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December 11, 2011

Unlockables: The Bicep Lick

This is going to be another one of those occasions where we’re going to question anyone who choose the “MUST” option. For today’s Unlockables poll, we’ll be discussing the oh-so-controversial bicep lick. Some people think it’s douche-tastic. We think, when executed properly, it’s actually kind of hot. Where do you stand on this matter?

Results were mixed on jizzy lips. Head over here for the final numbers.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK

Click through to see an example and cast your vote:

This has nothing to do with bicep licking, yet it turns me on for reasons I can’t explain…

(via Ben Brown)

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J. Harvey 3:22pm on December 12, 2011

It makes me laugh, but if he's got a nice bicep I can get into it...

  • Steve

    I like biceps. Doesn’t matter if they lick it or not just so long as they show them off.

  • (you didn’t include a back-link somewhere to “Pink: Hot or Not?“?

    i am shocked.)

    ben’s looking very eatable as always, up there.

    he can certainly flex his bicep for me any time he’d like.


  • Anonymous

    It’s on the douche-tastic side for me…

  • Cortez

    Ben Brown sures looks fucking hot doing it.

  • TommyTrojan

    This might be the only recorded case in all of human history in which back hair is sexy.  YUM!

  • jephrey110

    TOTALLY AGREE.  I was going to stay that too, but thought I might be weird.  It actually looks GOOD on him somehow!

  • Chantboy

    It smacks of narcissism, a real turnoff.

  • JPH

    I like to see a muscle or beefy guy flexing his big guns and licking them is a big turn on for me. Ben Brown is a good example.

  • J. Harvey

    It makes me laugh, but if he’s got a nice bicep I can get into it…