November 16, 2011

A Flimsy Excuse To Post Pics Of Two Hot Actors

Adam Pally is the actor who plays the sorta bearish gay Max Blum on Happy Endings. He’s a breath of fresh homo, because they actually write him like most of my gay friends…a guy who could give a shit about decor, who’s on the A-List (I mean in society and not the show), and high fashion, etc. He just wants to play video games, avoid manscaping and suck dick. There’s room for all of us, but it’s a character you don’t see often.

They just announced that actor James Wolk will be playing an multi-episode arc as Max’s boyfriend and I kinda squeed. Because Wolk is hot, and he’s a good actor. Fox had this show called Lone Star that was on for like two seconds despite the fact that it was REALLY good and James appeared shirtless. Anyway, that shizz is long gone so I’m glad that these two are going to be fake boning. Knowing primetime television it will probably be more like fake gazing at each other in low lighting while wearing *gasp* tank tops. Fuck you, Glee.

Oh, in other Adam Pally news, he’s funny. Check out his vids in which he’s driving around with Fred Savage and asking front seat passenger Colin Hanks insane questions about what it’s like being the son of Tom Hanks. I want to fuck everyone in the car except for Pally’s sister. Yeah, I’d do Colin in a pinch.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Pally and Wolk, Follow the JUMP:

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chookiemunster 1:18pm on November 17, 2011

Adam Pally = Sexy wet dreams <3

  • And now the real thing exists: funny ACTUAL gay dudes who couldn’t give a shit about lamps! http://itgetsbetterish.com/

  • Anonymous

    I almost posted this earlier today! WEIRD.

  • DavidUK

    Hot? – great actors yes but hot . really?

  • J. Harvey

    That’s fucking fantastic. Amenya my brother.

  • Runnah

    i  have  no  sense  of  color  co-ordination in  clothes  and  i  certainly  am not into home decorating.  I   just know  a man  when I  see  a  man  and   my  vibes  will tell me  if  he is my  style.  These guys are certainly    my  style!!!    WOOF!!!!!

  • Be my guest! It’s just the beginning (:

  • Anne Noise

    Glad Happy Endings is finally showing Max being gay.  He’s super sexy!

  • Jess

    Okay … so where are the 2 hot actors?

  • that third picture: definitely giving me some dave karofsky vibes.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Tom in STL

    Those videos were friggin’ hilarious!  And the guy playing the gay Republican is a cutie!

  • Anonymous

    You mean Dave Karofsky, BUT HOTTER.

  • well..
    ..how about a compromise, that involves adam and max sandwiching our respective mouths?

    i reck’n yuh wouldn’t say “no” t` That, pardner.

  • Adam Pally = Sexy wet dreams <3