January 8, 2012

Unlockables: The Pointer

You receive a message on Manhunt. When you click through to the sender’s profile, the first thing you notice is (duh) his profile pic. He’s sitting there with a raging erection, smiling his ass off and pointing directly toward his dick… As if you don’t already know where it’s located!

Is this enough to make you turn him down? Or are you so distracted by his rock hard shaft that you don’t care about the pose?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: ManAvenue

Click through to see an example with Mike Rivers and cast your vote:

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Mark D 1:05pm on March 8, 2013

I think showing there GUN is hot at least you know what your in for

  • Jimmy T

    I actually sort of think the pointing is an implicit “this Bud’s for you” and kind of hot and inviting.

  • Jimmy T

    …as long as it’s not a dick like Brett Favre’s!

  • _lit

    “you won’t find this bad boy in a cracker jack box…” oh wait…this isn’t a Caption This post….

  • Fuck off

    I think the pose makes the guy look like he thinks having a big dick makes him some sort of god.

  • Darson256

    The dick is hot but I wouldn’t hook up because of the uni-brow.

  • Carniassada


  • Carniassada

    Yeah Darson 256, u expect us to believe you dont sleep with guys with a unibrow, I’m sure your eyes never get up that high, a break please,….

  • Carniassada

    Jimmy T like your post , not hating like everyone else that is bitter, live and let live

  • Jimmy T

    Well, duh!  Aren’t good-looking guys with big cocks “gods” to just about every gay man ever born?  As someone once said…”There are two kinds of gay guys in the world…size queens and liars.”  Always loved that one!

  • Chuckiemac

    Uni-brows turn me on…

  • R

    He’s adorable!
    If it was just that second picture on its own on a profile, then I would probably appreciate it, but move on. If it was BOTH pictures on the profile, I’d be more inclined to hook up with him.

    And are we that superficial to see a unibrow and get turned off??? I’d be looking passed that, personally.

    Think about it this way. Would you rather a guy with a unibrow and a great personality or a guy without a unibrow and a terrible personality. At least you can quickly fix a unibrow, not that it’s that big of an issue anyway… I’m just trying to say there are far more important things when it comes to men…

  • Kalispell Dude

    Usually the guys in this pose look happy. I like a smile.

  • Mark D

    I think showing there GUN is hot at least you know what your in for