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December 23, 2011

Manhunt Daily Wood: Maybe THESE Are 2011′s Sexiest Men?

Take note! Much like our previous compilation of Quickies, the title of this post is a question. We are not stating that the following ten fellows are, indeed, the sexiest men of 2011. They’re just the subjects of the ten most popular posts from our Manhunt Daily Wood series, ranked accordingly from least to most amount of views. Just to clarify—we had no say as to who’d appear on this list! We’re just taking our cues from the statistics and numbers.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s find out who made the cut!

– Dewitt

Click through to check out this list and touch your dick a whole lot:



We wrote: “Radek is an absolutely stunning specimen of man-meat. We know some snarky queen’s gonna make a comment like, ‘He doesn’t LOOK like he’s packing much meat in that jockstrap’, but there are more important things in life than penis size… Like being so beautiful that we literally can’t stand it.”



We wrote: “Wisconsin-born model Nic Haas (aka Nick Hawk) graced the cover of Men’s Health UK in 2008 and got his start with appearances on The Tyra Banks Show and The Girls Next Door. Judging by the size of that bulge in the white jock, they build em’ big in Wisconsin.”



We wrote: “He’s just the kind of guy you want to take home….and let use your body in every sweat-soaked configuration possible. Emerson is the latest in a long line of male models giving us fever via Rick Day’s camera. Doesn’t this dude know any ugly people? Answer = nope. “



We wrote: “Do any of you guys have the same fetish as me? My fetish is for when gorgeous guys act goofy in pics, and it makes them so irresistibly cute that my pants feel smaller. For real, any golden boy acting wacky makes him into a little sex puppy. A sex puppy…sorry, let me drop the bestiality angle…a sexy guy that needs to be plundered.”



We wrote: “Meet Sean Patrick Davey. I’m going to guess he’s Irish. He’s got that muscular thickness, and he’s teasing us with those fiery pubes. The interesting thing is that you would expect him to have a big round ass to match the rest of his bod, but then – surprise – it’s petite. Genetics are funny. But what he doesn’t have in ass, he makes up for in build.”



We wrote: “Remember extreme gorgeousness David “Wolfman” Williams? Would you believe he has a brother that’s equally hot and also plays ball? *mouth agape* Er, it’s kind of hard to collect my thoughts and put fingers to keys when faced with a man as handsome as John Williams.  Both boys have been featured in DNA magazine and Australia’s Gods of Football calendar. Why is their family this hot? Was there some sort of bargain with Satan?”



We wrote: “This hunka hunka burning love is Joseph Orodisio. Judging by photographer Rick Day’s pictures of him, his hobbies are sitting around mostly naked, lifting weights, and generally being a sexy motherfucker. Those are good hobbies.”



We wrote: “He has all the right components to get you pitching a tent in your pants. Toned, hairy torso? Check. Totally handsome face? Double check. Enough sex appeal to mystically solve world hunger and cure every known ailment? Well, we can’t have it all…”



We wrote: “Lumberjack hotness! Join me in eye-fucking Leighton Stultz. He’s fitness model hotness who has posed for Playgirl. And he’s looking completely doable in this tools-in-the-wilderness scenario.”



We wrote: “There comes a point in every blogger’s life where he just has to say to himself, ‘Fuck it! I’m going to post more pictures of Benjamin Godfre‘s penis.’ The spunky male model and skateboarding enthusiast reached the top of The Ten, our weekly countdown of the sexiest men, back in August, and he stayed there until we posted a kinky shot of him tied to a tree.”



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Anthony Powers 2:00am on December 31, 2011

10, 4, 2, and 1 are all i need in life   lol. 

  • Ryan

    I’ll agree with this list.

  • Ryan

    I’ll agree with this list.


    SUPER LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SUPER LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tiger40

    Lance and Bo for sure along with Benjamin!

  • Jimmy T

    Yep, this list makes it for me too…just one hot guy after another.  Can you have a deca-way?

  • Jimmy T

    Yep, this list makes it for me too…just one hot guy after another.  Can you have a deca-way?

  • Johann Potgieter

    Lance, Bo and John

  • Bernard

    Very hot hot guys but why no men of color, are we not hot to 🙁

  • I fell in lust with Nic Haas in 2007 when he was on Male Perfection. Those videos are now on

  • Daniel Paul

    Got to love always sexy Ben Godfre  

  • Tim

    I agreed with the ordering of this list from 5-2. The rest were way off for me.

  • LB

    They all look like the same person with the exception of the redhead 🙁 Diversity rocks….

  • Rowin

    I love to travel and I’ve been to many places. I have seen the sunset over some of the Pyramids of Egypt and I have walked along the beaches of Tahiti as the sunsets. Though entirely different both are equally impressive. Can you compare them? Not in my opinion.

    I think the same goes for each and every one of these gorgeous men, though clearly different they are each perfect examples of MALE BEAUTY!

    Yes I’m partial to Benjamin Godfre and Leighton Stultz but could and would I pass on the other men just to get to them? ………….. I sincerely doubt that 🙂

  • supermariano

    let them be my 10 elfs!!! happy santa all!!!

  • EDM

    Where is Santa when I need him?  I want them ALL, first one at a time, then all together!

  • Al

    Hello Sean Patrick Davey!!!! Yum.

  • OMFG! What a fucking hot list that is. I could just eat them all (in any sequence). Thanks for compiling these lists…is there going to be one where we get to consciously vote?

  • i guess my own tastes really aren’t main•stream, after all. . . . .

  • Benjamin and Leighton

  • Underwraps87

    Love the guys on the list. I just think Leighton should be #1.

  • Jesus1245

    They are not sexy they are hto to be sexy you need more that abs you to be sexy need that smile and look in your eyes that people say damn he melt me with those well at least that is sexy for me so they dont qualify to me as sexy just as mother fucking hot XD

  • Jesus1245

    For me the red head is the hottes one

  • JG

    Very happy Benjamin Godfre is #1 – that is one fine piece of man…

  • Incockpigs

    Sorry but the blazin red hot red head Sean Patrick is way so more the hottest DAYUM BOI!

  • JeremyS

    The top three should’ve been 2, 4 and 5. Wow, what a four-way that would make!

  • G.E.N.E.R.I.C C.L.O.N.E.S

    Blue Steel…Magnum..Le Tigre..

  • 10, 4, 2, and 1 are all i need in life   lol.