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November 11, 2011

Hot or Not: Beer

A few years ago, I encountered a guy on Manhunt whose ultimate fantasy was as follows: a) A guy pours Guinness down his ass crack, b) He attempts to lap up as much of it as possible, c) The remainder is caught in a pint glass, d) Both of them top off the pint glass with their jizz, and e) He then proceeds to imbibe the semen-beer concoction.

While this isn’t quite on the level of freezing cum as lube, you have to admit that it’s a little strange… And yet it turned me on so damn much. The raucous frat boy inside of me draws a strong connection between beer and sex. When you combine the two, it’s a surefire way to get me going.

Of course, as things work out in this cruel world, I never got the chance to meet up with Guinness Rimjob and make his dream come true. We lost touch, and all I’m left with is this stupid blog post where I’m getting waaaaaay off topic.

What was my point here? Oh, right! Do you like beer? Do you consider it erotic in a way that doesn’t involve inserting the bottles into buttholes? Does this scene between Sebastian Keys and Dayton O’Connor turn you on as much as it turns me on? And, yes, before you ask, this post is basically about my desire to have someone pour beer on his dick while he’s fucking me.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Fraternity X

To watch Dayton pour beer all over Sebastian’s ass (and pound his senseless), follow the JUMP:

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bcrich 6:02pm on May 19, 2014

i think its fuckin hot!!! should be better beer thou...

  • Alan

    just.   no.


    What the point???

  • Danrich144

    talk about a yeast infection!

  • Bobby In Seattle

    Although that top makes it look rather hot, beer or other liquids besides lube never worked well for this bottom. Removes too much of the slipperiness needed for a good pounding.

    Just my thoughts, anyway.

  • Jess

    Okay I have to admit to being somewhat turned on by the idea of it … and that bottom, he’s going to have one WICKED buzz after a while.

  • Hotinwhollywood


  • Darson256

    A dildo stuck to the sink cabinet?  Really.

  • NYuws

    no, on so many levels

  • Billwrstlr

    total waste of a good beer

  • HungDaddyAustralia

    anything those 2 do is hot

    booze and sex are old mates

    feeding my btm wine off my cok maakes everyone feel good

    lik lik

  • Glvmkr

    I agree with Billwrstlr   such a waste

  • haha

    it’s fun on a demeaning level to pour a beer/whisky all over a guy sucking your cock, if you’re doing the whole “demeaning” thing. i can’t really see the point of it outside of that though

  • haha

    i just now looked at those pics. that’s reallllllllllly stupid

  • haha

    it’s miller lite, it’s not that good 😉 lol

  • i can’t possibly imagine how one might think this is a good idea, except within the context of “fetish play.”

    second of all..
    ..who’s going to clean up the fucking mess?

  • cuteman43

    I was thinking the same thing looking through the pics. I am glad you pointed it out.

  • Riuk881

    I don’t like to drink beer. I would worry that the guy asking me to do this would get alcohol poisoning because the alcohol from the beer goes strait into your blood if through the rectum, by passing the stomach and liver and also I don’t find it hot either.



  • Rocklandguyny

    what the fuck is wrong with all of you?! i have poured a beer all over a bottoms ass, fucked him hard and then used the beer bottle to fuck him while he sucked me. it was one of the greatest fucks of my life. try it

  • This seems like one of those things that looks like it wouldn’t be too much fun (and very messy) but sometimes just being messy and sexual at the same time can be very hot. The doing is more fun than the seeing. It doesn’t look like any harm can come from it so why not indulge it if it turns someone on…doing it might even turn me on. Messy can be fun…as long as I don’t have to clean up the mess.

  • haha

     yeah i’m a little put off by the using of beer as lube, as that’s a really easy way to die from alcohol poisoning if you aren’t careful

  • JeremyS

    Friends don’t let friends fuck drunk.

  • M

    First thing that popped into my head was “alcohol poisoning”…. O__O

  • bcrich

    i think its fuckin hot!!! should be better beer thou…