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January 24, 2012


I always say I loathe shopping because men’s fashion is so frickin’ boring. It seems Walter Van Beirendonck is directly challenging that sentiment with his Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection. I mean, it’s certainly not boring… But what is it?

FYI: Thom Browne‘s collection was also, um, interesting.

– Dewitt

Click through for more looks from this collection:

Countdown to a Secret Sex post about the designer: 5, 4, 3, 2…

More pics from the show at Homotography.

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Mister Impatience. 3:16pm on January 27, 2012

and with all that said.. ..would you deign wear these pieces, as part of your standard wardrobe, guy?

  • Billwrstlr

    not interesting, just stupid

  • Shaun

    Well, I’m sure Thom Browne finds it attractive…..

  • KAP

    ugly as HELL and worse? prolly expensive as hell to boot

  • Nsguys

    I guess if I had to model that crap, I too would be wearing a mask

  • Undecided2

    They look like real life pieces from the game clue???? WTF Dewitt…theres gotta be hot half naked models walking a runway somewhere else that you can post as a fashion entry…I wasted my time refreshing my manhunt daily window for this….

  • Anonymous

    Yo SeanJohn betta watch out

  • V-8

    I think that, if u take out the head pieces and the gloves, a lot of these items r totally cool and completely wearable…

  • Thickoneforyou

    And the designer came out in person to acknowledge he had created those messes? Wow — he must be really brave.  I hated every single piece in this collection.  I can’t imagine seeing any of them being worn on the street by anyone! Hip waders? Really?

  • Ospreyboi1122

    Is it a tribute to Michael Jackson with those masks? 

  • i wish there was more men only fashion shops and not just shops that have a menswear dept.

  • Michael

    Are you kidding me?

  • The shoes looks nice.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, I don’t like it and he is a fugly man.

  • i still don’t understand what the point of even creating these … “clothes” is, to begin with.

    i’m talking about “real world” applications.

    not some Hollywood Fantasy Movie, or similar•such-as-that.

  • don78

    I like it, its unique, its edgy but it would have worked best without the masks or whatever dat is

  • Czarles

    Not interesting at all.  Next!

  • Cryptokarma

    is he designing this stuff for gay pimpS?

  • Anonymous

    Instead of writing it off as ugly why not read the reviews to get a sense of where the designer was going, as well as a sense of the mise en scene and then think about it? In the context of the theme (and as a cohesive collection) it’s actually very sophisticated and interesting. Moreover, if you look at individual pieces a lot of it isn’t entirely insane. Furthermore, the masks clearly reference fetish gear and I don’t see too many people here whining about fetish gear when there’s a half naked man involved. A lot of intellectual fashion questions gender and sexuality and attempts to incorporate sexuality into daily life rather than compartmentalizing it. In my eyes, it’s a much healthier view. I don’t understand why people, and gays in particular seem to be so hellbent on putting things into boxes: life/sex, reality/fantasy, masculine/feminine etc. It seems sad to slap a label onto something because it’s confusing, abnormal or just doesn’t fit cleanly into a predefined box. Frankly, coming from a community who will wear chaps, bondage harnesses and jockstraps for a night on the town, I find this thread to be rather hypocritical…

  • Anthony

    It’s fashion for the forward thinking serial killer!

  • and with all that said..
    ..would you deign wear these pieces, as part of your standard wardrobe, guy?