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November 17, 2011

Hot or Not: Curved Dicks

You take a risk and invite someone over from Manhunt *gasp* without seeing his dick first. The door closes behind him, and he looks even better than he did in his pictures! You skip the small talk and immediately begin tearing his clothes off. You can’t wait any longer. You want him down your throat.

Before you know it, his belt buckle’s undone, his jeans are unzipped and you’re pulling his pants to the ground. You’re on your knees, and it’s time for the moment of truth. You grab his waistband and start pulling down… FLOP! A curved cock pops out and nearly thwacks you in the face.

The angle might be upward, downward, to the left or to the right. We’re going to leave that part of the scenario open-ended… But in either case, are you ready to put your mouth on his piece? Or are you more inclined to pull up his pants, close the door behind him and search for something a little more, er, straight?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Extra Big Dicks

To check out some examples of curved dicks, follow the JUMP:

Joe Parker fucking Dalton Tyler on Extra Big Dicks:


Jeno from Island Studs:

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robert 9:59am on February 28, 2016

I dont know what you are talking about... that second one makes me horny

  • Amonust

    depends on the curve.  an upward curve is hot, it is going to rub your prostate in all the right ways.  a sideways curve is just awkward, and off-putting, such as the second guy in this post.  i mean, he is still really hot, but that dick would lessen his hotness a bit in my eyes.

  • Antz

    Curves are fun and hot

  • Dkbimd

    The proper uprigth curve makes a dick slide into my throat a hell of a lot easier; however, Jeno’s curve is freakish.

  • sunrise2249

    I have an upward curved dick and my partner has a downward curved dick…  it makes for amazing 69ing.

    But the second guy’s dick isn’t just curved, that fucker is more twisted than Twizzlers.

  • Jman

    Yes to the first. Hell no to the second.

  • Milllerplacelover

    i love a cuved cock that means that it usuallly is a big cock and im a size queen

  • Jeremy

    well it depends… can he use it well? is he clean? and also how curvy?? if its a right angle, i think it’d be pretty awkward to get any good quality playing out of it…
    but then, equally, I’m sure he’d have a few fun tricks up his sleeve to cope 🙂

  • MansMan33622

    The first guy is hot as hell, and he would fit nicely anywhere he wanted to go. the second guy is hot but I don’t know about him, I guess it would depend on the angle of approach!!!

  • Pretty Much An A**hole

    Eh, a dick’s a dick, and I’ve never really cared how they look.  I’m much more interested in the guy attached to it.  And I’d take that hot stud Jeno over the other two any day.

  • Paulpoochie

    An upwardly curved cock in my ass many years ago caused me to shoot without either of us touching my cock!  I’ve been looking for one like that ever since!

  • fisherking

    Outstanding post…..thank you…….i have  a curved cock (  a hard curve to the right and i’m uncut)…..always felt less then perfect. Great to see i’m not alone…..Jeno from island studs……u da man bro…………thx……

  • Ben

    well mines is curved and hey at least it reaches places str8 ones cant 😛

  • RichardKurtz

    Curves are fine, and actually great for giving head – whichever direction they curve the bottom can position himself to take that dick down his throat, either on his knees or in 69 position.  I love getting on my knees for a downward curved dick that slides right down my throat.

  • tlb

    curved ones are hot

  • Darson256

    So long as it gets hard and shoots…I’m good.

  • Carniassada

    I like the curve down the best

  • Carniassada

    I think maybe i like the down curve most because my best friend in highschool had a beautiful cock that curved down when hard, was always secretly in love with him, unfortunately he married several times, then got adddicted to gambling,ended up on the street, and Idont know where he is now

  • Runnah

    i  love  curved dicks  –  they are   great  to  deepthroat and prostate toys  better than  any   store bought toy.

  • JarredMikkal

    Cool story bro?

  • David

    The best sex i’ve ever had was with a curved cock.

  • devilsgrin

    upwards or downwards curved… HOT…
    twisting off to the side… notsomuch… (but not in and of itself a dealbreaker)

  • supermariano


  • Bamaboy78

    A curvature in an erect cock is a medical disorder called Peyronie’s disease…..there is surgery to correct the problem.

  • SethMorgan

    Hot… Sometimes depending on the size and curvature, you gottta play with it, but damn, you get it right and they hit all the right spots.

  • Christopher07

    curved cocks are nice, depending on the curve
    best friend in high school had downward curve, nice for sucking

  • Hot_queer

    needs more dragons aye.

  • Choc10banana

    I also have a curved dick, it’s a nice one to the left I call him my chocolate banana. Always considered myself different and unique with it. Have always wanted to find and meet others with side curves. They seem less common than the upward or downward curved dicks.

  • robert

    I dont know what you are talking about… that second one makes me horny