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January 4, 2012

Brent Corrigan Vs. Brent Everett

Is this awkward or hot? Diehard gay porn fans might remember Brent Corrigan and Brent Everett‘s infamous appearance together in 2004’s Schoolboy Crush. This film eventually became kind of controversial, because… Well, you know.

Now, approximately eight years later, the two perpetually young-looking performers reunited for a very special New Year’s Eve appearance at NYC’s Splash nightclub. They dance and sort of make out! There are “sexy” booty drops! And, um, Fleshjacks?

Oh, honey, of course there were Fleshjacks! You didn’t think it was some strange coincidence that these two were paired together, did you? There’s no better reason for two men to come together than to throw rubber anuses into an audience of drunk, horny gay dudes.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch Brent gyrate with Brent:

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12:53pm on January 5, 2012

 He's been focusing on mainstream, non-porn acting.

  • GatorBear


  • Mike Conant

    What is the story between these two?

  • Jkiser002

    YAWN is right. Just stupid.


    that was 4:04 mins ill never get back…..YAWN

  • Glvmkr

    I thought they were kinda cute together

  • What was the controversy?  I guess I was asleep when it erupted.  A little help?

  • KAP

    Brent was underage when he made his 1st film(s) …like 16

  • ManhattanAtHeart

    I must’a been asleep too – i’d love to know what this big controversy was.  But I suuuuure do love these two guys.

  • Polluxdioscuri

    It was at Splash. Did you really expect it to be exciting?

  • ManhattanAtHeart

    Damnit – I tried to view this apparently yawner of a video & now can’t….”this video has been removed because it violates youtubes terms of service.”  Shiiiit.

  • Bradley520

    It was one of , if not his first movie.  Later, after making the movie he claimed that he had falsified documents showing he was 18 when he made the movie and that he was actually underage when it was filmed. Cobra video pulled the video.

  • Chris

    It was actually his third underage video for Cobra and there were no documents.  His boyfriend at the time photoshopped scans of his birth certificate and driver’s license, while the Child Protection Act specifically requires physical documents.

    I miss the video already.  It was naughty, but not really worse than a lot of other stripping porn star and kissing boy videos on Youtube.  The undies stayed on.

  • R

    As I know it, Schoolboy Crush was Brent Corrigan’s first (or at least one of his earliest) pornos. The short of it is he faked being of legal age to make such a film.

    Obviously when this was uncovered, a lot of people got into some bad situations.

    I never really expected to see them back together, and I guess I still don’t because the video has been removed from youtube… Gah.

    All that aside, they’ve both made amazing careers for themselves and I am happy to watch them on their own, let alone with one another.

  • Pigknuckle

    does brent corrigan even make porn anymore?  he’s been doing it since he was 12, apparently.. so….maybe he retired?

  • Anonymous

     He’s been focusing on mainstream, non-porn acting.