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December 14, 2011

Did Cody Cummings Just Lose His ASS VIRGINITY?

The press release for Cody Cummings‘ latest scene sounds like it was done by someone who writes romance novels for a living. The implication seems to be that Cody bottomed for fellow porn star Brandon Lewis… Or that they flip-fucked, but let’s be real—nobody cares about anything but Cody’s butthole.

Here’s what the studio had to say:

“Cody Cummings is finally satisfying his deepest carnal desire. He’s yearned for this intense passion for too long and can no longer resist the ultimate temptation. Brandon Lewis is joining Cody as he succumbs to the flames of burning desire.

“His craving for flesh has now become too strong to ignore. Brandon’s mouth upon Cody’s thick, throbbing cock is pushing this mortal man of flesh to cross his own boundaries into a new realm of forbidden pleasure. As he feels Brandon’s warm, inviting breath on his neck and lips, his inhibitions melt. He’s experiencing new sensations with every caress, slipping deeper and deeper into the place where his unfulfilled fantasies have been waiting.”

So did they actually stick it in one another? The trailer doesn’t show any actual penetration, but the two performers maintain the illusion that there’s some P-on-B action going on. Is it all a gimmick, or is Cody really expanding his sexual horizons? We’ll let you be the judge.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cody Cummings

Click through to watch a preview and decide for yourself:

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Dene 6:22pm on March 11, 2014

They fake it well and it's great for fantasy …but no actually f**king! Cody is get pulling another trick and F**king with his audience. Though I bet he would love it!

  • tiger40

    It’s HOT either way. I know of a video of Cody actually kissing another guy and jerking him off but not all the way. Still hot and intense!

  • WestAtlBear

    Considering how the user ratings for his videos have plummeted, I think he realized his 15 minutes were about up, so he needed to do something about it.

  • Eddie

    Sounds like someone needed some more meth money.

  • guy

    ha, no. there was just a lot of camera angles and too much colour saturation … he lost nothing and did nothing very different than what he usually does.

    waste of time.

  • TommyTrojan

    Oh Brandon, honey, I love you and your sexy Southern accent makes my shorts wet, but you can do so SO much better.

  • John

    Cody doesn’t get fucked. They just simulate. I just watched the scene. Sorry, guys, (not that we expected anything else from Cody, t hough).

  • B1

    How is this different from all the other ‘bi curious’ porn peddling by the likes of Trystan Bull, Samuel O’Toole and Cody himself? Unless there is definitive footage of Cody taking it up the ass (and not a cut away scene with a ‘stunt ass double’) it’s all smoke and mirror.

  • Jockstud23

    hes a joke….another straight guy thats taken advantage of the gays…. to make a living.

    sad thing is….hes had a website for sevreal yrs….sooooo either hes a junky and putting it all into “partying”….or hes just not smart enough to parlay the money hes made into something else.

    and if we as a community had some balls wed stop suporting these striaght guys… and suport the studios and websites that actualy employ gay guys for gay porn… i know its crazy.

  • Incockpigs

    YAWN!!!!!   r we still on this Cody Feller?

  • Lorraine

    No matter who you are or what your taste in men is, there are enough porn stars out there so that there is at least one who a) is totally your type and b) will do exactly what you want him to do in a scene.  My point?  Cody Cummings doesn’t matter.

  • Robbie

    It could be acting?? It might not be?? Whichever, it’s what the mind want’s to believe?? As long as you ignore the clever, arty camera angles!!!!

  • Lorraine

    Which really stinks for him, as he has now neck-tattooed himself out of the prospect of any other kind of employment.

  • ttuboy313

    i don’t understand this weird disdain of him. it’s just porn. and i don’t know about the rest of you but i have never felt taken advantage of when a straight guy wants to show me his goods for any reason.

  • Gray

    If this is his fantasy, why fake it.    He should take a page out of Ryan Idols book, where he did nothing but trash the gay community after making so much money from his films supported by gay porn watchers.   When he actually needed our help,  well…. no one showed up to bail him out of his problems…..Karma really is a bitch…..most of us aren’t as dumb as Mr. Cummings  must think..

  • denis

    If Cody has’nt been fucked he should have been, great acting by both guys and of course its what we all want to see and believe..Cody is an icon anyway. Rather see him with guys anyday. Other guys appreciate his beauty.

  • Dean

    CODY CUMMINGS is a JOKE and the MEN who support his website is to, Even Zeb Atlas Fuck guys, suck cock and kiss.

  • Commenter

    Stop the presses, because it looks like he almost kissed a guy too.  Almost.  

  • KatyCraigsss

    Wait is this saying he MAYBE got fucked? He of course got fucked… Just want to see it already…

  • Bill

    Can’t put my finger on what looks different about Brandon Lewis …. but not really thrilled about it. He was previously a favorite …

  • Breon

    Fuckiing make him go away…looser

  • So he’ll “get fucked” on camera, but still won’t put a dick in his mouth?  Cut the crap already…

  • JVC

    Don’t put Zeb Atlas in the same category as men like Cody Cummings, Mark
    Dalton, etc. Zeb has kissed, sucked and fucked in a relatively short amount of 
    time. The others? Fantastic to look at but don’t hold your breath. Your brain needs the oxygen.
    Personally, I think it’s all a tease. When Brandon is done servicing him and you
    think it’s going to go further, Cody will wake up. He was just having a
    nightmare lol

  • Julien

    Another fake ass video!

  • hmm.. cody does appear to be (or “have been”) under the influence of some controlled substance.

    doesn’t he¿

  • TommyTrojan

    I think it’s his hair.  It looks a little longer, blonder, and, in some of the photos, parted on his left side.  I can’t decide if I like it or not either…

  • alaskaman

    Are a real “jock”? Does he look like a junkie? Or a hardcore parties? Don’t think so. I agree…stop making the gay for pay rich.

  • alaskaman

    Are you a real jock……

  • John

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s not as if gay porn is lacking hot guys. The industry is literally overflowing with them. Men of all types who will have actual sex with another guy for our viewing pleasure. No offense against Cody. If people are into him, good for them. And he’s making his living honestly. I personally couldn’t care less if a gay porn star is gay or straight as long as he’s willing to do the deed, (yes, I know alot of gay guys hate gay for pay, but for the life of me, I have no idea why). Live and let live. If people are still into a gay porn star who has never had gay sex even a single time, then that’s thier right. I, on the other hand, prefer to see actual SEX in a sex flick. And one more point about Cody, this whole sitting there and just getting blown thing is soooo old now.

  • Cortez

    Does it really matter that much? Regardless, most porn “stars” aren’t rich. I like to look at Cody and could care less what he does when the camera isn’t rolling.  You don’t like him, don’t look. 

  • Ron-PHX

    You hit it on the head, JVC . . . . it’s just a tease.  Cody will follow the footsteps of the “great straight porno stars”,  eventually having to actually put a dick in their mouth, and eventually having to get fucked . . . just to stay on top.  Then they will have nothing else to deliver, their appeal will begin to fade as they get older, moving from mainstream gay porn to “older” gay porn, to straight porn, then no more career . . . no more fans.  How sad.  He’ll follow in the footsteps of Ryan Idol and Jeff Stryker . . . ending up signing auographs for movies he made 10 years ago, in diry bookstores . . . . whipping out his dick for anyone that throws him a buck. (I have actually seen this so not making it up).   Yes, Cody, save your money if you think porn is your lifetime career, cause you’ll be retired by 40.   

  • Pigknuckle

    gimmick!  this str8 guy is only up for one thing, taking money from us mo’s. 

  • SoSo

    Who wants to share passwords? I wanna see this vid. =;P

  • V-8

    I thought this video was totally hot and think Cody is stepping in the right direction….

  • Vinnie

    In my opinion, any man that get’s fuck in his ass is not straight.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, you’re wrong. Plenty of men experiment with toys or strap-ons with their girlfriends. It’s not “gay” to enjoy prostate stimulation.

  • What’s really tragic is the text for the trailer.  Did they take it out of a cheap romance novel?  As always, a lot of build up for another modeling shoot for Cody.  Put out or get out, Cody.

  • PCav

    Don’t they think that is anyone joined his sight JUST to see him get fucked in this scene are going to be extremely pissed when they find out its simulated? Not a good look.

  • j boy

    Sorry to burst your bubble Witty, but i saw a clip of him in a bi-threeway and he was defiantely getting plowed. However, that was the first time I saw him fuck a guy,

  • mrlulu

    Enough with this guy already!!

  • lagymboy

    Jockstud23….Cody (his real name is Kevin) is not a junky. I stumbled upon him a little while back. Turns out he is my neighbor. He bought a house east of Los Angeles. Its not a crappy area either. He is actually a pretty good guy, not to mention an awesome neighbor. He is not straight. It is an act that worked for him for a while. The name on his arm I believe id his sister that was killed as a child. 
    Do not be so quick to judge. The You supporting a fellow gay by going to his site.
    Feel free to comment back

  • Geof

    well there goes mycody cummings  fleshjack untouched fantasy….lmao

  • Yet992

    Cool story, bro.

  • Aphenderson

    It’s a load of BS. He doesn’t get fucked, all the “penetration” scenes are conveniently out of shot. You never actually see dick in ass. 
    And Cody STILL doesn’t kiss. or suck. 

  • tiger42

     true dat!! Although the video is somewhat hot the camera never shows ANY penetration at all. Cody just acts like he is getting it and giving do not see any penetration. Cody has done another video where he actually jacks off another guy and does just enough lip to lip action to tease. Although he finished himself off as does the guy with him. He needs to let his guard down and just do it!!!

  • It’s funny to see everyone talk shit about Cody, it’s almost like a hatred I sense from some of the If you don’t like him, good, then don’t watch he’s shit, and if you like to watch his stuff, then fine…everyone has their favorites and preferences, let people be. Cody ain’t doing shit to you so why trash the guy, he’s making money and what he does is his business..Period. And yeah I’m gay and I love Cody, the man is actually a total gentlemen, I met him at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo…

  • Akesk

    Everyone! Go to his site! He’a already kissing! In the movie Shadowkiss he kisses the guy and it’s not the first time! Obviously is not straight, he’s bi! And in real life I doubt that he didn’t kiss or fuck a guy already!

  • I’ve seen the videos.  There is NO penetration, just good camera positioning.  It’s all a big farce.

  • SinEater

    lol, yeah it is.

  • Hairball1969

    Who actually cares!? porn is all fantasy anyway most straight and gay pornstars use off camera stimulation anyway wether it be drugs, porn or fluffer, why all the anger and bitchy comments? wank over it or find something else that gets you off, its worrying when it comes to an all out debate on porn!!!!!

  • Me

    it is obvously a simulation…. 

  • Michaelloss

    Let’s get real, guys—Cody didn’t bottom, and he didn’t fuck anyone. I haven’t even seen the whole video, because it’s not worth it. It’s the way the filmed it..if you don’t see an actual penis going into a’s not real. Sorry. Wishful thinking, I suppose?

  • jakemuscle

    I dont think cody is really getting fucked you never really see the actual penetration. Actually if i was gay for pay I think i would suck a dick before I would take a dick in the ass – just sayin!

  • Dene

    They fake it well and it’s great for fantasy …but no actually f**king! Cody is get pulling another trick and F**king with his audience. Though I bet he would love it!