November 16, 2011

George Michael’s New Dick Is Hot

Holy smokes. Ok, let’s examine this. This is a hot guy whose name we can’t find. He is reported to be excellent driver and talented singer George Michael’s new boyfriend.


This is why people bust their asses and risk their egos to become famous singers. Because no matter how beaned out you are on pills, no matter how many times the bobbies have picked you up in a public men’s room with your dick out, no matter how many times you’ve been high as ass on devil weed and passing out in intersections – if you’re incredibly rich, you can get the hottest cock around. Check out this one. And these are just paparazzi pics. Paparazzi cameras are the most merciless out there. This is how he actually looks out in the wild without Photoshop. Imagine that close-up.

We salute your crazy, drugged ass, George Michael. This is a true achievement.

And yeah, they’re totally smoking a bone out on the balcony. Everyone lighten up, it’s not like they’re on the pipe. Although, you never know with George…

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: DListed

For more pics of George Michael’s rebound from his longtime partner Kenny Goss (*sniff* sad), Follow the JUMP:

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Dulcisgallo 6:32pm on July 8, 2012

I've been a singer/performer pretty much my whole life, and I will say GM has one of the most polished and talented voices in the business, period,   STOP hating !! 

  • MR

    oh to be big and dumb, rich and famous, addicted and superficial.

  • Hunterphelps1990

    Let’s not forget that George Michael was really hot in his prime.

  • Losangelestim

    why dish g.m.? he still records good music. i doubt anyone reading this is less “addicted” than he is, and if he were ugly no amount of money could get that guy to spend more than a few hours with him. why are fags such whiners?

  • cuz they’re jealous little bitches, of course.   lol

  • TommyTrojan

    Wow, my last rebound looked NOTHING like this stud.  That’s definitely one way to get over your ex.  And fast!

  • Cortez

    Wow, does MH dislike Georgie? lol. He’s not the only older celeb to get younger meat. 

  • DavidUK

    George will hate that his “friend” is getting better body reviews than he is

  • michal

    lots of us had him in the toilets at salvation back when it was in leicester sq… v hot man from lebanon

  • Sexyme

    The new guy isn’t really that hot

  • J. Harvey

    Not at all, he’s just made some fucked up choices as he’s gotten older…

  • Incockpigs

    WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn George  you go boi  I would hurt that daddy so bad   love em hairy dumb n thick dicked

  • Guy


  • David

    This guy appeared in a porno called “Matchmaker”, so I’m guessing he’s not dating George cause of his personality…

  • New yorker

    does that make gm a bottm?

  • Hh9999

    I’d pass the boy friend over and take GM. The boyfriend looks like a big, fat, dumb bozo that I wouldn’t touch with anyon’s dick.

  • Anonymous

    Are we looking at the same person? Because he’s beautiful. Like, legitimately beautiful.

  • Here I am, polar bear… Lol

  • DSW

    He could have done better 😉 In his better days, LOL

  • N.

    Yeah, so was Christopher Ciccone. This is why drugs are bad for us, boys.

  • greekislands

    His name is Fadi Fawaz, aka Isaac Mazar on the movies. According to his tweeter he is now a celebrity hairstylist!! (wrong twist of the story!)

  • Dulcisgallo

    I’ve been a singer/performer pretty much my whole life, and I will say GM has one of the most polished and talented voices in the business, period,   STOP hating !!