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December 16, 2011

Manhunt’s Man of The Year: Who Took The Prize?

Before you get all up in arms about what qualifies someone to be Manhunt‘s “Man of The Year”, we should explain that this is really just a countdown of the ten most popular Manhunt Man of The Week entries. The following guys were handpicked by my much-more-witty-and-lovable co-blogger J. Harvey. His selections were based on both looks and personality, the latter of which was judged by their answers to our sexy questionnaire.

Speaking of which, you should answer that questionnaire and become our next Manhunt Man of The Week! Who knows? If you impress your fellow readers enough, you might find yourself listed in next year’s post as the 2012 Man of The Year.

UPDATE: We’re in the process of rewarding these ten “Men of The Year” with six free months ONE YEAR of unlimited membership to Manhunt. This might be incentive to apply yourself, eh? Eh? Eh?

– Dewitt

Click through to find out who’s YOUR Man of The Year:



He says: “The most unusual place I’ve had sex is probably on a massage table. After all was said and done, I don’t know what was more loose—my muscles or his bubble butt.”


9. sharashero:

On his hottest Manhunt hook-up: “It was an amazing guy from New York. They’ve [guys from NYC] got the perfectly cut cocks- and accents, too. They’re all cut and nicely made. And they know how to have a good time and turn a guy on.”



He says: “My favorite part of a guy’s body is his waistline, more the oblique lines. I like grabbing it and holding it in different positions while we’re fucking. Also, I love it when a guy’s mouth is all over mine, making me twitch with pleasure. That usually results in my dick leaking instantly.”


7. haz1212:

On whether size matters: “No, not really. What matters to me is more the guy attached to the cock. He can be the most buff, physically attractive dude in the world. But if his personality is a dud, well I’d rather just go have a wank.”


6. Fitand46:

On his hottest Manhunt hook-up: “A hot guy who is into all sorts of kinky stuff. He even had a sling at home, with full bondage gear and was up for everything. Hot, hot sex”


5. CasinMN:

About his favorite part on a guy: “I like his penis, really. I love the way they look, feel, smell and I like what comes out of them.”


4. JelloSlapper:

Regarding the most unusual place he had sex: “…I wasn’t planning on getting fucked that night I just wanted to taste his sweaty balls and cock and mess around in his jeep. Next thing I know he has me bent over the passenger seat and he is eating my ass, after a few minutes of that he slipped his cock into my ass, and it felt so god damn amazing I didn’t want it to stop, I wanted him to fuck me so hard that his cum came out my ears!”


3. Rippedmuscljock4u:

On his hottest Manhunt hook-up: “Some dude called me over, had two dudes there and we started in the jacuzzi and then to swimming pool. One dude hung from a sling, and then on to the waterbed. How about that for one fun-filled night of encounters?”


2. GymToolFit:

On whether size matters: “Size usually doesn’t really matter that much to me if I’m really into a guy and they can shoot a nice big load.”


1. jephrey110:

About the immaculate tightness of his butthole: “I’ve had mind-blowing sex with a guy who was 7″, and as of earlier this month I’ve experienced a very big, thick 8.5″ It definitely took a while to get used to something that big.. I’m a rower and do lots of squats and Kettle Bell swings… shit be tight down there. But once I calmed down and relaxed, it was incredible.”



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Max30324 5:17am on January 4, 2012

most of these guys are mediocre at best and resemblence of those queens who run manhunt...white!

  • Lorraine

    I love them all and I love all of your rankings . . . except #3.  Ed Hardy?  Really?  Bad Manhunt Daily!  Bad!

  • JPH

    The two DILFS should have been the top 2 in this list. Don’t care for the other guys.

  • Jerry

    None of the above.

  • Anonymous

    This wasn’t multiple choice.

  • Doctorlawyerschtein

    God. Guys are so gross and weird when it comes to sex. Yuck. I can see why lesbians are what they are.

  • Dillatanie

    TO DOUCHEBAG NUMBER 1:  Kettle bells and Squats have ZERO to do with tightening your spinchter. Jesus Christ, are these losers for real?

  • MiltonInvisible

    To douchebag NUMBER 9–  “All New Yorkers are cut”. What fuckin planet is this idiot from?

  • Tom in STL

    Try clicking on the link to the original post.  The guy is from Australia.  I’m guessing most guys Down Under are uncut.

  • Jephrey110

    Feel free to post that in a message and send it to me and let’s have a conversation.  Ya know what else makes a loser?  Judging from a PICTURE.  I’m not gonna go and say you’re jealous or anything like that, but it’s equally as depressing when people hide behind the veil of a computer keyboard and shit hate all over the walls. 

  • Tom in STL

    JelloSlapper was my absolute favorite!

  • 1010101010

    It’s incredible how much hated a few posts and some pictures merits from people hiding behind anonymity.  They say those in the post are the shallow superficial ‘douchebags’ but let’s cast the light and point the mirror their direction and see how pure and virtuous these guys are themselves.  Jeepers, people – take a chill pill and get your emotions under control!

  • Jephrey110


  • Dillatanie

    I don’t think u can hold a conversation judging by your comments in this  “winner” contest.

  • Jephrey110

    Haha, wow.  Ignorance really must be blissful!  Enjoy it there, I hear the market-bubble burst and people are moving out..  So you’ll have lots of peace and quiet all to yourself. 

  • AJ

    I’m shocked a person of color was actually #2. 

  • Kenneth

    Who cares, I dont’. The last time I looked white is a color two.

  • MrLibearian

    These pictures made me realize how lucky I am that my self-esteem is not all tied up to my looks, which is not me trying to say  anything bad about these gentlemen.  In fact, I found several of them very attractive.  However, I think it’s a little worrying that there wasn’t a little more diversity (both racial and in terms of body types) presented on this list.  But I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist over it, either: I have more important stuff to do.

  • Wooo

    WOOOO JelloSlapper!

  • Hottestguy023

    how about having a quickies inside the school library..? scary but fun!

  • Max30324

    most of these guys are mediocre at best and resemblence of those queens who run manhunt…white!