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November 17, 2011

Fuck, Marry, Block: The Guys J. Harvey Most Wants To Fuck On “The Ten” This Week

Selfish, I know, but hey – you get to see more pics of these humpy bastards so everybody wins. My favorite feature on Manhunt Daily is undoubtedly “The Ten”. My subtle yet powerful co-blogger Dewitt pits ten smokeshow guys against each other in a fuckability contest and there can be only two for the win! It’s painful, nerve-wracking, and the guys are SO DAMN HOT. Anyway, this week’s contestants include my new favorite porn star (Sorry, Heath) Nick Sterling and his bubblicious ass, porn legend and permanent wank material Paul Wagner, and straight but not narrow gay rights activist and fitness guru Scott Herman.

“Fuck” and “Marry”, sure. But “Block”? How? I feel your pain. But life is full of difficult choices, and what doesn’t kill us makes usstronger. Or whatever cliche you want to chew on when trying to determine which hot guy to axe.

– J. Harvey

To play “Fuck, Marry, Block” with Nick, Paul, and Scott – Follow the JUMP:

Nick Sterling

Paul Wagner

Scott Herman

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cummingsoon1 12:30am on December 15, 2011

Definitely fuck Scott (very often), marry Nick, block Paul.

  • kink2go

    Fuck: Nick (’cause he’s hot as hell); Marry: Scott (’cause who wouldn’t want to wake up to that face, smile, body every morning); Block: Paul (’cause I’ve never understood his appeal).

  • Lee

    Fuck all 3,Marry Scott, block no 1!

  • John

    Fuck Nick, Marry Scott, Block Paul. Not that Paul’s not a hot guy, just doesn’t compare with the other two.

  • jj345

    fuck Nick, fuck Nick, fuck Nick… what were the other options?

  • wess10

    Paul is the hottest guy there , hands down ,, what a hell of a body that man has ,,,,

  • RyBabe

    fuck Scott, marry Nick and block Paul for same reason as what John said (above)

  • Jess

    Marry – Nick – I could munch on that ass for the rest of my life and be the happiest man on Earth.
    Fuck – Paul – Same reason as above
    Block – Scott … I would still totally fuck his brains out, but the rules are the rules.

  • wess10

    oh fuck ,, marry Paul ,, block the other two !!!

  • apothos

    fuck nick, fuck paul, marry scott. block no one

  • Beachlovernow

    Hell there all good looking men.I would play with them all

  • Anonymous

    I know I don’t usually comment on these things, but…

    Fuck – Nick Sterling, because I’d eat his ass so good that he’d come back for more.

    Marry – Paul Wagner, because what good is a husband if you can’t cuddle with him? Also, I imagine we’d have a great time tag-teaming Nick Sterling together…

    Block – Scott Herman, because… Well, he’s straight? If his pictures were up on Manhunt, I’d just assume it’s a fake profile.

  • Sambeau2u

    Fuck all of them

  • NYCbttmguy

    Fuck Paul
    Marry Nick (cuz he’s so fucking adorable…the naughty things we would do to each other, oh my!)
    Block Scott (cuz that’s my name too, and I don’t like calling out my own name during sex)

  • Pretty Much An A**hole

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • WestAtlBear

    Totally agree with Dewitt … Nick Sterling has really blossomed and looks fantastically fuckable. I’ve always thought Paul Wagner was gorgeous and looked like he’d be fun to hang out with in and out of bed. Scott Herman is hot and all, yeah, but if I’ve gotta block one, it’d be him.

  • Josh

    Fuck Nick, Marry Scott, Block Paul

  • Mahkahluna

    Id fuck Nick and Scott, Marry Nick, and block Paul

  • Riuk881

    Fuck Nick, Marry Scott, Block Paul.

  • anonymous

    Fuck Nick, Marry Paul, Block Scott.

  • Dpjtax

    Nick and Paul for sure. Scott, just doesn’t do it for me.

  • beyo

    Fuck – whichever one would have me
    Marry – ditto
    Block – whoever is left!

  • jefferson

    fuck nick, marry paul, block scott

  • What’s with all this blocking of Paul???
    Fuck- Nick- Just look at that ass!
    Marry- Paul- always loved his hairy appeal! Close between Paul and Nick, but if I had to marry one, it’s Paul!
    Block- Scott

  • usmcdoc31

    Marry Scott, fuck Nick, block paul.

  • ricanhotty

    Marry Nick, Fuck Paul, and Block Scott

  • Nick

    Fuck Nick (I had to choose one just to fuck though Id probably not want to fuck him, not my type)
    Marry Scott (I will do whatever this man asks of me!)
    Block Paul (Sorry least attractive of the 3!)

  • A

    Fuck Nick, Marry Scott, Block Paul

  • TommyTrojan

    All you bitches need to back off because I decided Paul Wagner and I were getting married like 6 or 7 videos ago!  He has husband material written allllllll over him.  Of course, he doesn’t know of our engagement yet, but details schmetails.

  • logy7

    Fuck nick, marry scott, block paul

  • J. Harvey

    ARGH, I write for this blog, too! It’s because Dewitt is way cuter than me, isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

  • Anonymous

     I think he was referring to my comment, dear! We have the same answers.

  • Tedd92

    No pain. Fuck Scott, marry Nick, block Paul. Paul simply isn’t quite right for me. Nick is. Scott is likeable.

  • RichardKurtz

    Fuck all three, marry Paul!

  • Chris

    Fuck Scott, marry Nick, block Paul

  • James

    Fuck Paul, Marry Scott, Block Nick.

  • Anthony

    Marry Scott
    Fuck Nick (like five times)
    And Block Paul.

  • Domtoppapi

    agree with Anthony…only fuck Nick repeatedly…till he is as sore as i am…lol

  • Dlabin

    in oder fuck / marry and fuck / marry and fuck

  • Runnah

    fuck nick and then marry  him  because i would want to fuck him  every night and wake  up  with him  in my arms  every morning.  give the other two to all the  lonely  men   on  here and they can share them.

  • Fuck & Marry Scott, Block Nick

  • Joseph

    Fuck Paul (would love to have him just once). Marry Nick (that way I could have access to his ass for the rest of forever). Block Scott (he’s straight, so he’s of no use to me save as an ally).

  • B1

    Paul Wagner is definitely the marrying type. For fucking, obvious Nick Sterling has the superior posterior. Thus: Fuck Nick, Marry Paul, Block Scott.

  • heinousfairy

    Block Nick. Most definitely. Marry Paul. And I guess that leaves me fucking the other one.

  • Kram

    Im fucking Nick, marrying Scott and Im blocking Paul. It was a hard one.

  • devilsgrin

    Fuck Scott
    Block Paul (even tho he’s still VERY sexy)
    Marry Nick, so i can have him EVERY day…

  • Mibear49068

    Fuck – Paul
    Marry – Nick
    Block – Scott (I love hairy guys)

  • JSKain92

    Fuck: Nick
    Block: Paul
    Marry: Scott!


    Fuck and Marry ALL 3 of them!!! OH YES!

  • Mr Anthony

    Fuck Nick a thousand times
    Marry Paul, Husband material, love him
    Block Scott

  • Wicckid

    Marry Nick
    Fuck Paul
    Kill Scott! opps I mean Block!

  • Fuck Nick, Marry Scott, Block Paul, without a doubt in my mind. Oh, and make it illegal to divorce so Scott is mine for the rest of his life. LOL

  • J. Harvey

    Oh, uh….sorry. Inferiority complex. *hangs head*

  • Fuck: Nick
    Marry: Paul
    Block: Scott – it’s cool that he’s an ally/gay-friendly and all, but I think he gets too much pleasure out of being a dick-tease.

  • cummingsoon1

    Definitely fuck Scott (very often), marry Nick, block Paul.