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December 10, 2011

Everything Butt: Drew

If you thought Jed had an impressive muscle butt, then you need to feast your eyes on fellow Sean Cody model Drew. The word “badonkadonk” was basically created to describe his glutes. Also, his legs are simply out of control! “It’s my Hawaiian background, I think,” he told the site. “We all have huge calves!”

Whatever it is, we just want to see more of it. We particularly want to see it getting plowed in Sean Cody’s “San Diego McMansion”, by whatever random muscle jock they decide to hire. Frankly, you could just make a solo video of Drew’s butt cheeks, and we’d masturbate to it for the rest of our lives. Ugh! Too good.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Sean Cody

Click through to see more of Drew:

The obligatory shots of the front:

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calin 1:38pm on August 12, 2012

i lowe tu beautiful body,umbesso tu boca.

  • Adam

    hairy ass….yuk

  • JarredMikkal

    Wow hes the total package! Killer smile and that butt is amazing!

  • Runnah69

    awesome  –  great ass  –  great smile    –   beautiful  cock   just right  for sucking   –   who  could want more!!!!

  • Robbie

    Umm! I see what you mean, what a peach, that said I prefer my peaches to be smooth, they taste so much juicier!!

  • Jj98291

    AWESOME–the whole package…

  • Josh

    Love a naturally hairy man…beautiful ass

  • Boomer84

    Pacific Islander men usually have great asses. This is my kinda dude

  • Pianoman_1958

    Perfect everything.  what more can I say.

  • alaskaman

    hairy ass….yum

  • Peter

    “Badonkadonk”? you guys are so funny…nice arse, cute smile; would lvoe to put a smile on his face!

  • Joseph

    Yep, he’s pretty much damn near perfection. I want him for Christmas!

  • shyguyinwwa

    I agree Pianoman and Joseph   what more  can one say  he would be the perfect  Christmas gift.mmmmmmmm

  • darryl

    He does have a great smile, plus a nice muscle butt, who could ask for anything more

  • Rocklandguyny

    seriously though, i love veiny dicks

  • karl


  • JusMeNu

    Yummm! Would be to be stranded on a deserted island with him.

  • Pissleather

    Holy fucken crap this guy is perfect in every way!!! Great face, nice smile gorgeous body, lovely ass and a fucken great cock.Please give him my address!!! Rape me rape me please fucken rape me!!!!

  • joeat

    Gorgeous hairy ass and I could make oral love to every vein on his beautiful cock. 

  • Brian

    agreed – yumm! let me just dive in

  • Scorpdewd

    why stop at the ass when you have those legs to match…..that’s a hot massage waiting to happen

  • ubg469

    This boy is HOT ! – everything about him is sexy – definitely my kinda guy – i could get lost between those cheeks and never want to be found – love it !

  • mark


  • darryl

    He does have a great ass, plus that smile makes me think that he has a nasty streak too. 

  • Huncut

    I knew Hawaii was heaven on earth and now I can see it has the most beautiful men too.  Why isn’t HE on the front of People instead of Bradley Cooper or some other made up actor?

  • Commenter

    So eatable.

  • JPH

    Nice bums. Perfection for me. Aloha!

  • That is indeed a mighty fine behind.

  • Shoesize15

    Yowsa!  O let me play with that ass and those legs!! WOOF!

  • see.

    this is why a trip to hawai’i is definitely in order.

    the second i step onto the island i know i will jizz right in my pants.

    drew is such a hot young hunk.

    he can be a permanent part of my The Ten, certainly.

  • Jimm

    Uh YES please..that ass looks yum!

  • JeremyS


  • Mattnphilly

    omg – Marry Me!!

  • calin

    i lowe tu grande POLLA.

  • calin

    i lowe tu grande POLLA.

  • calin

    i lowe tu beautiful body,umbesso tu boca.

  • calin

    i lowe tu beautiful body,umbesso tu boca.

  • calin

    i lowe tu beautiful body,umbesso tu boca.

  • calin

    i lowe tu beautiful body,umbesso tu boca.