January 11, 2012

Just The Tips: Bottoming 101

Yesterday, one of my fave Twitter followers tweeted me an extensive guide on bottoming. While I know most of you just come to Manhunt Daily for the pictures, his post is a particularly good read whether you’re a total virgin, beginner or advanced student in the art of the sphincter… And judging from the consistent traffic for our now-defunct Just The Tips series, you guys are still craving some decent sex advice (which I was rarely ever capable of providing).

So what the fuck are you waiting for? Head on over to An Experiment in Truth (or click the picture above) and educate yourself to this reality! Even if you’re an exclusive 100% top, you can learn a few things from this article.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Corbin Fisher

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Veny Kim 5:55am on November 6, 2014

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  • Scott

    This was excellent.  As a known power bottom, it didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know and practice, but it was good to hear it coming from another guy.  It should be required reading for all gay men, tops included…they need to have an idea what it takes to “get there”.  I have run across far too many clueless tops who think all they have to do is show up and stick it in.

  • DGATCH50311

    I’ve always said fucking is a process NOT an event.

  • jam

    this is a realy imformative and well written. bitten the txt type, colour and lay out of the page is so poor. way to kill my eyes!

  • Darson256

    Amen.  They watch too much porn and don’t understand the “behind the scenes” stuff we have to do. “But the guys in the movie just ram it in!”
    OMG the ignorance about anal is overwhelming.
    I take great pride in getting a married female friend of mine to try it with her husband.  I walked her thru my process step by step and how to do it. Always start by riding it and then let the top take over.  This idiot str8 guy tried to tell her one day at lunch that “you just have to grit your teeth at first then it gets better”!  OMG..better for who?  Not the person getting  it in the ass!
    Anal sex can be an amazing experience..but it ain’t fast food.  It’s gourmet.

  • MacFitz

    copy into your own document, and make it as easy to read as you like. good idea to have this on hand, especially as a primer for anyone who’s never bottomed

  • this is was excellent…so glad to found this in here…thank you

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