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December 19, 2011

Fuck Vs. Fuck: COLT’s Manpower

We’re this close to giving the 2011 “Get Inside Me Now” award to Spencer Reed without considering any other competitors. As you might imagine, this particular honor would serve as the companion piece for our currently-unannounced Hottest Cock Slut award, and it’s exactly what it sounds like—the person who had us screaming “get inside me” the most within the past year.

Max London, Tom Wolfe, Samuel O’Toole and Gabriel Clark are all on our shortlist, but the list is so incredibly short that it seems nonsensical to have a vote or ask for your feedback. Although, in a way, you could say that we’re technically asking for your feedback right now…

Here’s the deal! If Spencer (pictured above) and his scene partner Bob Hager wins this round of Fuck Vs. Fuck, he’ll be announced as the official winner of 2011’s “Get Inside Me Now” award. If he doesn’t win, we’ll take more time to consider nominees and make this a fair contest. Does that sound like a good plan?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To watch the trailer and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

If the above clip isn’t working, watch the trailer over here.

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Grk 6:40pm on February 25, 2012

easy choice  ... !  Nate and Shay are absolutely great : the best of all !  I know it's a personal thing / but I can't resist those two hunks , for me they are among the hottest stars ever !

  • Breon

    Spencer is so hot..but the use of juice concerns me..he looks great at the moment..but he will not age so well…two words Tom Chase…but fuck it ride the wave cus there is a hot young juicer ready to replace him….still a hot fucker…

  • Kristofer Weston

    By far one of the sexiest and easiest COLT Men I’ve ever directed! Spencer and Bob totally loved doing this scene  and it shows!

  • Jimmy T

    All really boring and lame, like just about every Colt porn video I’ve ever seen.  Their models/actors always exhibit about as much believable passion as a brick.

  • TommyTrojan

    Yeah, but how many of those votes are for Bob Hager bottoming as opposed to the scene partners and/or Spencer Reed as top?

    Bob Hager, Marc Dylan and Shay Michaels all bottoming in one video?!?!  Who gives a shit who the tops are–I just want to see those sweet muscle asses get fucked!

  • DMM18nov

    I’d be more into Spencer Reed if he could consistently sport an erection on screen.  My vote went to Nate and Shay…WOOF!

  • Breon

    I love you Jimmy…so well said

  • Tom in STL

    Put Spencer Reed with Shay Michaels and they would run away with it!  I voted for Spencer and Bob because Spencer in that plaid shirt makes me want to shoot a load right away!

  • Shawn

    These guys are all disgusting. No one over 30 should be allowed to perform in pornos.

  • ricanhotty

    Shawn you’re an idot…all these guys are hot. Just cause you are not attracted to them doesn’t mean someone else isn’t. If you have nothing nice to say then keep your opinions to yourself.

  • ManLover

    Best trailer ever. 8 amazingly hot guys all fucking each other, god I wish I was part of that…

  • wwodbareman

    these guys are all hot.

  • Red Rover

    Very “lack luster”….just like the other 200 films they’ve put out.  Those models all look like they could use some rest.

  • Grk

    easy choice  … !  Nate and Shay are absolutely great : the best of all !  I know it’s a personal
    thing / but I can’t resist those two hunks , for me they are among the hottest stars ever !