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December 5, 2011

Leo Forte: 2011’s Cocksucker of The Year

This one isn’t up for debate. Our dear friends at Titan Men sent over an exclusive clip of Leo Forte deepthroating Troy Daniels in their new film Inmates, and it proves that Leo is undoubtedly 2011’s Cocksucker of The Year. He’s encouraged to head (no pun intended) over to Manhunt headquarters (again, no pun intended) to pick up his prize at his convenience. Spoiler alert! His prize is more dicks to suck. Our dicks, specifically.

In all seriousness, we look forward to seeing more of Leo in 2012! If you still don’t “get” why we’ve suddenly become obsessed with him, just watch the damn video and it’ll cum come to you. ::sigh:: Don’t you wish all men could suck dick that well?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Titan Men

Click through to watch Leo suck cock like a champ:

Behold, Leo’s cock swallowing skills:

And here’s the official trailer for his scene from Inmates:

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Dmb71456 2:26am on December 24, 2011

Well I certainly would love for you to syuck my cock and I would love to ride yours...I thought the video was fucken hot....

  • EDM

    How can he be judged a great C sucker when the balls are NOT hanging below his chin, Or for that matter the balls are NOT included inside his mouth? !!!!!!

  • April

    You know how the Tin Man sang “If I Only Had A Brain”. I like to think after seeing Leo hard at work that my theme song would be “If I Only Had A Cock.”

  • Frezetti

    Greatest cocksucker?? Are you fucking kidding me? See, it’s this kind of bullshit on MH that pisses me off.  To me he looks only to be average at it at best, and I bet he doesn’t let guys cum in his mouth either. Amateurs.

  • April

    Oops. That wasn’t the Tin Man. That was the Scarecrow. LOL I got so carried away watching the cocksucking that it apparently ate my brain. Sorry!

  • Leo Forte

    YOu Jaded Fucks.. if you get to watch the actual scene you will know why.  I have an unnatural ability when it comes to sucking cock, get off your high heels and let me enjoy it.  Thanks

    Leo Forte

  • Scott

    Sexiest man in porn. Period.

  • Brandonjs2010

    I think Leo is an amazing cock sucker let him slober all over mine

  • Frezetti

    Bitch if we ever went head to head so to speak in a Suck Off, you’d go home crying like a little girl. I’ll show you abilities scientists ain’t even seen.

  • David

    I think Leo is an amazing PERSON! The award is tongue-in-cheek or rather tongue-on-dick. You haters are nothing more than the bullies who pick on lil kids in high school just physically older. Get a life. Stop hating. And leave Leo alone. If you put as much energy into HATING as you did into doing something positive maybe this world would be alot better for it.

  • needlipsnass

    I think ANY cocksucker is a GREAT cocksucker!

  • Justin Simpson

    Leo is an amazing man, and an amazing performer, if he gets a silly little award like the “Manhunt ‘fucking’ Cocksucker’s Award” let him have it, and let him be! Love you Leo!

  • Lendol100

    In that case, I’d love to meet you!

  • homosensuel

    hey Leo baby…ever in atlanta?

  • James King

    This is the equal to getting a T-Ball Award (lol)  – if he is chocking on an avg cock like that…. at best he is an average sucker for avg. to small size cocks. I would walk away. So typical of the self-deserving.

  • Dumb_n_cute

    this is just dumb

  • Dean Schiessl

    Leo Forte is the most amazing man alive!!  I loved what I saw and Leo I am so proud to be your friend!  Great job!  Love all your work! 

  • ISUboi

    for anyone who is hating on leo… umm, what are you doing with your life that you have to be negative over porn… he sucks cock, i think any man would be glad to have their cock sucked by a hot, fit man.

  • Dean Schiessl

     Well said David.  Loving you Leo from Washington state!

  • David

    why did you waste the keystrokes? seriously?

  • My fuck buddy swallows my 9 incher better.  But Leo, you’re still hot.  And you’re more than welcome to feast on mine and go head to head with my buddy 😉

  • Robbie

    Damn It! So jealous, I’ve never bin able to swallow cock that like that without gagging! Wish I could?
    I had a guy who did it to me once & it’s real hot getting deep throated & shooting off a load.

  • Grnletony89

    Guys please get a life. If the gave the award to him so what. I would love to get sucked off by him. And for all you haters if you or your friend can suck dick better than why are you not in porn and being recognized for it??? Did anyone ever think of that?

  • Taurus051780

    I am the Greatest ever bring me one I have no gag reflex then bring all my awards.

  • Cortez

    He’s not even cute, let him have his cocksucking award. lol. 

  • James King

    Hilarious! If they would stop sucking his cock (bottoms4bottoms), they will see he is gagging on an average cock and reality might set in. 

    -Grnletony89,  just b/c someone critiques a pornstar does not make them a hater, its just an opinion and we are all entitled to it.Not everyone has the (high/low) self-esteem to want to be a pornstar, if that is your life good for you.

  • Cman65

    I offen get told that I give great head but I can’t go down like that

  • RavelTrouser

    I’m pretty sure that the “hating” that’s being perceived is less that actual sentiment, and more that “cocksucker of the year” is a pretty definitive statement for a very subjective skill set. It isn’t that people have personal animosity toward the performer, they just don’t want to be told to like it. I mean, we didn’t get a vote on this one, we were actually told it wasn’t up for debate…naturally a debate will ensue.

  • Ashton

    Meh, sorry but I don’t think this one is that great.
    I’ve seen some utterly orgasmic blowjob scenes in my time – many involving deepthroating. I just don’t feel this one rates as highly in my opinion.

    I guess this one is very much a case of: to each his own.

  • TommyTrojan

    I don’t know…that looks like some pretty damn impressive deepthroating to me, especially at the end of the clip.  Love it when a guy’s spit is dripping off a hard, freshly sucked cock.  Nice work Leo!

  • Leo, welcome to ManCUNTdaily, where no one gets out unscathed. It doesn’t matter how sexy you are or talented or hung or whatever, someone here will need to project their insecurities and judgment upon you to try and make themselves feel better about themselves.  Savor your victory, I’m sure there will be lots of other sexy cocksuckers clawing and scratching their way to the title for next year.

  • Dmb71456

    Well I certainly would love for you to syuck my cock and I would love to ride yours…I thought the video was fucken hot….