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November 12, 2011

Top or Bottom: Chris Colfer

You know Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel, the annoyingly stereotypical power-twink from Glee whose bucket list includes “become CEO of Logo” and fucket list includes “have relations on a dewy meadow of lilac with Taylor Lautner before he gets fat”. This week’s episode found him nose-bumping with his boyfriend Blaine, which apparently is how teens have sex these days? Gross.

In any case, Colfer is 21 years-old in real life, so you’re only sort-of-a-pedophile if you want to bone him. Kidding! You’re actually a total pedophile, because he looks like he’s eight years old. Kidding again! There’s nothing wrong with liking younger guys or guys who look freakishly young, as long as they’re of legal age. (Speaking of which, have you seen Patrick Schwarzenegger lately? We hear that some people like looking at him.)

But the point of this post isn’t about Chris Colfer’s age. It’s about whether or not he likes getting rammed up the ass. We didn’t get any answers about his character on Glee, so now we have to speculate about his IRL preference. It’s just what we do here at Manhunt Daily.

Speaking of which, in last week’s edition of Top or Bottom, the majority of you predicted that Zac Efron is “a raging power bottom whore who loves jizz on his face”. While this isn’t all too surprising, we’d like to remind you that it was all very hypothetical. Zac Efron is still extremely heterosexual. So heterosexual that it hurts.

– Dewitt

To see more pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

Clapping with a phallic (albeit, very pointy) object:

Klaine porn!

Actual porn! With his face Photoshopped onto it.

Um, what? Hi there, Neil Patrick Harris.

This one makes me a little uncomfortable. Note, it’s the same face as the NPH pic.

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ally 11:21am on April 5, 2014

bet you're eating your words now dipfucks

  • michal

    he is a neither… no one will ever have sex with him!!!

  • Wulf

    He’s a bottom (duh), he’s probably a nice guy, Glee has crested, who gives a f%@k.

  • Paul867

    UGHH..Who cares?  He’s so ugly.

  • Chillin_cruisin

    I hate that he has won a Golden Globe for his “acting” on Glee when he is exactly the same way in real life; he’s just playing himself on the show.

  • jj345

    really guys… who cares?

  • Darson256

    Very much like  Sean Hayes aka Jack McFarland.  But Chris is just so damn adorable who cares!!

  • jam

    i cant believe any 1 is calibrating such a stereotypical chariter!

  • Crytokarma

    Does this guy have teeth, and the could tone down the dressing a bit i know quite a few guys and none of them dress like that even the ones super into fashion. seriously most his outfits arent stylish they are just ridiculous, and is he dressing Blain cause he is getting just as bad i miss the warbler blazer

  • Worldnic3

    I don’t even think he knows if he’s a top or bottom. Very scary that’s for sure.

  • Marlon Claycomb

    Now that’s the first time seeing NPH’s peck-peck in this pick with Chris. Or, should I say both of their peck-pecks. Woof!!!! 😉

  • Eddie

    power bottom !

  • Wicckid

    who ever made up the cute cartoon pic! Nice job! I like it

  • สเดฟาน ฟาน

    You are just mean to him! He is the hottest in the entire series, if it was not for him I would not continue look at it. Love u Chris! And I don´t care if you are top or bottom 🙂 I’m both ;P

  • ally

    bet you’re eating your words now dipfucks