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October 29, 2011

Straight Guys Are Gay: Guy On Gay Lap Dance

We love when the hetero dudes just GO FOR IT. In the following video, for example, a guy gives another guy a lapdance and the recipient just thrusts his face into his bud’s booty. Seriously, he gets ALL up in there.

His agile friend then takes it farther by using his feet to pull the seated guy’s face forward so he can knock his sack into his buddy’s forehead. It’s like a testicular/forehead pile-up. Yay for horseplay!

Oh, and try to ignore that annoying girl’s narration. Ugh, shut up.

– J. Harvey

To watch two cute guys engaged in a lap dance, Follow the JUMP:

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  • Will

    This was inspired by Tosh.O

  • Thatguyroman

    Heh, this made me giggle. 

  • HungDaddyAustralia

    the soundtrack is the real killer

  • And we know these guys are str8 because…..???  The bottom did indeed push his own face into that crack and I totally don’t blame him.

  • They’re imitating a Brazilian lap dance called surra de bunda and yes Tosh.O also copied this dance

  • Cman65

    and later that night when the boys were alone, they tryed a little more.

    BUT no-homo-bro

  • diva blitz

    that’s called “surra de bunda”..literally a punch with the’s ridiculous.
    they should’ve ust taken their pants off and made out.

  • Another thumbs down, manhunt! Perhaps because I do better than these gentlemen, laughs..

  • hola atodos quiero a un amigo