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January 17, 2012

Celebrity Skin: Michael Fassbender

Speaking of George Clooney wishing he could ride Michael Fassbender‘s dick, here is a post about Michael Fassbender’s dick. Sort of! In these stills from Shame—courtesy of our pals at OMG Blog—you can see a nice silhouette of the star’s shaft, as well as a giant blurry blob where his genitals should be.

People who’ve seen Shame, is this really all we get to see? I mean, really! There must be more penis than this! If not, all this controversy (and hype) was over nothing (except for the incredibly graphic sex scenes and gratuitous shots of Michael Fassbender’s ass).

– Dewitt

Click through to see Michael Fassbender naked:

From the 2008 film Hunger:

Naked in Shame:

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filthyanimal 1:51pm on August 15, 2012

I suppose the longer the penis the better sex you have? For one, the back and forth movement makes it easer and more pleasurable. Second, climaxing and depositing the jets of semen can place it deeper inside your partner...

  • V-8

    now that’s how u do it….

  • Lorraine

    You get to see it early and often, and it’s quite lovely.  It’s playing at a theater very close to Manhunt World Headquarters.  How did you guys miss this?!?!?!

  • JoeyBlackout

    Also, the penultimate emotional climax takes place at a fantasy bar/bathhouse that literally made me and my best friend turn to each other and wonder out loud where in Manhattan this place is and if we could go tonight.

  • Anonymous

    unfortunately, by the time I saw this the video had been removed- you guys should really check to make sure it is OK to post videos, instead of just putting them on here and crossing your fingers!

  • really?   cuz i am posting 3 minutes after u, and the video is working fine. 

  • steve

    He can Fassbender me over anytime he wants!

  • Funinthesun06

    You definitely see dick in the movie.  And it’s big enough flaccid that we were wondering if it was fake.

  • _lit

    sex in a suit
    or sex without a suit

    very nice

  • Anonymous

    Not “miss” so much as, “Would rather not pay or a movie I have no desire to see, just so I can see some hot actor’s penis”.

  • KnowWhenISeeIt

    It appears flopping around in the opening sequence and that’s the last you ever see of it.  Nice but, yes, overhyped.  Unfortunately you also see a much longer shot of Carey Mulligan’s vajayjay, which nobody seems to have noticed.  I was traumatized.

  • Lorraine

    Bah!  Manhunt should be letting you expense the price of admission to this and any and all peen-featuring movies.  It’s research!  I’ll have to send the management a strongly-worded letter.  Also, it was a pretty decent movie, and not overly long.  Kind of over-the-top for a date movie, but a good one to see with friends (especially penis-enjoying friends).

  • Angellliano

    He had me in X men with that bulge now i see he has a huge meat stick. He hot fuck and lick also. You go girl, bet he make them have multi orgies.

  • WGM

    Excited that this post now exists… like another has posted, this guy has had me since the bulge in X-Men. yowza.

  • Darson256

    He has a great backside!  I heard that you were supposed to see a prominent bulge in Xmen-First Class but no one could be specific which scene.

  • denis

    So good to see some real life coming to our screens..nothing wrong with this at all. Tired of seeing all those guys, after supposedly having sex, getting out of the bed with their underwear on…god forbid! real life.

  • Daisy_Duke


  • Carlsan931

    He has a beautiful ass!

  • epa!

  • Marmarshakur

    I love me sum Michael Fassbender & yes I think he has a very nice piece & I did noticed it in the X-Men 1st Class movie!!!

  • jde

    He’s wearing khaki pants. I think it’s when Xavier and he are walking together in the government building. It looks like he isn’t wearing underwear in the scene.

  • JG

    He really is one of the hottest men in hollywood. And he’s not just a pretty face he has real skill. His ass is one of the most beautiful things. He’s just an unreal person. He’s got a great personality, talented, and easy on the eyes. Yes, please.

  • Anonymous

     If you’re not going to contribute anything worthwhile to the Dis-CUS-sion, Daisy_Duke, don’t be surprised when we ban you from our comments for trolling.

  • ebonydude

    yick not my type

  • I need to see the movie, I heard it was very good, and he is pretty damn sexy too

  • Sterling

    Why can’t blogger find pictures of this man’s penis?  As much as it has been talked about in the bloggosphere someone should have been able to get a CLEAR picture or still from this movie that is playing in only major metropolitan areas.

  • sabazius25

    let’s all stop bitching bitches and say – wow a very good sex scene available in a movie – irregardless of whether you get a close up of it soft hard or in your face IMAX style. The spirit was the best in film since I saw Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie consume each other sexually in grief after losing their daughter to drowning – in DON’T LOOK NOW, or BACK.

    Beautiful when sex in a film is WELL DONE.
    Good posting keep your pecks up and warm boys

  • AJ

    It’s unfortunate that all we are doing is looking at the sex scene and thinking he is hot and not wondering about it in context.  SPOILER ALERT, but the scene takes place when he has hit rock bottom with his sexual addiction and as he fucks these two girls you can see his vacant eyes filled with tears.  He is a very sad, lonely and desperate man.  His performance, and the movie, is brilliant, but I wish more people would realize it’s the sexual equivalent to “Requiem for a Dream” and not soft core porn.  It’s what the movie is called “Shame.”  It’s about the shame he feels for a very real sexual addiction.  Very sad film.

  • Lvsoon1060

    “vajayjay”? what, are  you 12?

  • Rachel

    hmm hes absolutely gorgeous.lovely everything.i havent seen the film but as soon as itson dvd i will.such a strong powerful story with a hot ass actor!!!!! love him

  • gorge bush

    wow, he seems to really be fucking in that scene!  love a good long deep hard pounding myself 🙂

  • gorge bush

    ME TOO!!!  he was wearing sweatpants and he had a big ass bulge and i totally took notice lol

  • filthyanimal

    I suppose the longer the penis the better sex you have? For one, the back and forth movement makes it easer and more pleasurable. Second, climaxing and depositing the jets of semen can place it deeper inside your partner…