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November 17, 2011

On The Hunt: Trevor Knight & Adam Wirthmore

This is a very special update bringing two of our biggest stars together for our final episode shot in Boston. Frat jock Adam Wirthmore is back! You may remember that, just two short years ago, he did his very first scene for OnTheHunt and got his virgin hole pounded by both Jeremy Hall and David Dakota.

After that shoot, his star just exploded! He went on to film a ton of scenes for different companies and become a boner-fied porn star. In this scene, he’s joined by our favorite big-dicked top Trevor Knight, who has pounded many a hot hole here at OnTheHunt. This episode is certainly no exception! We really get to see how much Adam learned over the past two years, and we think you will all be very impressed!

– OTH Casting Director

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

To check out Trevor and Adam in action, follow the JUMP:

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Markus 5:46am on November 21, 2013

Anybody know who Adam was banging in this video and what ever happened with him ... just love his moaning :-)

  • Guy

    why has adam wirthmore ever shaved anything ever <3

  • Magnum8man

    that boy can bottom for me anyday!
    and twice on days that end in ‘y’!!!!

  • b-rech

    Adam is such a hotty. I’d love to see him get plowed by Colby Keller

  • Samnew

    Why do bottoms never look like they’re enjoying it, always the pain-face… hot anyway tho

  • David

    Adam, your ass looks sooo tight

  • Darson256

    He is so much hotter hairy!

  • wtf?

    looks can be deceiving, David lol

  • bulldogandrex

    I agree with the pain expression…what is that all about?

  • Stud_for_you

    its a dick up your ass … sometimes its not exactly enjoyable … other times I shoot loads …different strokes from different folks haha

  • Sirnaka

    You’re free to correct me but I like assume the reasons for the constipated face is to give the illusion they are so tight it hurts the bottom. We all know we can throw a whole salami inside of them and they wont feel anything yet they gotta act since they are “actors.”

    Anyone for a stuffed pepperoni pizza?

  • johnny rocket

    That bottom goes to my school hahaha

  • Youngstudguy

    actually, pain and pleasure have the same facial expressions – it’s just hard to tell the difference

  • Youngstudguy

    @johnny rocket – too true. i went there as well and i’ve worked on a few projects with him too. was a bit funny finding out about his alter ego. 

  • sister parish

    such tacky window treatments, ruined it for me

  • sister parish

    and what’s that virus on the carpet?

  • Gearz

    “Frat Jock Adam Wirthmore”. What kind of label is frat jock? The frat boys at my school all have beer guts and look filthy. I’m sure the only reason they get laid is because of beer goggles or just plain date rape.

  • JeremyS

    It might have something to do with a 9 and 3/4 ” cock pressing against your prostate.

  • Lock

    I used to fake the pain face for my ex, who was undersized.  It turned him on to think he was making me grimace.  Actually, it felt great and I was always enjoying it.  But that’s not what excited him the most, so I faked a bit of pain.  😉

  • Rsn023

    Adam Wirthmore is a hot lil fucker, but he seriously needs to stop wearing that dumb  ass faux-hawk.

  • equalove

    My Mom has that same throw pillow.. Home Goods? Like the lamp though.. Home Goods, as well, saw it.

  • equalove

    when will the faux hawk go away??

  • dickie

    frat jock? hardly. the other one is just dull.

  • Jess

    Faux hawk or not, Adam can bottom for me any day!!  I would him like crazy!

  • Christopher07

    all that creamy cum on Adam’s fuzzy stomach going to waste!  🙁

  • grazsstuff

    Which school is this?… too funny.

  • Moonshot

    You guys are lucky! I wish he went to mine!

  • Markus

    Anybody know who Adam was banging in this video and what ever happened with him … just love his moaning 🙂