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November 29, 2011

iPhone Wars: Battle of The Abs (Part III)

Though we realize you’re not all into chiseled six-pack abs, those of you who are will enjoy today’s Battle of The Abs. We’ve tackled this theme a few other times in our iPhone Wars series—as seen here or here—but this round may be the hottest of them all! Actually, we’re just saying that to convince you to click through and look at the pictures. Both of the previous rounds were equally enticing, if not more…

But that’s not what we came here to debate! As you’ve come to understand, this is the part of the week where we look at pictures of total strangers and make superficial judgment calls about who’s the most attractive. So, um, what are you waiting for? Go judge people! However, let’s try to focus on their positive attributes, rather than the negative.

– Dewitt

Photos via: Guys With iPhones

To check out the full pictures and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:





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Lorraine 5:19pm on November 30, 2011

My thoughts exactly!  I'm never going to knock anyone who gets pierced -- it's your body.  I just don't like chewing on metal :-D

  • Is it just me or does it look like “C” is using trimmed body hair to define his abs more than they really are.  Regardless, they’re all for very sexy but B has to take the prize…for a variety of reasons.

  • Rich

    There’s something about that hint of cockiness in Contestant A that’s just fucking hot

  • flyguy206

    i want to vote for all 4 and for all different reasons

  • MacFitz

    I think it’s that tongue that does it for A. C gets my vote any day.

  • DAK23

    It was a toss up for me, all are hot! But since this poll is about abs, had to go with ‘A’. Now, if we were to vote on pecs, ‘D’ has it all the way!

  • JPH

    I agree. C is the best.

  • Fannypack12342

    C though his picture seems off. D is my second choice when he ditches the nipple piercings.

  • ugh! the choice is to hard this time Xd… had to do a coin toss XD

  • Mtndewme

     D is SO HOT but I went with A for that tongue and those lips and of course those hip dimples right below those amazing abs

  • kink2go

    Can I put B’s dick on C’s body with A’s face?  (Although it looks like C is packin’ some mighty meat as well.  And D’s tongue is quite tempting.)

  • I’d let A, B, or D fuck me… as long as D loses the nipple ring… that’s a waste for a perfectly formed pec.

  • arion_5

    yes, the tongue definitely pushes A over the top!

  • Lorraine

    My thoughts exactly!  I’m never going to knock anyone who gets pierced — it’s your body.  I just don’t like chewing on metal 😀