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December 25, 2011

Unlockables: Guys Who Wear Sunglasses In Face Pics

I will not hook up with someone if their faces are concealed by sunglasses in their only face pic. While there are certainly exceptions to this rule, I’m a stickler about seeing someone’s eyes before they shove their dick in me (or vice versa). I’m a face person! You could have the greatest body or the most glorious piece of equipment ever, and it wouldn’t do anything for me unless I felt comfortable kissing your lips and looking back at you while we’re fucking.

How do you feel about this topic? Is seeing everything but the eyes enough for you? Do you even need to see a face? Vote in our poll! Because, yes, this week we remembered to include a poll.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: ManAvenue

Click through to see more examples with Al-B:

Like, aren’t these two pics 90,000,000 times better?

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Pipelayer8 5:40pm on February 28, 2012

I agree with Dewitt, I wanna c the eyes. The guy in the pictures above was a "No" until I saw the pic without the glasses. He looks so sexy in that one, I changed my mind.

  • Cross Eyed Not Allowed

    I must see eyes…All I need is handsome face, and some body hair, and I’m good to go…

  • crp5591

    I’m with Dewitt on this one.  I don’t care how hot the body, dick, ass are, if the face is not there, it’s a no go for me

  • John

    He has beautiful eyes and is very cute, but the sunglasses look adds another dimension that I like.  Both looks are equally good in my opinion.

  • Joseph

    While I agree that he looks good both with the sunglasses and without, he definitely is more appealing without. I, too, am a face-man, and especially a sucker for (brown or black) eyes. I love looking into my sex partner’s eyes as we’re fucking, or seeing him look up at me when he’s got my cock down his throat.

  • only a very-scant few can initially hook me with one face pic, as described above.

    if, in person, i am confronted by googly-, monster-looking peepers..

    ..well, let’s say, the next thing that joker shall see, will be my dust.

  • Inkedvamp1965

    I have to see the eyes, you can tell a lot by the eyes

  • Anonymous

    He looks a lot better with the sunglasses on!

  • Louis

    I had sunglasses on my profile pic and still like that I met the guys who’s my boyfriend today…so, it’s not that big of a deal.

  • Darson256

    Shades indoors= douche

  • jj345

    the eyes are the window to the soul… oh, wait: fags aren’t interested in souls. nevermind.

  • j

    gotta see the eyes. a guy can look hot in sunnies… then off they come, and there’s a set of ugly googly eyes that you just wouldn’t be able to look at during a hook up without losing your erection. let it all show, guys.

  • daddycentaur

    With this guy the sunglasses only enhance his looks. Without them he’s still a hottie. He would have to send me a pic without the glasses before we hooked up. I also have to see his eyes.

  • Charga

    I’m hooking up with him, not marrying him

  • Lorraine

    I don’t think I’ve agreed more with anyone on anything ever.  My biggest pet peeve is guys who want all kinds of credit for posting pictures when those pictures are only sunglasses pictures, too-far-away pictures or those infuriating pictures that don’t enlarge when you click on them.  If your pictures wouldn’t allow me to recognize you if I were to see you in real life, then what on earth use are they to me?

  • Pipelayer8

    I agree with Dewitt, I wanna c the eyes. The guy in the pictures above was a “No” until I saw the pic without the glasses. He looks so sexy in that one, I changed my mind.