January 22, 2012

Unlockables: What Makes A Good Manhunt Profile Pic?

I promise this isn’t lazy blogging. After last weekend’s “Wilson” post*, I had to ask myself whether I’d hook up with someone without a face picture (or a series of pics in which his face is blocked). It turns out the answer is “Yes”. Admittedly, there would have to be a picture that’s so enticing, it’d be worth spinning the wheel of anonymity.

The picture above is one of those pictures (for me). The combination of the hairy legs, round cheeks and bulge come together with this explosive force that I couldn’t possibly say “No” to.

Granted, this is just some random image I came across on Tumblr. It might have been taken by a photographer who specializes in erotic photography, or it might just be some random self-portrait someone took while they were fucking around. It could be a porn star! It could be the guy next door! I don’t really know, and it’s kind of irrelevant to the question posed in this post…

In your opinion, what makes a good profile pic on Manhunt? What elements grab your eye?

– Dewitt

* Opinions were divided across the board on “The Wilson”. Check out the full results here.

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Stone McKade 12:07am on October 4, 2013

I'm definitely "need to see a face" kind of guy. I've gone to meet someone who didn't match their profile pic, I'm assuming because of editing. Couldn't do it. Thankfully we ended up at his friends place with two guys that were attractive. We ended splitting off into pairs in which I ended up with the cutest of the three who just so happen to be packing 11 whopping inches.

  • hi,for me it depends on the guy,his age etc,but nearly all guys profile pics are better than my ugly looking one.

    im macfalconer on

  • michal

    thats a shit pic.

    good pics show face and body, not bits separately. well lit, clear, not grainy, and with a HOT guy in them

  • Masculine, usually hairy, nice body (doesn’t have to be perfect), seemingly approachable and a gigantic “real” smile… all wrapped in a total lack of attitude in the profile.

  • Iowaeros

    The picture in your opening is perfect!!

  • Robbie

    I agree with Michael, a nice clear open shot of a friendly smiling face is the best, don’t have to be topless! Those other pics are best left wrapped up until asked for!!

  • CowboyinBRLA

    No wonder Manhunt was so against SOPA. I agree the bill was fatally flawed in its premise as to how to control piracy on the internet, but then again, Manhunt routinely posts pictures like this they just blithely steal from sites like Tumblr, etc. So much for respecting copyrights.

  • Rockysolid

    Actually most Tumblr’s I have seen actually just have a ton of pics and no copyrights on them. If there is one I am sure they don’t go and edit them out.  So get off your high horse.


    I need to see a face pic complete with eyes, nose and the smile. Period.  I have had guys come over who had no face pic, smoking bod and the great dick but when the face was revealed at my door it looked as if someone had hit the dude in the mug with a bag of quarters..So I’m a face man..kill me!!!!No matter how hot the bod or how huge that cock is I cannot get into it with a face that does not match the other assets.

  • Modhatter

    I’m a soul gazer. I like eyes.

    Of course, some fur and some meat in the seat helps. But if a guy isn’t man enough to show his face, you never know if he’s hiding from his boyfriend, his girlfriend, his wife, or the law…

    You can be Gerard Butler below the neck, but I’m still not getting down with the Phantom of the Opera.

  • Creamycox

    eyes here, too…a smokin bod+package helps

  • RMG

    haha. bag of quarters…

  • DC

    Honesty.  Just as in the profile itself.  Not some pic from 20 years ago.  Dont show me your tight abs and incredible pecs if they have turned to beer gut and man boobs.  While Im not saying some beer guts and man boobs are unattractive, (especially covered with a nice trimmed layer of hair lol), I dont want to find these when I come to meet up when Im promised the former. 

  • JUSTaGuy

    I dont post face pics, and I get plenty of action, cuz I deliver when the door opens, lol.

    to guys i chat with that say they don’t meet without a face pic, i say cool, no problem.  as i bi guy (hence discreet, no face pics), i cant host, so i only meet with dudes who can and my perspective is, if im doing all the traveling and it doesnt work out cuz he hasnt seen my face, im the one who went the time and energy to get to his place, no sweat off his brow…..anyway, to each his own i guess….

  • RoadRunner86

    Agreed…I see profiles with the MH logo on their pics, and my radar goes way up, as they stamped all the pics with them at one point and then stopped like two years ago….

  • MacFitz

    C’mon, guys, nothing turns us on more than the photo of a nice ass or a nice cock. Still, my personal opinion is that they must be attached to a nice guy. And that means face: eyes and mouth tell you a lot more than his ass or dick ever will. I’m in that school: no face pic=no reply.

  • Scott

    You have the right attitude about it.  I’ve taken the chance a few times and had guys come over and it be a no-go (for whatever reason) who were of the opinion that they were “owed” something for going through the effort of  getting to my place.

  • 12mile1964

    I enjoy pretty much all types of photos…while I love a nice ass, I usually do not like the “close-up” shots of the actual anus opening (especially “rosebuds…eeewwww)…that being said, for meeting someone, I need a face pic…I find many guys attractive for various reasons, but I will not meet someone without seeing a face first (can be sent to me privately if the person wants privacy in his profile)…

  • Anonymous

    Keep it simple and current. A guy in some jeans or shorts with his shirt off is perfect for me. Gives a good view of the persons body and shows that they are confident/comfortable with themselves. Webcam verification before meeting tho

  • Fannypack12342

    Asshole, dick, and bent over pics do nothing for me. A full body picture or upper body work best for me. Face if we’re gonna go through with it.

  • Lee

    Im always amazed at the pics on the manhunt man of the month blog, they always seem so professional and full on, are they staged ?Yet most profiles on here are just ordinary holiday pics or self snaps etc like my own..I personally like to see face, bit of bod and if they got the cock out then thats a bonus…BTW my profile name is leewales and the pics are just normal ones of me taken by M8s etc.

  • daddycentaur

    Like I say all the time it doesn’t matter what they look like from the neck down…sometimes you got to look at them when you fuck ’em…I need to see a face pic.

  • daddycentaur

    …that being said if you have a nice face and the body doesn’t match that could be a no-go as well.

  • Moi

    Actually…. as soon as a picture is taken, they are automatically protected under copyright law in favor of the person who actually took the pictures.

  • denis

    Some guys comments miss the point here. Think about the question.. An erotic or sexy pic is just great, you can tell from so little what a guy will be like. And BTW guys…age is but a number.

  • jj345

    2 words: face pic

  • Kinda seems like everyone is focusing on the “face or not” part.  Regardless, I think one of the best things about anyone’s profile pics is originality. A picture of them at some place or doing something that tells about them beyond what they look like is great. A pic that is just not another head shot, asshole close up or yet another view of the same dick I just saw in the other 9 pictures of it. Creativity is a huge turn on for me because if you’re creative out of the bed, you’re probably very crafty and creative in it.

  • J. Harvey

    He could have a face like Lindsay Lohan and I would still plant MY face in that ass.

  • it does not matter what pics i put i never get any action or anything.

  • Seanbrowne90

    That pic totally does it for me!!! 🙂

  • Stone McKade

    I’m definitely “need to see a face” kind of guy. I’ve gone to meet someone who didn’t match their profile pic, I’m assuming because of editing. Couldn’t do it. Thankfully we ended up at his friends place with two guys that were attractive. We ended splitting off into pairs in which I ended up with the cutest of the three who just so happen to be packing 11 whopping inches.