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December 16, 2011

Kris Evans Does The Peters Twins

Did you think the Peters Twins would allow themselves to be upstaged by Brazilian twins Marcio and Marcos Patriota? Think again! The identical brothers are back in this cum-covered scene with Kris Evans. It’s okay if you’re not into the whole twincest thing, because this clip’s mostly about how perfect Kris Evans’ balls are (and the way he plays the bros’ holes like he’s spinning records at a really cool party).

Watch it. Love it. Hate it. DISCUSS THE CONTROVERSY, or tell us how you’re over it.

Also, this is completely unrelated, but can you please give Michael Stabile some money so he can make this documentary? Go here and make a donation. There are no ulterior motives in me asking you to do this. I just really want to see this movie, and it might not exist without your help.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bel Ami

Click through to see more pics and watch a free preview clip:

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MacFitz 7:18am on January 2, 2012

Geez - they all look the same!

  • jDressler

    i have never paid any money to bel ami for anything — i saw this update on their site yesterday, because i routinely check for new kris evans shoots — decided: christmas present to self, membership for the express purpose of downloading this scene (and all of kris’s other ones with it)

    kris evans is probably my favorite porn star active today [[sorry nicco, kaden, and shane]]

  • RoadRunner86

    Dayum, maybe its me, but its hard to tell who’s doing who in this 3 way!

  • Jimmy T

    Looks way hot to me.

  • deepthroater2

    Looks way hot to me too!

  • Anonymous

    Having sex with a set of twins is a long time fantasy of mine. I’m not sure, if I was a twin, I could do it with him. But all guys are sexy in this vid.

  • TommyTrojan

    Yeah, I was about to say, I have to believe that having sex with twins has got to be a fantasy of most gay men.  It’s definitely on my ‘fucket’ list!

    Getting his dick sucked and his ass eaten at the same time by these boys?  Damn, Kris Evans is a lucky SOB!

  • It looks like a lot of things are perfect on Kris.  Has he been featured here in any of the 638 blog categories that he would fit in?  Best everything? Best everything of the year? Best best?

  • Incockpigs

    awesome , to play and watch those boys fuck each other and the big heavy balls on Kris   YUMMMMM

  • Jacob

    I’m sorry but twins or not, incest is disgusting. Please stop posting such garbage.

  • MacFitz

    Geez – they all look the same!