years to the dad, and give him some real man hair and this scene would have been fucking hot!

    I don’t care about the creep factor they’re not blood relatives so who gives a rats …… actually if they were really blood relatives would’ve made it hotter!!!!

  • Apparently he does unfortunately. He is just so fucking beautiful but when he is always posing for the camera that way it totally breaks the scene. Focus on the boys Trystan. We see that you’re beautiful and that the camera loves you.  Stay on task.

  • Kevin

    All Next Door produces is “servicing the straight boy” bullshit.  Everbody knows how homophobic it is behind the scenes there and that the straight boys get to call the shots.  Stephen doesn’t want Trystan or Cody or Tyler Tyler or James Hunstsman doing anything “gay” except for him.   They can get serviced or top  (if they want to) but no sucking or bottoming.   It’s a shitty studio with a fucked up agenda.   How many can they do the exact same thing?  All that changes is the “receptical”.  Don’t confuse yourself to think that any of the people with the power over there think these guys are anything but that.

    Of course the real offense, besides the boring product,  is that the openly gay men that work for them like Austin Wilde, Anthony Romero, and Tucker Scott are complete sell outs for supporting the shit and not speaking out about it.

  • JamieB

    I agree with you, I pass guys around campus all the time that look like him or better. It’s just his body that kinda makes him hot, he’s average, but to each his own.


    I have never bought into the whole gay 4 pay ” BULLSHIT ” how ever if money is what it takes 2 get Trystan 2 ram his dick up some guys tight hole  than Next Door should offer him a whole boat load more of cash 2 take a BIG dick up his tight Canadian GORGEOUS ass !!!


     SORRY 4 WHAT ?   He is incredibly sexy , guy !!!  LOL .

  • Mat

    Oh give it up already. So they do what they do TO MAKE MONEY! Who gives a rat’s ass?!?! I like looking at him. Thank you Next Door!!!

  • Mat

    Question: All of those guys that you pass around campus…. Do they take their clothes off so you can admire (and stare) at their bodies? Or would they punch you in the face for taking a second glance? Just curious….

  • JamieB

    I’m sure some of them would. But this is a university campus so not everyone here aspires to be  naked on camera for everyone to see. And I’ve done many double takes and haven’t been punched in the face once. Smartass fail.

  • “Dear Trystan Bull,

    Please stop breaking the fourth wall.

    Thank you.


  • Mat

    I wasn’t trying to be a smartass. So I didn’t fail. In fact, you proved my point. You said that not everyone there aspires to be naked on camera. But Trystan just so happens to do such a thing. THAT was my point.  You can look at his six pack (or eight) on here. You won’t see the guys’ six packs or eight packs on campus. Or get to stare at them for long periods of time while imagining what you would like to do with them. That was my only point.
    Look. Does anyone ever wonder why guys come on here and post under VERY sexy guys’ pictures negatively???? What is the point? I’m sure no damn catch. I know that. If my naked pic was put up here, I’d get shredded in a heartbeat! The site would be shut down. :/But even when I see someone that doesn’t do it for me, I merely…… DON’T POST! Novel concept, eh? That way, those who DO enjoy what they see can share their mutual admiration without having to wade through “I’ve seen much better”, or “Eww… I threw up in my mouth a little”, or “Dude needs to eat a sammich.” I’m a realist. I know that those who post that will never stop posting that, but a man can always dream, can’t he? Just remember this: Each man that is pictured in the posts is someone’s son, brother,
    father(?). And all are human. HUMAN. Means “Not perfect in every way.”

  • Kevin

    Are you Tucker Fucking Scott?    Why else would you be defending this crap and playing the “be kind” card, when you clearly have your own snarky opinion?    If gay men want to speak out this kind of gay4pay loving bullshit being promoted on gay porn blogs then it is their right.   Just like it is your right to be an apologist who accepts weak performances because the guy is “straight”.  

    I will agree with you that negative comments about a model’s physical appearance can be brutal- I don’t post negative things about a  model’s apearance-  but I don’t think we have been asked to keep quiet way to often when these guys deserve to be called out.    I’m not trashing Trystan’s appearance.   I’m calling out his shitty drug enduced performances and the homophobic company that promotes the poor product and allows him to keep doing a half ass job in every scene.  I also think he is marginally above scum unlike Cody because at least he understand you have to at least do something “gay” if you a making gay porn.  Do you think that gay blogs would support Trystan or Cody if they didn’t get paid almost 3 times the sign up bonus that other sites pay?  

     Next Door uses its money and naive people like you to get way to many passes when they should be answering for the homophobic slurs/tweets/meltdowns that their exclusives routinely get away with.   Marcus Mojo, Rod Daily, James Huntsman, and Kevin Crows have all be caught doing just that in the last year and NDS did nothing.   No apologies to fans.   Nothing but say they can’t be homophobes because they get paid very well to have sex with men- while they are on ED drugs, Pot, and straight porn is playing but ignore that.   If a person spewed racist language  work don’t you think they would get fired?    Marcus was working an event when he was caught angrily calling Rod Daily a “faggot” and it was Rod himself who loaded the video onto the company website.   Kevin Crows and Jame Huntsman tweeted the same to each other and since they are exclusives whose Twitters are used to market their scenes they should have been fired.    I get that you can’t fire Rod or Marcus since their names are on their websites but they other two should have been FIRED.    A gay studio should NEVER tolerate that kind of homophobic bull in front of fans.   Just imagine how much worse it is behind the scenes.     

    It doesn’t bother you that Next Door only has 2 gay exclusives – Paul Wagner left- but continue to sign straight guys who use homophobic language and insist of doing a straight scene for every three “gay” scenes?   If they were shooting straight porn they would be getting paid a quarter of the scene rate for the straight scene but they get paid the same rate.    Why do you think a gay man that signs up for Austin Wilde or Next Door Buddies should be expected to pay for those straight scenes for Cody, Trystan, Tyler Torro, Kevin Crows, and James Huntsman?   For every dollar you might pay to an exclusive gay site like Next Door Twinks, Buddies, or Austin Wilde then you know a quarter is going to fund a site that features straight sex scenes monthly even Marcus Mojo and Samuel O’Toole have M/F scenes.  

    The entire thing is shady as fuck and it needs to be called out often and loudly so that people KNOW exactly what kind of horrible people they are paying.

    I know alot of people have no scruples or intergrity and they will overlook it for a luke warm scene but I think more people will actually find them repulsive if they knew exactly how homophobic and vile Next Door actually is behind the scenes.

  • Mat

    No. I’m not Tucker Scott. Have no clue as to who he is. Couldn’t give a damn. Last time I checked, this is a free country where you can say what you damn well please. God knows that freedom is used on a daily basis on this site. Cody or Trystan can say what they want. Free country. And in this free country, I can watch them if I want. And I want.
    No one is perfect. And they can think what they want to think. And say. I have integrity. But I think when it comes to porn, all bets are off. Integrity in porn? Who knew!?!

  • Kevin

    As for the NDS models looking at the camera….that fault belongs on Mick Hicks.   I think his photos usually look good but he is more that a little insulting in his direction.   He is a gay man but I’ve seen him tell models to stop doing somethin because it looked “too gay”.   His job is to make these hateful straight men look attractive and he has been doing it for years.    Posing Cody Cummings to look like he is topping a guy the stills rarely have the same setting or positions.  Yet people sign up based on those photos.   Do you think Stephen Sirand would continue to use a professional photographer if he didn’t know it sold the product way better than screencaps ever could?

  • Mat

    Dear Manhunt Daily,

    It is a crime that you post pictures of porn stars that are straight doing gay acts for money. Please do not post any more. Kevin finds it offensive. It doesn’t matter if the rest of us like them or not. Please stop offending Kevin. These men are obviously hateful (although Cody was the only one that said anything remotely offensive) and should not be pushed on us unsuspecting, gay men.



  • Kevin

    You clearly don’t know shit.  All of Next Doors Exclusives have been guilty of homophobia in public forums.  

    I definitely think you work for them.

  • Mat

    You clearly don’t know jack! I’ve never worked for a porn company, nor do I want to. Put down the crack pipe and slowly back away please. Sheez! Quit taking everything so personal!

  • twist

    more like step brother….  there isnt enough of an age difference in this for step dad to be viable at all lolz in fact one of the boys looks older than the stepdad lolz

  • Anu

    I love Trystan Bull. He looks so sexy smart guy.

  • David

    nick reeves is beauitful, I want to see more of him

  • David

    nick reeves is beauitful, I want to see more of him

  • David

    nick reeves is beauitful, I want to see more of him

  • Raf123

    Favorite video ever i would’ve been like “sorry mom but its so worth it”