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November 4, 2011

Have You Ever: Sniffed Someone Else’s Underwear?

Back in college, my next door neighbors asked me to feed their cat over winter break. They were going on vacation to Greece or something. The exact location isn’t really relevant to the story. All you need to know is that I had a key to their house, and the guy who lived next door basically set my puberty into motion. His wife was a lucky woman.

Now, I wouldn’t have ever thought of going into their bedroom, but part of our arrangement was that I’d spend a half-hour a day petting and playing with their little man-pussy. His name was Dante, and he was particularly fond of hide-and-seek… And surprise! One time he hid in the lovely couple’s bedroom.

So as I’m searching for Dante, I noticed a small pile of dirty laundry in the corner. Understandably, they didn’t feel the need to clean this up, under the assumption that their cat-sitter (me) wouldn’t be invading their most private quarters. Of course, had I not done so, I wouldn’t have fallen into temptation. The temptation of a freshly-worn pair of white briefs.

There was a bit of hesitation on my part. Did I really want to be that slimeball who sniffs my neighbor’s underwear? Before I could even think about this question, it appeared the answer was clearly “yes”. My nose was buried deep in that musky fabric, taking in every whiff of his masculine scent.

Naturally, I went home afterward and jerked off three times in a row. The thought occurred to me that I probably could have stolen those undies without any consequences, but I wasn’t ready to be that much of a creepster just yet. I’d save that for my later years in the gym locker room, you know?

This is a terribly long-winded story, so I should probably get to the point. Have you ever had a similar experience of sniffing another guy’s underwear? Were you ever caught? If not, did you consider keeping them for your own masturbational purposes? Tell us your stories!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Men Over 30

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Jsmith 3:50pm on December 25, 2014

I valeted at a hotel and sometimes we had guests who requested that we store their luggage in their car if they were checking out late. I became a pro at rummaging through their suitcase and finding the white laundry bag the hotel provided. I knew if I could quickly find it, all the goodies were inside. I would then make sure no one was around in parking garage and sniff away on that fresh underwear! Man I miss having that kind of access!!

  • Henry T

    Oh yes, on multiple occasions.

  • Mtaabq

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes — taken them, stolen them (never caught or busted), bartered for them, paid for them and in a couple of situations tore them off the guy and sent him home freeball. All these shorts are displayed like flags of honor in my bedroom and bathroom. Boxers, briefs, jocks, bikinis, boxer briefs — all are represented and all evoke fond (and some not-so-fond) memories. 

  • Mtaabq

    LOL, sorry got a little off topic. Sniffed them?  Yes to all. THEN I had to have them. Fortunately, never caught or busted. And still sniffing and adding to the collection. 

  • Joshuadara2002

    these pics are so fucking hot.

  • RoadRunner86

    Yeah, but limited to only when they are being worn, before I pull them off with my teeth…..

  • Bryan

    Yes, a couple of times. The “lowest ” I ever went was finding a pair of my straight friend’s boxers, and while breathing in his wonderful scent, I noticed some dried cum. I licked and sucked them clean and then stuck them in the bottom of his laundry pile. I did that a couple of different times with his boxers actually.

  • Cam

    No, but I did take a deep whiff of a jumper worn by a guy at work after he took it off after sweating in it… at work. I felt like such a pervert and I know he would have not taken it well if he knew I’d done it. A few weeks later he threatened to beat the crap out of me because he caught me staring at his gorgeous butt. LOL

  • Go_duke_go

    my college golf coach was in the showers and left his sweaty jock on the bench by his locker … i promptly went over and snatched it up … never washed it but kept it for years as a reminder that his big dick had been stufffed inside … fucking hot as hell!

  • Joseph

    No, but a fuck buddy/on-again-off-again lover once left a pair of underwear at my place. Since they fit, I never told them I had them and wore them for years afterwards. Ended up being the only thing I had left of that wonderful man aside from my memories. Now, the underwear is gone, so all that’s left is indeed the memories….

  • Caleb

    When I was a senior in high school, my father was stationed on a Marine base.  Our next door neighbor was a drill instructor and was going through a messy divorce.  He was not great at doing laundry or cleaning the house so he paid me to do it for him.  One day, I was going through his laundry to sort it out when I saw his jock.  I thought he was still outside mowing the yard so I started breathing in his musky scent when he walked into the back bedroom where I was.  I dropped the jockstrap quickly and tried to act like nothing was going on but my boner gave me away.  He just looked at me and said, “I forgot, there are some other things I need washed in my gym bag.”  He pulled out some dirty shorts, shirts, towels, and a couple of jocks.  He put them into the piles of clothes I had arranged, but then walked up to me with one of the jocks in his hand.  He help it out to me and said, “I wore this one this morning.”  I couldn’t beleive it when he started sniffing it too.  After sniffing his jock in front of him, I eventually got to see what his balls smelled like up close and in person, but that is another story! 

  • Dlabin

    yea my roomates after he lft for work but came home and caught me jacling off and smelling his brief. He just tood there watched untill I came and then got his briefcase and left. The following night we ended up having sex mad sex. Nedless to say is I got older and joind an expenive gym that provided uniforms and jock I have nice collection and would always be on the look out for the muscle guys jocks mostly and the cute daddy’s. uuum need to jo now and pull one their jocks out, labled them ex: muscle guy big dick with dark hair blue eyes .. most were hi as they replaced as they laundered and made sure everyone had a uni wating for them in lockers.

  • ilikedaddies

    Hell yea I have. Love finding an older guys used undies and take a big long whiff right where the crotch would be. If there’s some dried cum there, I gladly lick it off. What’s great is to lay them over your face while you jack off.

  • Jskain92

    My roommate last year (I’m a college sophomore now) worked out all the time in the room and at the on campus wellness and rec center. Well, everytime he worked out and went to the shower, or had to go to class after showering, I would steal his underwear from the hamper and just bury my face in them. They smelled so delicious and musky. A little damp still from his sweating. Everytime I sniffed them, I got hard instantly, and had to jack-off if I knew I had time. Even just thinking about it now is making me hard. I really wish I had a roommate who worked out a lot again. I miss that smell.

  • Javier

    Doesn’t appeal to me in the least. I can sort of understand the appeal of a jock since it’s just sweat, but used underwear seems to me like it’d smell of unpleasant body odors from either end.

  • JarredMikkal

    So are yall smelling for sweaty balls/ass? I think if the guy showered his boxers wouldn’t smell? Maybe I’m missing it…

  • Bill

    I went to a summer camp when I was 17 and one of my counselors was hot as fuck. They kept us busy with rehearsals pretty much all day long, and you never had a moment alone, but one time I had to leave a rehearsal early to get something out of my cabin. I saw a pair of white briefs on top of the hot counselor’s pile of laundry and couldn’t resist, had to steal them. It was much to my horror when I brought them home at the end of the summer and they somehow wound up in my fat, disgusting brother’s dresser. Fantasy ruined.

  • suspiria

    God, its weird when you realize that one of the guys in the porn was in one of your classes a few semesters ago…

  • JT Hawkins

    I want to hear the rest of the story!!!  Please???

  • Damn! Even just that part of the story is hot.

  • That sweat and resulting smell is full of pheromones…at least in the front where the cock and balls snuggle.

  • I love, love, love smelling freshly worn underwear. Sex is more than just putting this in that…it’s about taking all of the man in: his sight, his sounds, his smells, his taste, his touch and his energy. A pair of shorts that have been hugging his cock and balls for hours are just full of his pheromones.  Breathing all of that in can just really get me going. I love it when playmates allow me to take off their shorts and just bury my face in their scent that way. I love “ball smell”. I never miss an opportunity for that…and if they leave them behind, it’s just a chance to smell them later and remember the man.  YUM.  Great stories up above too.

  • Brian

    When I was 16 I lusted after my gym teacher BIG time.One day he left his office door open when he was in the shower and I saw his used gym stuff on the floor with his briefs on top of the pile.Without even thinking about what would happen if I got caught I grabbed them and shoved them in my gym bag.When I got home I beat off with my face buried in them and then kept them in hidden and beat off to them for weeks afterwards ’till my mom found them and washed them with the rest of my clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Is it thte big one?

  • Bkretch3

    I had to do some warranty work in Tom Cruises’ apartment. he was not home- but in the hall lay a pair of his jockeys.  This was 20 years ago and I still have them and sniff them regularily.

  • that is so damn hott.

  • Samiam86

    I was at my best friend’s (at the time) place and he had to take a shower. So while he was in the shower I ran into his grab the underwear he was wearing (we just came from a race) and smell the hell out of it. I even busted a nut on the carpet in front of his closet. Funny thing is that his other friend was in the living room. Didn’t get caught. A few months later, we went on a vacation and I wore his underwear. Nutted through the fly. I was so attracted to him at the time.

  • socksandfeet

    of course, underwear is great but socks are even better to sniff

  • Yeah, I definitely get off on sniffing another guy’s underwear. On multiple occasions.

  • suspiria

    if you mean the older guy, then no. its the younger guy. 

  • Luke

    First time was at work in the breakroom a male co-worker left his gym bag behind. I opened it and found a pair of tighty whities with a skid mark, took them into the bathroom and put them on my face and jerked off and put them back. Did this a few more times over the years with roommates, I also liked jerking off with the underwear over my penis, helps if you’re roommates were as hot as mine. It’s a major turn on for me for some reason…

  • Gay1988md

    yes finish the story please!

  • Reedroyce

    Hey guys!!! I hope you enjoyed!! 

  • Masquerader

    Oh yes I masturbate with my roomates’ underwear every once in a while. We’re on December break now and I gotta say I miss their smells.

  • Jsmith

    I valeted at a hotel and sometimes we had guests who requested that we store their luggage in their car if they were checking out late. I became a pro at rummaging through their suitcase and finding the white laundry bag the hotel provided. I knew if I could quickly find it, all the goodies were inside. I would then make sure no one was around in parking garage and sniff away on that fresh underwear! Man I miss having that kind of access!!