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January 23, 2012

Fuck Vs. Fuck: Paul Wagner & Rod Daily

Paul Wagner is the Ryan Gosling of gay porn. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Cybersocket Awards a few weeks ago, and he was literally the most charming person I’ve ever met. He touched my arm! It was in a nearly condescending, “please stop babbling and embarrassing yourself” sort of way, but he still touched my arm! My life will never be the same.

Why? Because when Paul Wagner touched my arm, he also touched my heart.

Well, sort of. He mostly gave me fuel for my masturbational fantasies. On that note, here are two scenes with Paul Wagner and Rod Daily. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to decide which scene’s hotter. In other words? Today’s round of Fuck Vs. Fuck features Paul Wagner & Rod Daily versus themselves. I wonder who will win?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rod Daily

Click through to see both scenes and cast your vote:






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horrible person 7:28pm on January 24, 2012

that's actually good to know.  he's totally fine, that's for sure!  nice to know that he's a nice guy as well.  i got to thinking about these scenes, i kinda hate it when the producers put two bottom oriented guys (atleast on screen) together.  makes it less hot, for me anyways

  • Commenter

    2010. It looks more real and less staged.

  • _lit

    Paul Wagner has the best stalkers fans doesn’t he?
    good luck to both!

  • _lit

    boo, my HTML didn’t work…n/m

  • Darson256

    They should get married and make babies.

  • Scruff712

    Along with Sam Colt, I think he’s astoundingly attractive. His genuineness definitely comes across on film.

  • TrueRealist

    I like Paul Wagner because he looks “real”. He’s not covered in ink, not overly muscular, and he has the right about of hair on him. He seems like a genuinely nice, down-to-earth guy. A true rarity in the gay realm.

  • OneHungLow

    These 2 guys are one of my favorites!  Rod Looks really hot with the skull cap.  If he didn’t have his trademark star tattoos I would not have recognized him.  They are both looking better with age.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Graphicack

    Well, if it were Paul VS. Rod, Paul would win hands down. Rod is so overrated to me… ducklips and ugly tats (for hot tats, see Ben Brown, Kennedy Carter and Christian Wilde). I’m not a huge fan of Paul, either, but at least I get why people like him.

  • Tim

    That hat is ridiculous. It’s like watching a Smurf in porn. 

  • Toddalanmikesell

    Paul Wagner does it for me.  He looks like a real man, one I want to fantasize about!

  • Randy

    can you tell me why the goob with the nice curvy cock had to
    keep that stupid cap on the whole time? It wrecked his look completely! The other guy shouldn’t even have paid him any attention
    till the stocking cap was gone.

  • Randy

    not too particular about picking folks apart, are you? “not too this, not too that…” makes it sound like you think there is a gay porn God somewhere who is taking down orders. And “he has the right “about” of hair on him”? Why can’t you guys pay attention when you put posts on sites? It isn’t that hard to proof your post before you post it.

  • Randy

    thank you- I’m glad someone else had the same reaction I had. I wondered which frame he was going to lose the stocking cap, and when he never did, I said forget it!

  • Pittpapi1

    they look like they’re going throught the motions in both

  • TommyTrojan

    I’m sorry, are you the same Randy who, further down, not once but twice rips into Rod Daily for wearing a cap?

    Um, hi kettle?  This is pot calling.  You’re black.

    I think TrueRealist was simply saying that Paul Wagner has several physical attributes that he finds appealing.  And judging by the 3 likes, other guys seem to agree with him.  Just chill out and let him have his opinion the same way you have yours.

  • Mac in Phoenix

    Paul Wagner proves you can be a sweetheart and a god. Rod Daily is a bore. … And “Randy” is a twat.

  • SC Bud

    I think Rod is better at “receiving the presents” than “giving the presents.”  Looks like he is trying to butch up a bit with the beard and cap, but the other dude has him beat!

  • Mike H

    I like Paul Wagner but Rod’s tatts are ugly. Sexy guy with ugly tatts is never a turn on!

  • While both were good, I prefer watching Paul bottom. He seems to enjoy it more, too

  • John

    Both guys are hot, and I like Rod’s cap. I also like the fact that they are probably the two most active stars in gay porn today. I think Rod definitely is the number one star as far as the amount of movies and scenes he puts out, but Paul is a close second. Keep em coming, boys!

  • Jephrey110


  • horrible person

    i love paul wagner, have for YEARS, but in the 2012 vid…he looks kinda different.  has he lost weight or something?  his face looks really kinda sunken in……

  • horrible person

    oh and rod daily is fine and all, but strikes me as a real d-bag kind of guy.  🙂

  • Guy

    Dewitt I’m so jelly!

  • Mr. CuriousM

    Rod Daily is HOT and will always be HOT!!  He is a better “receiver” than a “giver,” but he is best in scenes where he flip flops with the other star.

  • Anonymous

     Some day, Paul Wagner may touch your arm too. Stay strong and wait for it.

  • Marmarshakur

    I have actually met Rod when he came down 2 Orlando & he is truly far from a d-bag but an actual sweetheart & he looks better in person!!!

  • Maxwelld2007

    Agreed!  lol

  • Dh

    His smurf name could fuckable smurf

  • Both seemed to have aged beautifully!!!

  • horrible person

    that’s actually good to know.  he’s totally fine, that’s for sure!  nice to know that he’s a nice guy as well.  i got to thinking about these scenes, i kinda hate it when the producers put two bottom oriented guys (atleast on screen) together.  makes it less hot, for me anyways