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December 28, 2011

Behold: Ryan Stack’s Epic Return To Randy Blue

Did you miss me? Well, I’m back whether you like it or not! The holiday season is always a blessing and a curse. I’m forced to awkwardly interact with my family members, as I fall deeper and deeper into a frantic internet withdrawal. It’s not pretty, guys. While I frantically attempt to catch up with my RSS feed, I bring you what’s likely the most exciting thing that happened in my absence. Ryan Stack.

The absurdly attractive British lad, who was runner-up on our Best Dicks of 2011 list, has finally made his return to Randy Blue! First, he strips down in a smokin’ hot exclusive photo shoot, only to follow it up with something much hotter—his first man-on-man scene since getting blown by Trent Davis.

This time, Ryan goes all the way with well-hung (and extremely tall) boy next door Andrew Stark and gives him a pounding that he’ll never forget… Trust us when we say that this is way more fulfilling than when Patrick O’Brien lost his on-screen virginity. In a way, you can thank Andrew for that all-too-important difference. He’s so thrilled to ride Ryan’s uncut rod that the chemistry’s purely explosive!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

Click through for more Ryan than you’ll be able to physically handle:

With Andrew Stark:

Additional hardcore clips over here.

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Formerxtian 7:09pm on February 24, 2012

Don't forget about the accent. When he speaks, it's icing ON TOP of the icing on the beefcake.

  • Red Rover

    Ummmmm….very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michal

    WOOF he is SO hot! new top man!
    so whats his manhunt profile? he needs to fuck me lol

  • Richard in Costa Rica

    Nice post Christmas gift~!
    His equipment is a little slender for my tastes, but what a great face and body in all views…
    And evidently he is a versatil.
    Is that anything like being multi-dextrous?
    I would like to appreciate him with all three of my hands, and more~!!!

  • LW

    both hot . . . . definite WOOF 😉

  • JPH

    Great photos. Thanks for the morning boner, Manhunt. Perfect to start the day. He’s just fucking adorable.

  • Tom in STL

    Oh my, Ryan Stack is impossibly gorgeous.  He almost makes me want to reinstate my Randy Blue subscription.  As for the preview, I wish Randy Blue would have provided a little more of the action and a little less of the cheesy opening.

  • TommyTrojan

    Damn, what kind of deal with the devil did Ryan Stack have to make to get that insane, hot-as-fuck body?  I mean really, the man is just about absolute perfection.  I can’t think of one single thing I would change about him.  Except for the fact that he isn’t in my bed pounding me senseless every night!

  • Yagermeister

    I’m soooo happy STACK IS BACK!! This guy is such a hottie. I’m definitely a fan.

  • cripes.

    now i have to go change my underwear.

    thank you, mr. stacks.

  • Dyus

    Anyone know if Ryan Stack is gay or what? I’ve seen him on Youtube “Ryan Stack on Bad Dates” but i did’t understand anything because my British English listening skills is suck. And i’m really obsessed with him.

  • ukdanny19

    What i would give to be in a Stack and Stark sandwich

  • Darson256

    That body and that face!  YUM!   But really love that tight foreskin he’s sporting.

  • omg, hot hot hot! hands off bitches, he’s mine.

  • Get Stack back on the 10!

  • Anonymous

    Ryan Stack is The New Hotness (possibly hotter than Nick Sterling, if such a thing is mathematically or anatomically possible).  But–not going to subscribe to Randy Blue until he bottoms! 

  • warmapplepie

    this man is epitome of perfection! I was speechless and instantly hard the first time I saw him! I want more of him!

  • maitresse

    very hot

  • Go_duke_go

    ryan stack is fucking unbelievable!  i’m in lust/love!

  • michal

    ryan, lets fuck

  • Hurley

    Not for me. Hes hairy and bear-ish. WTF is the big deal about this average looking guy? Oh well everyone has different tastes right?

  • Strongwarrior

    Love this guy! So hot and all in the right place!!!! Would love to have a huge snack of him!

  • blackJACKhammer

    LOL I just might cancel my R/B subscription in protest because he has not bottomed yet ……………………..


    What I would not do 2 DEEP DICK Ryan ass especially pixs 11 & 14 ( after the jump )  oh SHIT I better stop and go  get the Kleenex ……….

  • Formerxtian

    Don’t forget about the accent. When he speaks, it’s icing ON TOP of the icing on the beefcake.