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November 3, 2011

Fuck, Marry, Block: Parks & Recreation

So apparently I’m writing today’s edition of Fuck, Marry, Block? Our resident gossip king—otherwise known as my darling co-blogger J. Harvey—is out of the office for the day. This means I have no choice but to take over one of the best features ever created on this blog. Not that I’m jealous that he gets to write it all the time or anything…

Naturally, today’s picks come from one of my favorite shows on television right now, Parks & Recreation. Your selections are power cub Chris Pratt, adorkable nerd Adam Scott and so-perfect-it-hurts Rob Lowe. You know the drill by now, right? You can choose ONE to fuck, ONE to marry and ONE to (hypothetically) block forever on Manhunt. Let’s see how your answers compare to mine!

– Dewitt

To check out more pics and tell us your choices, follow the JUMP:

CHRIS PRATT ( Shirtless with Adam Scott in headlock. You can see his butt here.):

ADAM SCOTT (Fully clothed, but you can see his butt here):

ROB LOWE (Not fully clothed, but you can also see his butt here):

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Dl Petrie 9:54pm on November 14, 2011

fuck rob lowe & adam marry rob lowe block chris

  • Caleb

    Fuck:  Adam Scott
    Marry:  Rob Lowe
    Block:  Chris Pratt

  • Runnah

    fuck rob lowe
    marry  rob lowe
    block the rest of the world!!

  • Goldie

    Fuck Rob, Marry Adam, block Chris

  • atc911

    Gotta go along with Caleb on this:
    Fuck:  Adam Scott
    Marry:  Rob Lowe
    Block:  Chris Pratt

  • Seth

    fuck Chris, marry adam, block Rob

  • Jess

    Block all of them.

  • Riuk881

    fuck rob
    marry adam
    block chris

  • apothos

    fuck ADAM,

    marry ROB

    block CHRIS

  • Tyler

    Marry Chris, fuck Adam, Block Rob

  • Kenneth

    I agree, fuck and marry Rob Lowe, block the other person and the rest of the world.

  • RoadRunner86

    No Aziz Ansari??

    He’s funny as sh*t…..he’s be awesome for after sex chat.

  • Rick

    This is my current favorite show so I’ll base my response on their characters-

    Fuck Andy Dwyer
    Marry Ben Wyatt
    Block Chris Traeger

  • Tony

    Fuck & Marry Chris Pratt! yummmm 🙂
    (Block the other 2)

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad you based your responses on the characters. I would TOTALLY block Chris Traeger too.

  • Anonymous

    I almost included him! If this were a Who Would You Rather post, I would have added Ron Swanson too.

  • Rick

    And I would’ve said I’d marry Andy until we saw what his married domestic life is like.  Maybe it works for April but it wouldn’t fly with me.

    Ok, I’m officially putting too much thought into this.

  • Drew

    This is 100% based on the show, because I’m slightly in love with it.

    Fuck-Chris Pratt
    Block-Rob Lowe

  • BerlinerNYC

    Ditto! 🙂

  • BerlinerNYC

    You, I, and Seth are all on the same page. Clearly, I am going to have to become a fightin’ bitch. 🙂

  • Mtaabq

    Marry Chris
    Fuck Adam
    Block Rob

  • Geno

    Fuck Adam
    Marry Chris
    Block Rob

  • rafa

    fuck adam
    block rob
    marry chris… I JUST LOVE HIM…..

  • Hunterphelps1990

    Tom haverford and Jean-ralphio.

  • SoYo

    Fuck: Chris
    Marry: Adam
    Block: Rob

    I actually had a sex dream about Adam Scott the other night (yes, apparently I still have the mind of a high schooler) and it was amazing.

  • HungDaddyAustralia

    fuck marry and fuck forever Rob
    let the others watch

  • HungDaddyAustralia

    fuck marry and fuck forever Rob
    let the others join in

  • Anthony

    Marrying Chris Pratt
    Blocking Rob

  • Fuck Chris
    Marry Adam
    Block Rob


    FUCK Rob Lowes
    MARRY Chris Pratt (then divorce him, then marry him again)
    BLOCK Adam Scott

  • Bulgeeater

    Fuck Chris
    Marry Rob
    Block Adam

  • Fuck & Marry: Rob Lowe

  • Vengeful_shonen

    Fuck rob. Marry adam. Block chris, because I have no idea who he is.

  • Kram

    Fuck Rob Lowe (He was a teen heart thobe, so he must be a demon in bed), Marry Chris Pratt (He seams to be the kind who would take care of me and would be able to defend me) and Block Adam Scott (I think he would be a sacastic bitch and I can handle that for too long).

  • haha

    i have no idea. chris’s character is retardedly funny, adam is cute in an unconventional kinda way, and rob lowe’s hot plus his character is hilarious as well. tough decision 🙁

  • Fuck Adam Scott
    Marry Rob Lowe
    Block Chris Pratt (he’s not very bright!)

  • Jskain92

    fuck: Chris
    Marry: Adam
    Block: Rob

  • Sbostonbud

    This is… LITERALLY… the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.

    Under the assumption that when you marry someone, you can still have sex with them, I am following in Jskain92’s footsteps to say:
    fuck: Chris
    Marry: Adam
    Block: Rob  (SORRY ROB)


    rob is a fucking douche, complains about everything he is an ass bitches and leaves good shows cause he wants more more More, glad you left west wing and brothers and sisters. they were better off without you… oh yeah sex videoin the 80’s???? Maybe you and Kim K should marry YOUE FUCKING DOUCHR

  • Dl Petrie

    fuck rob lowe & adam
    marry rob lowe
    block chris