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December 15, 2011

Is The Silver Fox Coming Out Of The Closet?

It’s about damn time! Gawker is reporting that CNN anchor, talk show host, and hot silvery piece Anderson Cooper is prepping a coming out episode of his show. He will reportedly reveal that he likes dudes during February sweeps (obviously).

Not that it matters. If need be, Anderson can stay in his cupboard for the rest of his life. But it just seems kinda silly at this point, doesn’t it? He’s always out with his bf, he’s made plenty of allusions on the air to liking dick, and he’s shown himself to be a fierce proponent of gay rights.

But, it’s not an easy task. Sometimes those of us who are out forget how hard it was saying those words. And to be frank, closeted gay celebrities have to worry about their money situation.

Cooper is an extremely popular news anchor and talk show host and it’s 2011, so he’s probably fine. Celebs who are performers, however, worry that they’ll lose their fan base if it’s revealed that they like ass of the same sex.

Wow, when did this become a frank discussion of celebrities coming out? Let’s get back to the gossip!

The Silver Fox is prepping his coming out by reportedly bringing his alleged boyfriend (HAWT NYC gay bar owner Benjamin Maisani, see a pic of him after the jump) to the private Anderson show Christmas party. These two are a smokin’ duo, so they better have plenty of mistletoe at the Russian Tea Room that night.

What do you think? Will he do it? Do you think he’ll lose any viewers if he does?

– J. Harvey

For more pics, Follow the JUMP:

Fergie ruins everything.

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Chrizzy 10:45am on December 19, 2011

Anderson you're FABULOUS!

  • Stereo

    It’s about time. He is a good role model and can be inspiring to a new generation of young gay people who might feel isolated or depressed about their sexual orientation.

  • Just saying

    If Anderson Cooper is gay, great.  If he’s not, great.  Coming out is a hard thing for many to do and I applaud him for it if he does, especially on national television.   I didn’t until I was over 30, had been engaged to be married to a girl, and a whole heap of other things, most notably a public job that puts me in the spotlight.  I applaud when gay men become comfortable with their sexuality but never to the point of making others uncomfortable with it.  Do you know how hard it was to explain to my parents that I wouldn’t be wearing short shorts, shaving my whole body, sleeping with anything that didn’t move and marching in a parade every weekend (you laugh but that was their view)?  (Note- they still don’t accept it).

    Anderson Cooper is a career-oriented professional who is respected by gays and straights alike.  We need more examples like him in the community to show that we want to be taken serious and that who you sleep with at night has nothing to do with your career, personality, or how you interact with society.

  • Kennie

    I don’t care if Anderson Cooper is gay or straight. It’s none of my business.

  • Carlos

    Let the people lives their own life; if he is gay or not is only his business!

  • hman

    Your right it’s no one’s business, but your wrong about 2011,  seems to still be a problem in 44 0r 45 states in America, and with the GOP ,and to many religous organizations (that have no fucking business being in other people’s business anyway, I thought we lived in a country that had seperation of church and state)
    The only problem I have with Anderson, is it’s not me that he is sleeping with.

  • Jake

    Actually he’s been out for years, because he’s one of those tiresome gay celebs (Sean Hayes being another) who dodged the question with “I don’t like to comment on my sexuality because it might jeopardize my ability to be objective” blah blah blah. That’s the same as saying “Yes, I’m gay” because really, what straight person would do such a thing?

  • Anne Noise

    I mostly just want to see them fuck.  I could care less if he’s publicly out or not.

  • jDressler

    my problem with the idea that “it’s his business and no one else’s” is that it’s a great benefit to gay youth to have out role models — we were all in highschool; we all remember feeling completely alone — it’s positive for the community and civic-minded for successful gay men to be proud, out, successful gay men — i think we can all agree that closet cases who actively lie about it and defame gays are the worst [hi, tom cruise.  sup?] — while it isn’t nearly as bad for people like anderson cooper to be quiet and respectable about it (after all, he still fights the gay fight, but as an advocate rather than a party member), i maintain it is better for the gay community as a whole for people like him to be open about it and stand are visible role models

    anyway: more power to anderson cooper — he’s a very handsome man, and very good at his job



  • steve

    Who cares if he’s gay! So what that another newsreader anchor man comes out, there are so much more news worthy subjects to be reported on in this day and age. Good luck to him and all the best for the future.

  • Gettomagic

    it’s not that it’s anyone business it’s showing that if you are gay you shouldn’t ever have to fear coming out. It shouldn’t hurt your career and for all of the youth they can see that famous people come out just like everyone else and they can have hope. It doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not, what matters is he should live as he chooses and be able to be happy and not have to hide his life.

  • no, “no comment” is not the same as “i’m gay.”   in no way shape or form. 

  • Luna Lopezjoe

    Who freaken cares  gay or straight , he’s still a cute fuker  ! Lol

  • Adrian

    So it is the 21st century and its still all about sex, no change then……

  • Lee Keels

    And there we go.  The comment that sets our cause back 50 years with only a few words.  Thank you for being consistent.

  • KatyCraigsss

    Fucking HOT the both of them…

  • john

    I wasn’t aware that Anderson Cooper was in the closet. It was my impression that he gave everyone the “none of your business” being that we are nobody, and don’t have the right to that information if he doesn’t want to give it. It’s a rather healthy attitude, and one that I respect him greatly for. If he does decide to do the full-on Lance Bass / Ricky Martin / Ellen treatment on us…I won’t begrudge him for it, but I will miss the kind of silent dignity he brought to the table.

  • Jack88

    God I hate this Yuppy Ken Doll Pretty boy. He’s soooo annoying, right down to his matching fred perry polos. ick.

  • Anne Noise

    Glad to be there for you.

  • alex

    he mustn’t do it, he’ll lose all his commercial availability. Its the equivalent to straight men and women having babies. The most successful men and women in hw are those that stayed commercially available the longest from leonardo dicaprio, to jennifer aniston. Once one comes out of the closet/has kids one loses the ability to sell oneself as a fantasy object to all women under 20 which is a huge base, thats what happened to ryan phillipe’s career when he had kids and jonathan bennetts once he was hounded out

  • Phil

    I seem to recall an episode of Oprah from about 5 years ago, where he openly admitted to being gay. Anyway, what does it matter if he’s out or not? It’s almost 2012 and we should be thinking of people as people, not attaching labels to them.

  • alex

    he mustn’t do it, he’ll lose all his commercial availability. Its the equivalent to straight men and women having babies. The most successful men and women in hw are those that stayed commercially available the longest from leonardo dicaprio, to jennifer aniston. Once one comes out of the closet/has kids one loses the ability to sell oneself as a fantasy object to all women under 20 which is a huge base, thats what happened to ryan phillipe’s career when he had kids and jonathan bennetts once he was hounded out.

  • Admitting that gay men are typically horn dogs hurts us? Pfft. It’s great someone is being honest about their sexuality in this country. If it has to be gay men then so be it.

  • Pigknuckle

    i just wish there was more depth to anderson cooper.  he’s dating a gay bar owner who looks like a gay porn star.  really?  i guess at the end of the day, ac is just a typical gay dude after all.  oh well.

  • Anne Noise

    Yup.  This is a gossip-y, porn-y, very sexual blog.  The pictures posted are clearly there as eye candy.  Anderson Cooper’s coming out is such a boring topic – we’ve been discussing it for a fucking decade! – and my lascivious mental images of his boyfriend and him together… that’s much more interesting!

  • StoptheNoise

    You can have the images and the fantasy.  But come on dude- your schtick is so boring.  Gay guys love to think about other dudes getting it on and then get it on themselves.  But straight people do too.  Our gay culture needs to pump the brakes a bit and show that we are a contributing part to society.  You can be gay and a horndog at home, but just be a person.  I think that’s why the Anderson Cooper “coming out” announcement could be big forgay society.  He functions in a straight world and his coming out won’t hurt anyone.  It can only show then that we are part of this country too and can go about it in a civil and adult (most of us are above 18) way.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to jerk off thinking about Hugh Jackman (yes, I think he likes then penis).

  • Anne Noise

    Your comment makes no sense.  What you call “schtick” I call having an opinion.  You’re telling me gay people and straight people are both horn dogs, so I need to be just a person?  What the fuck does that even mean?  You seem to have decided way too much about me from a handful of comments on a gay porn blog.  Shockingly, yes, I talk about sex almost exclusively in my comments… on the Manhunt fucking porn blog.  I didn’t know I need to be on the forefront of “contributing part to society” as part of “gay society” on a site devoted to naked dudes.

    I never said his coming out would hurt anyone, I never said I was against it, I just said I don’t care and I’m sick of discussing it.  He is who he is, and while I think his coming out can be a good step towards visibility and support for the younger gay crowd, I also don’t think this issue is going to be explored in any new or insightful ways until after he DOES come out, so I’d rather just continue thinking about him naked, thanks.

  • Cortez

    His BF looks like a douche. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he looks like a douche. you must be jealous. Whatever anyone’s reason for coming out or not, it their own personal choice. Others have done it, i.e. Don Lemon and Thomas Roberts. Nothing happened to them!

  • nick

    I’m guessing Anderson could have any guy he wanted (literally!), but this BF he has chosen must have some appeal to him?!      What he does in the bedroom, and with whom, is no business of the publics (but I enjoy thinking about it!)   If he wants to publicly state what is pretty much a well known ‘open secret’…. more power to him.  Any viewer who isn’t aware of this ‘open secret’ and chooses to stop watching a gifted newsman, has a multitude of issues…….

  • Bleuskyymn

    Revealing personal information about yourself can be difficult – whether it’s telling others you’re gay, or that you’re having marital troubles or money problems, or all of those things that aren’t supposed to be “talked about openly”.  I can only imagine how much more difficult it can be to do it in such a public way.  We all have things we want to control & want to do on our own terms when we’re ready.  I applaud any person, celebrity or not, for making such a decision.  Living your life honestly is noble, and isn’t always easy, but nearly always is, exceptionally freeing.  In our world today, being in the public eye creates an enormous opportunity and platform for doing something good.  Therefore, anything that can help reduce or eliminate ignorance and advance greater understanding is a good thing as I see it.  I truly appreciate all of those who have taken a leap of faith in the good of humankind and have helped us continue to grow this world in a way that is greater than each of us individually.

  • toni

    And what if he comes out and say im Bisexuall? Would you be dissapointed?
    Please, no one doesnt need to say anything publicly about his or her sex life, or where he puts his dick, its private thing…
    If you are a celebrity and gay and want to support gay rights by saying they are gay too, its ok, they can do that if they want, if not its ok too…
    That is what sexually freedom is about…

  • Good luck to him in doing what he needs to do on his journey. I do hope he comes out publicly because it will send a positive message to other closted gays that it’s okay to do so and to gay youth that it’s okay to be who you are.  It also sends a message to homophobic America that even the ones you didn’t think (and most straight people don’t know he’s gay) are gay really are…so get over it because unless you’re trying to have sex with them, it doesn’t really matter what someones orientation is.

  • jun

    Yes Phil, people should regarded as people, not attaching labels to them. Whether gay, lesbian, straight, either good looking or ugly, short or tall, rich or poor, we should be treating each other as equal. Respect begets respect. Mr. Cooper is a nice guy and whatever he do in his private life, as long as he is not hurting people, should not at all be an issue. It is his talent that should be given emphasis, not his sexuality.

  • supermariano

    anderson is the most sexy man on the tely….

  • Chrizzy

    Anderson you’re FABULOUS!