January 6, 2012

Manhunt Daily Wood: Brad Barnes

The Manhunt Daily Wood‘s usually that time of the week where you can fap to an absurdly handsome man without feeling like you’re being forced into a gay porn advertisement. Alas, that isn’t the case with today’s featured model Brad Barnes. He’s a model for this site you may or may not have heard of… We think it’s called Randy Blue or something like that?

Oh hell! Whatever it’s called, you don’t want to miss out on this bulging muscle jock. Between his killer smile and smooth cheeks, he’ll provide you with enough fapping material to survive the weekend. Speaking of the weekend ahead, do you think he’ll Top or Bottom in his first post-solo scene? We’ll take him either way.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

Click on through o see more pics of Brad Barnes:

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2:15am on January 12, 2012

Every post of yours feels like a gay porn advertisement.

  • Lovehim

    totally hottie

  • meh.

  • Runnah69

    this man is  all play   –   top  or bottom.  By the looks  of that sweet ass and that delicious large dick I   woul love to swap roles with this man all night,  hell all weekend,  damn   how about a lifetime!!!!!!!!

  • hopefully it will be a hot flip butt that needs filling and a cock that deserves a great service

  • ubg469

    Two thumbs up (and a hard cock and a hot ass) high in the air !!!  This guy is HOT !!

  • Akira

    Anyone think the reason why insanely muscular men do porn is not mostly because we want to see them, but because they have to spend so much time at the gym to look like that that they don’t have a job that pays enough and therefore resort to taking off their clothes?

    Just a random thought, this guy is insanely hot.

  • RoadRunner86

    Hot guy, but rather unattractive cock 🙁

  • JPH

    That’s a cute butt, for a cute face 😉

  • DMM18nov

    I would join Randy Blue just to see a video of him fucking Nick Sterling…just sayin’

  • Mattyrec78

    Holy shit… Hot stud… love that furry view deep in his ass when he bends over…  He is gonna get fucked at some point…

  • Nick

    oh… my…. gawd…. so hot

  • Lee

    Better ass than dick, should bottom 4 sure.

  • Glvmkr

    Damn another hottie

  • Mike

     Very niiice everything    woooooooooooww!

  • arieso

    got the vid to go with this hot guy mmmmmmmmmmm have to watch and wank again

  • bottom

  • ur_hole

    definate bottom

  • Wulfrodman

    I have also wondered about the amount of time that some of them must spend at the gym, even allowing for the use of steroids.  There’s a serious commitment to looking a particular way.  As viewers of such bodies, we become accustomed to  – I hesitate to call it “perfection” – minimal body fat coupled with extreme definition and exaggerated bulk.  The inherent danger is permanent dissatisfaction and/or depression about our own presumed inability to attract others if we don’t look this way.  And this guy is ok, but not in the same class as others seen on this site.

  • Cosmo_Shiva

    ill pass.

  • TommyTrojan

    You called it dude!  At first, I was kind of like, eh, but then when he bent over and took off his jeans and showed us his ass in that jockstrap and we snuck a peek at his fuzzy crack, my dick was like BOING!  Hello!

  • seth

    first thing I noticed was his face, the expression and then to confirm this I played the video and heard him talk….Is he mentally challenged? Im sorry but I cant get over the mental image of him drooling while saying “duuuur”. Not attractive.

  • Kenneth

    Me too. LOL

  • blueyedudenok

    I felt bad for thinking the same thing.   Whew…glad I wasn’t the only one.   Plus there is a quality about him where he probably gets a drink in him and completely queens out.    The instant he opens his mouth, I lost so much interest.

  • jj345

    bottom by default

  • ur_hole

    i want him as btm

  • V-8

    doesn’t look like the smartest cookie in the jar, but he is pretty…. that ass, those pecs, and even his nice average sized cock, just perfection in bed…

    would be wonderful to spend a few hours in depravity with him….

  • Jess

    He photographs better than he films.

  • He’s certainly hot.  I’ll put my money on him bottoming first.

  • Nealabama

    Definitely should be on MH Top Ten list!

  • supermariano


  • Banditdash3

    “Large” dick? Fix ur glasses….his shit is average, maybe even below. Don’t exaggerate.


    Yeah I would agree that boy is a bottom in waiting ……………………….

  • Chillin_cruisin

    Actually, it’s a myth that you have to spend hours and hours in the gym to build muscle. The ones who really know what they’re doing spend 45 mins – 1 hour tops per session 4-6/week. It’s all about the proper technique, program and diet.

  • JeremyS


  • Anonymous

    Every post of yours feels like a gay porn advertisement.