October 13, 2011

Raging Gay(s?) On “The Real World”

How in the hell is this shit still on? Wasn’t the FIRST George Bush president when this began? The 353rd season of MTV’s The Real World is set in San Diego this go-round, and shit got heated when….apparently this gay guy and this straight guy had some sort of lovers’ quarrel which lead to the gay guy freaking out and smashing all the shit from IKEA. Why did we post this? Well, the gay guy is cute, has a nice body, and he’s in his underwear with a nice bulge. And the straight guy is a blonde gymbunny that’s equally easy on the eyes. We also like the girl with the Big Gulp and her wide-eyed “are these bitches for real?” reaction.

Is it just me, or did YOU also assume the blonde was the homosexual? Straight guys look way “gayer” than actual gay guys lately.

The male cast members should only be allowed to wear underwear. That would justify a 354th season.

– J. Harvey

To watch a cute guy in his underwear wig on another cute guy, Follow the JUMP:

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SuperBesties 4:24am on October 16, 2011

Zach is so homophobic...So much maybe a closet case.

  • No-Personality

    Now… this is depressing. This fight was clearly pointless, immature, and painfully stupid. The “dialogue” should be removed and… anything else put in its’ place. The gay guy would make a great model. The straight guy? 3/10 on his best day.

  • Neal

    We were Besties??  And he’s straight???

  • atlas


  • haha

    this show is retarded

  • RoadRunner86

    Members of the The Real World Retarded are offended by that remark……

  • Mr.Brightside

    This is the saddest attempt at causing ‘real’ drama on The Real World that I’ve ever witnessed. 

  • Phil

    These two can kindly  join all the “A-List NY” douchebags at the bottom of the ocean.

  • Cody

    The “Real World?”  I mustn’t be living in the real world then, because my life is nothing like this.  Honestly, who throws shit after their angsty teenage years anyway?

  • what a baby..ugh

  • Darson256

    And don’t you hate how they try to lure the gays in by having a gay or gay adjacent guy (last seasons Dustin/Spencer) in the mix.  Do the gay boys even hook up on the show?  Or do they suffer from Matt Fielding Syndrome and can only hug another guy?  Big points to those old enough to catch that reference.

  • Scoobie110

    this show sucks after the 700 th season..what happen to MTV ..Music Television..not Reality Vision..ugh!!!!

  • Aiden

    He’s bi not gay.

  • HungDaddyAustralia

    whatever the F this show is, it’s pretty horrible. but those boxers! that bulge! (did he stuuf it with bread?)

  • JarredMikkal

    Wait, what? This show is still on???

  • Cool Kid

    Frank is bisexual. And if you didn’t see the entire episode don’t say the fight was stupid. But Frank is about the manliest of all the guys. Nate (the blonde guy) says “besties”… so gay. And Zach, the other guy in the house, wears moisturizing masks and has a whole routine for keeping his face clean!

  • Me

    does he need to remove his trosers while having a fight? (drama!)

  • Delpmik

    And shaves his legs!

  • Gambit1313

    Thank you for doing him justice. It’s sad when people dismiss those who identify as bi and label them as gay.

  • J. Harvey

    My apologies, men. Should have done my research on that.

  • J. Harvey

    A fight on The Real World was intelligent…? Oh?

  • trackmanoh

    silly little homos…I don’t even thing Snooky would approve of that level of acting.

  • trackmanoh


  • Cool Kid

    I didn’t say it was intelligent. Frank was being a stupid drunk. But any of you guys would be just as upset if you had a friend who knows you’re gay, but are too disgusted to live in the same room with after you had sex with a guy.

  • Cool Kid

    J., did you do your research to see why Frank was upset? No, of course you didn’t. You never research anything before you post it.

  • SuperBesties

    Zach is so homophobic…So much maybe a closet case.